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  1. After passing Sia level 1, I successfully completed the mountain miners reward and was gifted a rare card. Mountain Miners is not and was never listed in the Achievements section so it was a surprise to receive a reward for it.
  2. I passed Sia level 1. Tried and failed on level 2. I need to upgrade more of my cards but it's hard to get element crystals. Tried challenge mode, forget which wave it was but collected 110 gold. It's a struggle. Level 10, 21 stamina. Haven't bought any gems but I used all mine up, save for 1, on to move along the quest more quickly. Post your stats.
  3. Every campaign has an element upgrade. Challenge is bare bones. This leads to people optimizing their deck and playing with the same 4 cards for every challenge. It would be a good feature if every hour/day/challenge play that a randomized element(s) upgrade for challenge was presented so people could change their decks as they see fit.
  4. It's frustrating when you get the ad store option when your stamina is full. If you hit no thanks, then you don't get it again for the predetermined time, whatever that may be, so it is wasted.
  5. works now. it wasn't working earlier today or yesterday after release on mobile. it said was frozen until 4/20 even though it was past that point.
  6. Android 7 When looking at a campaign and pressing the back button (bottom left) to return to the map, it will sometimes play the campaign rather than going back as intended. Either the mapping is a little off or there is some glitch in the software. It works sometimes but performs an unintended action other times.
  7. Android 7.0 on Axon 7 The Stag Warrior has half the r cut off on right side of screen On guard campaign covers over a bit of The Dragon Tamer campaign Half the T in The Purple Dragon is outside left edge of screen Ridan the Druid only shows Ridan the Dru....half of the u and id are outside the right edge of screen.
  8. when will the web version go live again?
  9. Will the game ever reset again?
  10. How often is this option presented? Is it random or is it on some sort of fixed time schedule? Sometimes I try closing the game and re-opening to see if given the option to get 5 more stamina.
  11. I like the moving objects!
  12. Sometimes after finishing a level, it doesn't advance to the next level in that same campaign. I think the server response time is slow. I usually go to my team page or the shop and come back to play and then it has marked it as complete and I am able to play the next level.
  13. Good to see it's a friendly atmosphere here. Your attitude and comment is much more likely to drive people away than a feature request is.
  14. It was previously stated that all gems would be credited back, whether used or not.