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    Buying Bitcoin (BCT) and converting it to BitCrystals (BCY) Created: 3/7/2017 by @Eddy How to get bitcoins for Spells of Genesis (SoG) trading. There are other ways to do this and I hope users will add their 2 cents into this forum topic on the steps they use to populate their Book of Orbs (BoO). I, like many other people, am new to the cryptocurrancy phenomenon. It seems overwhelming at first, but with a couple of hints and some practice I am sure it will become second nature. This is new vocabulary for me so I will try to give some definitions as we go along to assist us in our quest for the Spells of Genesis. Click on the blue highlighted document to read it. What are we going to do? Setup an account (wallet) that allows us to purchase Bitcoin (BCT) Using a VISA card. Alternatives_v1.rtf Poloneix Exchange poloniex_v3.rtf Get the app and set up an account with a provider to buy and sell . Put in a bid to buy BitCrystals (BCY), like the stock market. Transfer the crystals to your Book of Orbs (BoO). Use BitCrystals (BCY) to buy a SoG card. Look at alternatives. This seems simple enough. There are some caveat's though. I mention a few things to consider when performing this process and make suggestions / notes about things I learned the hard way. There is an Appendix of useful links. These are alternatives you may consider if the stock market is not your thing. In addition, I mention a couple of "what if" and "be careful" situations I ran into. The documents look long, but most of it is pictures. I try to write for those who are less Internet, computer, bitcoin savvy, like me. Missing a button or trying to find a box that needs to be clicked sometimes eludes me. --- Disclaimer --- I used this method to get bitcoins and bitcrystals. I take no responsibility and have no liability if you make a mistake or the provider, has issues. This post is for informational purposes. I hope to point out a couple of little things that gave me a hard time when I started. If this helps, give me a thumbs up or if there is an issue and it does not work, then thumbs down , please let me know why. --- Vocabulary and other trivia --- Although most of this can be done on a PC it seems the process is better suited to mobile applications. Some images are from the PC because it is easier for me to capture and place in the document. The app, look and feel, will be very slimier. We use QR's and long nonsense looking address strings to identify our accounts. The QR (Quick Response code) is a method for scanning in the address. The phone recognizes these very well. (Be sure to enable your camera when the app asks you to do so, it makes things much easier) you can cut and paste these by holding your finger on the screen it will copy the QR definition into the cut/paste buffer. FYI - I am using an android device and older windows PC running Mozilla Firefox. The new PC browser has built in functions that do not require Firefox so you can use Google Chrome just fine. I like the PC because it is a larger screen and easier to see. SoG plays very well on PC too. ----- An invitation to travel together: There are other, maybe even better ways, of doing this. If you have discovered a good method for getting setup and populating your SoG BoO with bitcoin, let the SoG community know. Every journey begins with a first step. btw: My friends call me Eddy.
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    I just streamed me playing with a new account and only in game cards. Everything was fun until I came to the Boss level. I was only able to pull common cards. These cards, I'm pretty sure, made it impossible for me to make it to the boss level. There was no way for me to get more gold, no way for me to get better cards, and no way to level up what I had. I tried several levels over and over again to no avail. If I'm a new player I would probably never come back to the game. It was very frustrating. Something needs to change. Ability to replay levels, ability to get gold some other way, something. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?
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    Hello! We are going to take advantage of this forum and make it a place where our users can help each other, report bugs, make suggestions and have fun! The official announcements will be still made on this official blog(https://medium.com/book-of-orbs) still but I will try to keep this forum up to date as much as possible too. Also, as we add more titles to the platform in the future, this forum will be a good place to keep track of your favorite titles and hang out. Feel free to post and ask us anything!
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    Okay, Never mind! I figured it out myself. But for those who are even newbieer (looks like new beer) than I am here is what I found. Okay, this being said I suppose I should post a provocative question. When first battling the Witch she says: "Show me your little head." Humm, well, that reminds me of the saying that men should think with their big heads rather than their little heads. (You know what we are talking about? Right) So, I suppose there are all kinds of cross cultural issues one has to address when interfacing with the public. Yea yea, don't be a troll for example. But really is this a big deal? What does the witch really want? The frame before we were warned by the messenger if I am not mistaken that she would be out for our head. I can't blame her I guess, I wouldn't mind getting a little head, either. idk - I just thought it was funny.
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    There is no rationalizing with the other side of this argument right now. People have different opinions on this and are in trenched in their views. Both sides are more than welcome to have their personal views, to be honest there's no perfect answer. I'm hoping we can keep this out of the SoG forum, if you feel the need to talk go to r/bitcoin or r/btc. Right now the only thing we can agree on is that we disagree. Which is fine. We can let the market dictate the final outcome. Pertaining to SoG blockchain cards/transfers faster and cheaper > slower and more expensive. There is no doubting that. If the BTC blockchain can't fit these needs than the team will have to re-evaluate what the best course of action would be. It is a really tough time to be a fan of Bitcoin right now with so much toxicity around it. At this point I don't care which solution wins out, as I can see merit in both, I just want it done!
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    Hello guys! We're calculating the rewards and are going to distribute them as soon as possible, thanks for your patience!
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    As the first Diecast token "quest", we give out a total of 10 bronze tokens to best answers to the following questions. The deadline is March 10th. (We'll try our best to choose best answers but not all of answers get the prize. Although we appreciate any feedback from our users, please be understandable even if you don't get anything(and we are going to have more "quests" in the future on this forum)) ・How you use BoO(which environments, how often, how many trades etc..) ・What you like about BoO(Where we are doing well) ・What you don't like about BoO(Where we can improve) ・Feature requests(if any) Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing what you guys think!
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    お疲れ様でした、 長かったですね、 後半にごぼう抜きしていって10位以内に食い込んだ4名は今はリーダーボードに表示されていないけど、 botでしょうか?
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    Perhaps the argument turns into a difference of ideas as to what the purpose of BTC is. Is it a store of value? A ledger? A commodity? All of the above? For bitcoin to be useful for financial transactions they have to be: 1. Fast. 2. Reasonably priced. 3. Secure. At the moment it is struggling very much on points 1 and 2. Transactions are being processed very slow and fees are too high compared to other coins and traditional services. Being able to buy alpaca socks and a pizza instantaneously is a great part of the appeal. Likewise, few people will want to wait to play with their expensive newly purchased cards. Instant gratification is unhealthy... but it is where humans are now.
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    We could add ShapeShift or something(assuming they work as advertised of course...) but eventually what will be more ideal may be that you play some kind of games and get some in game assets then you can sell them for BCY for example. For a lot of newbies, buying btc, bcy,XCP etc is a lot of hurdles without a doubt.
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    Vous allez toujours tirer des balles, mais il sera basé sur les cartes appartenant à l'autre joueur.
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    That great ideas, collectible for crafting and teleport and sleeping enemies
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    ・How you use BoO(which environments, how often, how many trades etc..) I use BoO on my google nexus 5x. I have made a few trades only and have used indiesquare as well. I open the app itself probably once a day just to check my balance and transaction progress basically. ・What you like about BoO(Where we are doing well) I think the overall interface is good. I like seeing all the different cards available. Seeing the recent trade prices is also great. The ability to sort owned vs not is wonderful. ・What you don't like about BoO(Where we can improve) Please note all of the bellow is written with love. I fully support this project and want it to succeed. That being said I feel there is a lot to be desired and improved upon. I have 2 Sarutobi cards now as there were delays and problems with the original transaction. I also somehow ended up making the purchase with HIGH fees which was a shock. BoO crashes 2 times before it opens every single time. Crash Crash Open. Given how consistent it is in this behavior though I do not mind it because I know it will work eventually. The most annoying thing though is the lack of the ability to buy directly in BTC or even buy bitcrystals in BoO itself. I have to go into indiesquare and buy XCP with BTC and then use XCP to buy bitcrystals. For BoO to be a success it has to be standalone. I should not have to need alternate applications to buy cards in BoO. The whole process above also requires me to write down the prices and conversion values on paper first. Having the ability to show the values in BCY BTC and USD (or yen for us in Japan) would be super helpful. I found due to all the various steps above and fluctuations in currency values it was better to buy the Sarutobi card directly one day and better to buy Sarutobi coin another day. I suppose this opens the door for a kind of Forex trading within app which is fine. Documentation is scarce. Do the wallet addresses all link to the same account? if I receive a card on address 1 does it show up in games that are linked to address 2? I do not feel like spending real money to find out. ・Feature requests(if any) Of course BoO is made with SOG in mind. I think in the future though a skinable app would be nice. The overall old tarnished spell book fantasy theme clashes with race cars and meme frogs. The ability to have favorite games in the list or the ability to delete games you are not interested in would be nice too. As other people have mentioned there is no way to know if a card is good or not. Why should I buy X card for my team vs Y card? X is more expensive but I have no idea what it actually does in game. Y is cheaper.. and the art is nicer.. but what does it do? They are both water cards... ok great but... rarity and price are not indicators of "better". It is very hard to make an informed purchase. Thanks!
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    Great idea. We're planning on implementing resources in levels. Also enemies dropping resources would be great. It will probably be automatically collected though, as the player is otherwise not able to pick up the loot from the latest enemy in the wave he killed.
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    We all know there are breakable boxes in the game. How about added objects that take more than one hit to break. Stone, Metal Crate, etc. Maybe if your attack is high it takes less hits to break the objects. @Jasper Damman
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    Hello, I use BoO on IOS IPAD pro. I use it since 2 months and I have done more or less a dozen of transactions to buy SOG cards and Pepe cards I like BoO because it is very clear and simple to use, it is performant, and the price and date of the last transaction is an interesting info. What could be improved is that the cards I don't have are shown in 'grey' color mode. I would prefer another indication that I don't possess a card that would preserve the original colors A second thing would be to have the characteristics of the cards per game it can be used. For example if it is a SOG card, show the element, attack, speed, health, spell ant the evolution per level Also, some more filters (e.g. Per speed, per attack,...) would be great Good luck for the future evolutions of BoO !
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    Fully agree that bjoorn opened a can of worm in this forum and that this kind of trolling belongs to r/btc
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    SEASON REWARDS UPDATE! Hi guys, the rewards were sent on friday, nevertheless, the BITCRYSTALS, FOOTSOLDIERs and DIECAST gold are still waiting to be completed... Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately now it's up to the blockchain and its "speed"... When it will be all finished, I'll let you know so you can verify if you've received everyhting you think you were supposed to. I'll handle all the possible complaints at once, when all the distributions will be completed. Thanks for your understanding.
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    Wachtwoord not only understand Bitcoin well, but also understands "money" and economics very well. On the other hand bjoorn is repeating a common myth that comes from main stream and tends to be Keynesian. Bitcoin is functioning the way it was supposed to. Inflation started very high with 50 bitcoins per block and decreases by half every 4 years. Today's bitcoin inflation is now at an acceptable yearly 4% level. 4 years from now it will be at 1.7%. Because of the constant decrease in inflation rate, miners' revenue is slowly moving from inflation based income to fee based income. This is not an abnormality as it has purposefully been designed in the algorithm. This is the way Satoshi Nakamoto wanted it, which is a coin that derives its value from deflation and scarcity as a store of value rather than a coin which derives its value from utility as money. In other words, mining rewards started to be at a cost paid by holders for the benefit of absent transaction fees (in the early days your transaction went through without paying any fee) to a reward paid by those who use it as money for the benefit of bitcoin savers (Roger Ver admitted that Bitcoin's value comes from the savers, not from the spenders). Unfortunately, not anymore mentioned in the media, what matters is the overall bitcoin transaction cost, something that bitcoin critics used to lament in 2013 and 2014 when the cost was high. This was actually a valid concern as decentralized systems tend to be not as efficient as centralized systems. However Bitcoin is presently proving that it can be very efficient according to the latest chart which shows that today's transaction cost is at the same level as far back as in 2010. (See chart on blockchain.info) So in summary, not only is bitcoin rightfully moving from inflation based income to fee based income, but by doing so, it is also becoming more efficient. I believe that Shaban from Everdreamsoft already understood back then that true ownership of game assets is irrelevant if ownership is not secured by a strong blockchain. Game asset ownership is for holders, just as bitcoin is for holders, more than it is for spenders. Playing SOG does not require constant movement of game assets. Game asset ownership is proven without any transaction required. As such, Bitcoin based assets are best suited for game asset holders. In addition, when SOG assets get sold/purchased on the open market, higher transaction fees will contribute to an ever increasing price of the game assets as higher fees create a new bottom.
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    I have a visual aid for EverdreamSoft | Browse | Support | Staff page. In Paris one might say: Question du jour, in Tokyo 今日のQusetion or Washington D.C: The Question of the day, is: Who's who? What is my point of contact? Who does what? Can I send them a message? Does and administrator have a specialty? If you are Admin what do you administer? If you are a moderator then for what, region, shift? How does that work? If you program then is your field of expertise game play (language) by device, Web, Menus, design, Accounting? Game speak might translate to who is the: Arch Mage, Programming Wizard, Financial Adept, Necromancer, Magician, Apprentice etc. Give us a hit, a one liner about what you do for the SoG. Say I have 100K USD to invest, who do I contact? My child is obsessed with SoG I need to speak with a lawyer! Executive Shaban Administrators Alexis Yzia Ekynox - EDS Developer (Programmer) Jasper Makosch - EDS Admin Mr. Natchos Nicolas Sierro Seb_degraff Kojisan - Primary Japanese contact, Keeper of the Book of Orbs Whitelite Simon Moderators Cryptobubble Erestor Joanna SoGJapan --- Legend - EDS = EverdreamSoft Employee
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    お疲れ様でした~。 1ヶ月はさすがにしんどいですね。 なんとか65位フィニッシュということで、目標だった100位以内は達成できました。 最後に見た時より10位くらい順位が上がっていたので、除外されたアカウントがあったのかもですね。 SoGは開発がどんどん進んでいるようなので、今後も楽しみです!!
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    Sorry about the wait. I am going to contact the winners individually right now. Also the latest BoO build was released this week and the custom tx fee feature was added! This was one of the most asked features from this campaign too, so we added it pretty quickly. Thanks all for great feedback and lucky winners. We'll have another similar campaign in the future too. https://medium.com/book-of-orbs/book-of-orbs-update-mar-15th-2017-fdc60023ecee#.fjk5yvp7p
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    "2. Reasonably priced." I think reasonably priced is the one that killing the blockchain potential of SoG right now. There's a economic term that's called law of demand that state - People will buy more of a good when its price falls and less when its price rises. Right now it's unreasonable to think that someone is going to put up an offer that they probably know isn't going to get bought and pay a ~0.5 - 1$ fee. And if people isn't going to afford to put bargain offers then there is no way a market pressure is going to form. Most investors will not understand this so they will blame EDS for the failure of the market, they will blame everything from card design to marketing, everything except the problem that caused the market to fail in the first place. And from experience, from my brief time in the SoG slack channel, this is exactly how things play out. EDS is going to be the one that will take the blamed and that is going to be a major blow black for them I'm afraid. Once bitten, twice shy - eddy told me. Should the first impression of a card trade in SoG or a transaction with Bitcoin make you frightened to do it again because you had an unpleasant experience doing it the first time?
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    The leader board needs some TLC. It is different on PC than on a phone. 50 vs 200 ranks per screen. I suppose the main thing that makes me crazy is that my game play sucks! I mean that I am way down on the leader board. Well this is to be expected. All I wanted to do is to see my rank. I have to get in, go to the bottom, flip to 9 or 8 or 7 depending on how low I am. It gets worse at that point because i have to go to 7 then back up to six because there are a bunch of dots 1 2 3 ... 7 8 9 I cry. Is there another way to view rank? Can we put rank on the profile (I just learned that the black button with my name has my profile behind it.) Duh! What I would really like is to see where I fall on the bell curve. That is very visual and works no matter how many players are registered. I can see the current Leader board method getting out of hand really quickly. Please and Thank you
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    Hi, a improved way to view your rank is planned. thanks for your feedback!
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    "Have you seen the stories I write for newbies?" Yes I think i have and I think there is much information to derive from reading them. I read most of your post but I have some trouble to keep up with you. I imagine that you write faster then I can read :). Maybe EDS could make use of a man of your talent and pay you some BCY to do there documentation. I'm sure you would make it the most well-documented game in gaming history! "I just started mining using the GPU on the computer an average person can get a couple bucks a day." Nice to hear. That's good way to learn a bit more about Bitcoin I presume. You could see it as learning money because I don't think that you break even considering the electricity bill. Maybe you could mine some other crypto with less difficulty and sell those for BCY to make more profit. "Are we making Earth a smarter place?" This question brings to mind a brilliant talk by George Gilder where he talks about learning curves in the information age. Well worth a watch if you like the philosophical aspect of bitcoin.
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    Maybe the problem is user error? Perhaps being a newbie? Lack of documentation or training? All of the above.... Can you look at the account history? ----- I put in an order to buy the Coin Maker March 10 when the BUY button was green. I understood from reading that they would be offered for 30 BCY. I put a low priority on it to save some bitcrystal dust, a fraction of BCY. Then for fun I put a bid on a card that is way out of my price range. Little did I know that the amount offered for bid is extracted from my account and put on hold, no card and less BCY in the account. I tried to buy with the increased priority but I think the transaction failed to initiate because of lack of funds. Days went buy looking at the Book of Orbs without change. I study the BoO and learn nothing. Orders open and nothing happens. Will the original trade be canceled? I thought it sent a message about goo until the 14 th. That is tomorrow. I could be imagining things. So then I noticed that sellers are offering the Coin Maker for 50 and 70 and more BCY. Offer to buy and someone selling are two different things. I don't have enough BCY in my account to pay the asking price because it is tied up in other orders. I have a little bitcoin BTC. After reflection I thought okay maybe I need to take down the first orders. Cancel is one of the few choices. Oh there seems to be a fee to cancel and order, almost 1 USD. OMG that seems like minus BCY from my very thin wallet. I only wanted to buy one card to try it out and document the process. I cry. This process should have a tutorial. People get funny about money. Mean while back at the farm, I am reviewing the buying BTC and converting to BCY document I was writing. The Book of Orbs is the final step in this long journey. It turns out that I will have another paper to write and I don't know how to make it flattering. Maybe just spell it out. I found that there are additional foreign transaction fees on the VISA for the purchase of Bit coins. Every time the crypto-currency is touched or transformed by being traded there are fees, Fees for trades, fees for not making trades. I think I should add them up and see how bad it is. I wonder if the bitcoin realm isn't worse than the banks. Not good. It is starting to make sense, I am new to SoG and honestly some of the aspects of collecting and trading in game items like skins or cards. Maybe the the information was provided in game before we visit the jeweler, It is a stop called "Shady Seller." I took down the auction for the fun card and paid the fee. I left the original request at 30 to see if it will expire. I am trying to buy from a seller at 50 BCY but of course there is a fee to place an order. Someone needs to publish a schedule of fees. With luck this will go through. If I am really lucky the offer for 30 will go through too. In history it sure looked to me like others were able to buy at this price. The guy who I am getting it from has 24 for sale. It seems there are two or three layers of SoG, sadly. Those who mine crystal by playing the game, fusing cards and trying to get them to market (guessing here) and those with deep pockets who can buy and sell cards (merchants) and an invisible player (wizards maybe) who get to collect fees. Like in life, I am in the wrong business. Posting on the forum and writing stories is not going to make bank. Ah, what do our French friends say? "C'est la vie." ------------ This is encouraging a new screen, progress bar. What do you know progress, finally. My phone went crazy a little bit ago. Just about vibrated it's self off the desk. Something about a match had been found. I think the transaction has several steps. Maybe that is why it takes time. We will stand by. A match found? I hope it does not turn out like my love life. That is a story for another time. The message turned to filled, the card is in the bought folder. Now what do I do with it? The Card is not in Collections, my orbs. Can we see it from in game? What do you know? After much trouble and many fees. We have a new card. There are still outstanding questions. We will come back to those. This card ended up costing 50 BCY when I thought it should have been 30 BCY according to the literature, but maybe that is for premium merchants. I wonder what it takes to do that. We'll see. It is satisfying to have a card in your wallet. It is a beginning. aka - Genesis
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    Hi thanks for all who have posted feedback here. I have already read all your posts and appreciate the general support and enthusiasm. I am going to choose 10 most helpful answers and give them a 1bronze diecast token(not to discount other answers but there is only a limited number of prizes for this one) To answer some of the more common requests, 1. Custom transaction fee We have actually acted quickly and now you can set a custom fee along with the existent three priority modes on BoO! The latest Android ver already supports this feature and the iOS update is coming in a couple of days too. Hope this helps. 2. Card vs card trading or card vs btc(or more currencies) trading So card vs card trading is already possible(i.e. trading 1 SARUTOBICARD with 10 SARUTOBIPEPE) but providing an interface for all those combinations can be messy(I really don't like Counterwallet's Dex UI for this reason) and also, card vs card orders will be less likely to be matched by others compared to card vs bridge currency(XCP, BCY, etc) trades. I def see a point and some benefits enabling this feature but for now we are sticking with card vs some kind of currencies trading. Hope this makes sense. As for card vs btc trading, I'd love this. But due to technical limitations, we cannot really do btc vs card decentralized trading on Counterparty yet. Something I personally desire too. Also, allowing a btc purchase directly on BoO is a minor possibility but it may come with extra regulatory and compliance cost and we are staying away from this feature for now and focusing on token to token decentralized trading. 3. The app optimization Especially the android app was a bit laggy. We have optimized the app further and the latest ver should be moving much more smoothly especially when you are sliding up and down the list. Thanks!
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    "There is no block size problem." I think pretty much everyone thinks there is a problem and that bitcoin is less functional with blocks full. Either way bitcoin is on the road to scaling on-chain and off-chain so your opinion comes a little bit to late to the battle. "[...]fees should continue to rise orders of magnitude from the current level still." Why would you like to pay miners more? Who is asking for this "orders of magnitude" higher fees? Miners don't seem to ask for it, node operators like me don't ask for it, users of bitcoin like me don't ask for it? Why would you like to pay more in fees then you pay for a SoG card? "If the games market cannot handle higher mining fees it's doomed to fail (I dont think it i)." Looking at the market it's failing right now. And it's going to fail even harder with "orders of magnitude" higher fees and that is why EDS should wait for the scaling fork.
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    I recognize @KingSlamma and @Jasper Damman for participating in the leader board discussion. I think you are on the right track. Thank you for the reply. --- I have been playing SoG on the PC mostly. I found out that if I just leave the leader board open I can just refresh the browser and it will stay on the same page. At least I only have to be hunting to see how far down that list I am. I would like to see the number in the profile. It is all good. Ranking systems create a lot of angst among the players. When I was a kid living in Japan back 'when the world was young and so were we' (1967-1970) we played baseball. I was given the choice to be either the best in the minors or the worst in the majors. Players need encouragement no matter their skill level, the value of their collection or luck. I think a stratified league would be fair. If you play certain cards then you are tossed in with the big boys where as if you are new or don't have a lot of resources to throw to cards than you can be competitive in your dirt league. That being lower than copper. People despise being knocked down in rank. You might consider having a list for collectors, trades made, most improved, fuses, most valuable collections. What have you. I apologize not knowing enough about the lore of SoG. I think that is an outlet for creativity. Best story told in a pub (writing), fuel the rumor mill work done on the forum, even something wizard based. How are these scrolls created? Certainly not only in battle. The wizards guild should have competitions too. I have been thinking about a test. Even several tests that become available as you progress in the game. Off line is fine. It would show how well the community understands game play, lore, math (very important in this game). These can compile metrics about the nature of SoG players. Did you see the analysis done by Google forms for the Error reporting and survey i made? How do you appeal to the players who seek knowledge, embrace logic and love to study. I think qualifying, puzzle solving and strategy is a big part of SoG. I would like to see the guild have their own initiation. Professor, librarian, military strategist. Can the player solve a series of battles given a fixed set of tools to begin with. As it is the luck of the draw comes into play. I know that there is a lot I have not seen and a lot in the pipeline. Yes combat is fun but there is more to life than just banging orbs together. As I mentioned before the military is really good at moral, recognizing those who participate not just the winner. Tournament and multi-player are going to be interesting but what about the little guy? Throw us a bone. In other games you end up with trolls and smurfs. Maybe that won't happen here, though I doubt it. Find a way, before you start to level the playing field. I took martial arts courses several times, Judo in Japan, Takwando, Kung Fu. The thing I noticed and don't know how to resolve is that the tournament mentality was wrong. It is not about breaking opponents but should be about putting on a good exhibition and showing your skills. Higher level practitioners are about building a community of respect, hosting activities, keeping a dojo, building new players (teams) and healing. The most respected sensei do not flaunt their skill but are quiet and caring. I know this ethos is not necessarily martial, it is the concept I am trying to share. Even if you don't win you 'make good fight' earn respect. Back in the day when I played D&D the most powerful wizards had property, the tallest towers. I wonder if here is a way to Illustrate the individual's Book of Orbs as a tower in the wizards guild or shelves in the library. I always wanted to own property in the world in which I played. I am not sure how that is going to port to Sog. Wizards have cool robes, hidden stashes, unbelievable powers and awesome skills at high level. Maybe the color system, levels of skill based on deck composition. Maybe we could join schools and compete for our color? Oh, I guess this is what the guilds are. A wizard of light, nature, darkness, fire, earth, wind, water - heaven forbid a rainbow wizard. Maybe I had better quit before I get into trouble. Good luck, bronze, silver and gold work too. Hopefully somewhere in this dissertation you will find a tidbit, a crumb or shard that you can work into a real gem. ps. Here is the link to the questionnaire. Fill out the English one if you get a chance. The idea started as an automated change request but it didn't not want to accept an image, which is kind of a show stopper. I think the stats and analysis is interesting. Can you do something like that for tournament or multiplayer play. I like the graphics approach. If we could gather enough metrics from players this might tell us something about the players. I have an idea about tests that I might try. We'll see. I am not sure yet 'who is who' and who's blessing I need. I might just give it a try for fun. Peace!
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    There are a lot of choices to make when playing SoG. Sometimes we win and sometimes we loose, why and what can we do about it? --- An opponent orb is in the corner, most of my team is dead, my speed is not what it use to be, I can't reach him. What happens? Eventually you die. Perform post game analysis: Take some time to think, before, during and after the battle. Do you have the right cards? Just because the battle favors +5 for fire does not mean a majority of of fire cards will win. Did you try to bounce off the walls? Or is it a speed related issue? Could you have added a healer or delayed their attacks better? Take time to look at the board. Is there a shot where you have a chance to damage two opponents at a time. Launch into a corner and bounce them out of existence? Shot placement, clip the edge as on the tangent versus head on collision? Do angle shots give you a chance to damage multiple opponents. Do you understand the obstacles in this map? Spiky things (thorns) damage opponents if you push them into it but if your shot lands there you are damaged. Could you have an incorrect consist for this challenge? Wild speed can get away from you. What about the bonus for this match? Are you taking advantage of the + offered by the challenge and as mentioned before could there be a better card in your deck? What do those wells do? Does it just stop your bouncing around or are there other penalties? Have you opened holes in the wall so that downstream team mates can get in and do damage? Think about after the shot, where do you think it is going? Is this the right tijme to use a spell? Look at a different angle. There may be a better shot or let this temptation go and have the next team member do damage because the lay is better. Can you bounce off wooden obstacles and use them in your favor? Save something for the end. Don't waste a fire ball potion yet so you can take out a hard to reach opponent at the end. Have you taken too much damage to early in the game? Do you have characters with reach, with proper health and spells. What works in one battle very well may fail miserably in the next. Is it that you don't have good cards, the right cards, leveled up cards, the correct combination? Are you being stingy with crystals and not upgrading when you should. Did you get rid of a card you should have held onto? I was doing well and got stupid and let my healer go. Hit points too low for the level of play? Same for speed. What about the luck of the draw and rarity of color and certain other features color, spells etc. Think about it each player will have a different set of beginning cards or this is to say the draw is random. It may not be your fault. Take time to line up the shots. Do you know what is going to happen? Or at least think you do? Make educated decisions about which opponent or opponents to attack when. Don't miss shots. Fat fingers. Have you taken out the obstacles in the right order? Are the cards on your team in the correct order? Do you fire blind into the crowd and hope for the best or is there strategy. How about that math? Angles all over the place. Man my phone sucks. Does making multiple bounces help. How can I get that 11 points of damage regularly or is this all just luck? Do you have friends that play? Read the forum for hints? Posted questions? There are lots of resources. Is it possible the game designers made it challenging on purpose. Are you doing battle above your level and should step back. Lockouts help us learn to play and strategize better. Do you understand what the size of the orb means? SoG game designers are out to get me. What about those numbers? I thought that the enemy would not attack until later. Can we tell anything about the cards from their avatar? Like where did all that damage come from all of a sudden? Have you fused cards, traded in for crystals and changed your hero's? Do you have a mindset that has been working but something changed. Think about your before shot angle, impact and ricochet. Think moves ahead. Oh, back to the guy in the corner that clobbered us last game. Have you herded the enemy to where your guys can get to them. Bounce the right way rather than left. Do you suck or is it your deck? Think about it. Bad luck or bad decision making? Have you taken a break and analyzed what went well and what didn't. Use other cards. Learn what they do when you use them and what to expect form opponents. Focus grasshopper. How about that troll army. Man they add some serious speed. Ha, now they are dead and your shots go boink boink boink. What about trading cards or cashing them in? Buy some more. Team management is a challenge. Taking advantage of daily quests? What about blockchain cards, gathering gems? Can I spend money efficiently in order to win? or is this just a gamble? Are you to tired to play? Bouncing around in the car and can't aim? Have you looked at your profile to see what you need to do to get bonuses? This helps cash flow so you can draw new cards that might help. Are you willing to let go of cards to advance your team? Also think about tomorrow. Keeping cards to fuse but I can't win now. It is all about balance, thin line that we walk between success and failure. I am sorry to say. Some days the dragon wins. What can we do about it? Well, there is always tomorrow. Enjoy Spells of Genesis, this is just the beginning.
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    Well done, team! PS - if you need some help in localisation for russian/ukrainian languages, PM me
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    @KingSlamma I would like see the story as animated 3D clips popping up before or after an epic boss battle for example. I don't really think that reading the story is something you do, especially if you are > 30 years of age. Thankfully I've heard you talk about it. My rendition is a bit clogged. Maybe there should be more pages and animated slides going back and forth. So we could fit more high scores and more map statistics?
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    I wanted to call this thread Ed, Edd & Eddy. The original idea was to try and automate the change request form. We used something like this at work with great success. It slows down volotility and gives us a way to gather metrics and track changes. We want to make it easy for the user community to enter report a bug. We had date, time, programmer, module, approval boxes for subject matter, developer, management, accepted, denied, delayed, priority, version discovered, version fixed in, testing signoff, unique numbers, ticket not submitted, not opened, not worked, tested, integrated, closed. This way we track how many and where they all are in the system. I just thought that it would be good to give the players check boxes and let them fill the form out. The problem I had with Google Docs is that it will not let us paste into the description images or screen shots. This is kind of a deal breaker for error reporting. I went on then to ask a few questions of the person reporting the issue. A brief survey. Google docs has some really neat reports hat are behind the form. I have included the links below. We don't have to ask the user's email. I think we could automatically capture the date. I think that we could communicate with the user to let them know the ticket is closed or offer a small token of appreciation when the bug is integrated and fixed. Post their names or give reward. I was having fun this morning so went ahead and made the same form in English, French and Japanese. Funny things happen with google translate so they will have to be read by native speakers. One I fixed in Japanese when back translating was, Do you think you should have to pay to report defects? It is funny sometimes. I hope you enjoy these and embrace the concepts of Change Request forms and Processing (cool stuff) and User Community Survey. I was trying to get the forms to spell: Ed Edd & Eddy I know kind of goofy but you get the idea. Just having fun. Here are links for each language, the form on google drive, the analytic and responses links. This could be very interesting to see across languages if enough people would honestly report. With respect. I am going back in game. Play more! English Error Delivery Device (EDD) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_QDGabBuSR91bJy9gvX5hNpcM7HFuNTWX4eD92etDvrbXIQ/viewform?usp=sf_link View analytics - Error Diagnostics (ED) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_QDGabBuSR91bJy9gvX5hNpcM7HFuNTWX4eD92etDvrbXIQ/viewanalytics Responses: does not quite work for (EDDY) humm? Everdreamsoft Developer Documentation sYstem https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tjP7umcRQMOtMkSSIRnFapDmhHn8cihAqviKe1SxARI/edit#responses --- French Error Delivery Device: Error Detection Document ? (EDD) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16k1TqgNiPpNUTVqycZVlSMhX04Q2DhmmyFkcPzzwsDc/edit?usp=sharing View analytics - Error Diagnostics (ED) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2L52wDhTBJqUEifAUhB2LVEyo-yOguZaOzdp35--zGcLlPg/viewanalytics Responses https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16k1TqgNiPpNUTVqycZVlSMhX04Q2DhmmyFkcPzzwsDc/edit#responses ---- Japanese Error Delivery Device https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mEJ_uLPqpOzcKJiPPIvI6HXe6h9qlvp_PxnCTQt6o5g/edit?usp=sharing View analytics - Error Diagnostics https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfNBEMzqJaPpROK1hzqbZvAHVgodnHhgjm6D85cwlhZXQr_dw/viewanalytics Responses: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mEJ_uLPqpOzcKJiPPIvI6HXe6h9qlvp_PxnCTQt6o5g/edit#responses ---- I wondered if you would let me make a survey to add to the Forum and see if we can get people to participate. I think the metrics are kind of cool. I bet the language you use for the menus would be even better than this but we lose the cool analytics and responses generated by google. Anyhow, you get the idea. Eddy
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    It would be nice if there was a way to jump back to the beginning or end of your cards list while viewing them in the team. Like an arrow that jumps you to page 1 or all the way to the last page. I threw together a quick image with arrows in it.
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    Here we go, yes that's more clear We have a meeting tomorrow, there's still work missing for the responsive part of the website, I'll push this.
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    The best source for Spells of Genesis (SoG) news, is in-game! There is a abundance of information to be found, not just one page. Scroll to the bottom. Eureka! --- If you discover a article, story or information about SoG that is helpful add it to: Links to share EverdreamSoft EverdreamsSoft Launches Blockchain-Based Trading Cards: https://bravenewcoin.com/news/everdreamsoft-launches-blockchain-based-trading-cards/ EverdreamsSoft makes major announcements before 'spells' full launch: https://news.bitcoin.com/everdreamsoft-announcement-spells/ Spells of Genesis - Pioneering "true ownership" of digital assets: http://www.everdreamsoft.com/spellsofgenesis.html Spells of Genesis (SoG) Home: https://spellsofgenesis.com/ Assets: https://sogassets.com/ SoG Cards Bitcrystals: http://bitcrystals.com/ Book of Orbs (BoO) BoO wallet can manage, trade in-game digital assets: https://news.bitcoin.com/book-orbs-wallet-trade-game-assets/ BoO Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=inc.indiesquare.orbbook&hl=en Internet References to SoG Own your Deck in SoG: http://bitcoinist.com/own-your-deck-in-spells-of-genesis/ Magic for the core, casual and crypto: http://bitcoinist.com/spells-of-genesis-magic/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SpellsOfGenesis/
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    The integration from our side is ok, but it's a C4 feature.
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    We've implemented moving objects and they will be there at launch! Moving enemies has some more implications (after they are hit) so we've moved that up further. Backgrounds are great but are visually a bit a challenge so we've put that also for later. Thanks for the suggestions
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    I use book if orbs mainly for SoG cards. I really love the ability to scan through the cards and see what the cheapest offerings for each asset are. I feel like I've been able to snipe a few good deals that way! Something I would absolutely love to see is the ability to do some actual card trading without having to convert to a currency like bitcrystals or pepecash. It would be really cool to have this built in escrow for those not so willing to wallet-to-wallet trade. Plus it would bring with it a more traditional trading card game feel. Overall I love the app and think you guys have done some amazing work and anxiously wait to see what you guys bring to the table next!
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    well that's pretty cool. Maybe I'll try it out again.
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    I can do it. Actually I am planning to make my own video.
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    I like being able to swap between currencies. I don't know if it's been mentioned, but being able to do the same thing with cards and assets would be great. I would like to trade my BCYDRAGON for a RAREPEPE.
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    "[...]get gold some other way" Maybe the challenge level should be open for business from the start, like wave 0-10. And completing a boss level would open up more stages at challenge.
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    I really like how the book combines objects from multiple games in one. It's also quite easy to link and switch between the different accounts. What I would change though is that right now your book is empty before you have blockchain cards. It would be great if you could try out the full functionality before purchasing blockchain cards, either by giving away free (but useless) tokens to play around with or making it possible to run on a testnet (where assets can be giving away for free for testing purposes). All this is also valuable for verifying you have everything set up correctly if you have blockchain cards coming in. You dont want to lose those as it would mean losing money (and even a perceived threat of it could cause people to hold back transacting in our little economy!). Cheers!
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    I using Book orbs for some time. fully satisfied with the design and capabilities. often I recommend it to my friends as "one of the best token-wallets". great work, guys! upd. Thanks for a RAREPEPE
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    You no longer automatically progress to the next star, and the next node does not appear once you complete the last star of a level. I noticed this happens once you complete the Boss level. All the nodes before it work fine, all the once after it does not. I completed the last level of the first star for the first boss level. The Messenger level pops back up and shows I did not complete it. If I close the level pop up and enter back into Messenger it is not on the first level of the second star. Unfortunately, it does not open the clouds and allow me to move to the next node. I have to close the web client or the app and reopen it for the clouds to move away to allow me to the next node. Version: 1.0.5 Web
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    En ce qui me concerne c'est en écoutant le podcast NipCoin de la communauté NipCast Merci à eux