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  1. Book of Orbs longing is not related to Spells of genesis. You need to log in to book of orbs with 12 words password. One Book Of Orb valet can be linked to only one Spells of Genesis account. I am not really sure what was your question so I answered don both. If you loos password of Books Of Orb you lost yours 17 BCY. If you linked your Book Of Orb to wrong Spells of Genesis account you need to ask one game moderator to do it manually for you.
  2. I think it was said it will not exist. But will be in May or Jully update. Check the last videos that did mention timeline and updates.
  3. You need to fully upgrade them first before fussing.
  4. Not sure what i your question. But please dont mix ingame Crystals with cryptocurency BitCrystals. They are 2 different things. All ingame things will get rested in 2 days.
  5. Why dont you rather explain why you think letting few people 10000 of crystals and 10000000 Gold is perfect for the game instead of telling me that I am making a friendly atmosphere. I dont plan to make a friendly atmosphere, but a fair one for all.
  6. BCY should arrive in half hour if you use high enough fee. Lately Bitcoin mempool is quite full and until BTC will solve that we will need to pay high fees or wait even days for our transaction to arrive. What does your wallet says? Were BCY successfully sent?
  7. Premium cards will never be available at Public merchant, you should buy them from Partner or Premium player.
  8. Idiotic suggestion. If you truly believe that having few kilo crystals and few 100k Gold will make game better I sincerely doubt anyone will ever let you take any important decisions. As a tester you were already rewarded and you will be rewarded again at game start since you already played the game and you know how is best to start and progress. I am specially glad that there are solid plans about May and July updates.
  9. To buy Bcy best is Poloniex. It is not complex. To withdraw daily up to $2000 of crypto you dont need to provide any personal details. But you need deposit Bitcoins there. Currently there are no BCY exchanges that trade with fiat money, expect on ZAIF exchange you can buy BCY with JPY, but I guess that is not what you are interested So best would be you buy BCY and deposit on Poloniex, trade to BCY and withdraw to your wallet you made and link with your account. BCY are not used in game. But are to buy blockchain cards. The point of having BCY on your wallet linked to your SoG account is that you get card then on this account. Sawpbots work that way also DEX that from where you pay there you get your card. Shapeshift is sort of more simple, but it has higher fees and i would advise you that if you are not buying much BCY.
  10. Best is to buy BCY when are cheap. EDS issue cards at stable USD value. from like $5-40. If you buy BCY cheap and will go up in future prices of cards will be few BCY and you will get them cheap. But since you only need 4 cards I have no ideas why you bother with this
  11. Now with implementation that you lose speed of card that was killed, I will try to somehow avoid having 3 speed cards in my set. 2,1,1,2 LOL If I will find anything like this.
  12. BTC are used for transactions fees, you cant transfer any counterparty asset without having BTC. Car tokens are not meant to be played in SoG. On BOO you can see only some white listed asset. If cars tokens are one of them I am not sure, you could ask about it on part of this forum that is meant for Book Of Orb and kojisan reads more often. I also still wait to get BCY and footsoldier.
  13. Sigoan, there was no reset , so all your achievements and cards and Gold stayed. versions are only new patches with removing bugs and added additional features as it is described. Nothing huge.
  14. I also have now 3400 Gold altho i should get way more. for wave 100 is 4230. I probably got only half gold I should.
  15. I got to wave 155 at like 50 i started getting this: http://image.prntscr.com/image/d1accac6cf0b4806a980fcb224b38bb8.png Not sure if that si a feature or a bug At about wave 100 i could not seen lines at all.