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  1. For the Public cards, there's no time guarantee of when the card will be available at the Public Merchant. It can be one month after its release, but also later... Also, some Public cards may be sold out during their sale period at the Partner Merchant's.
  2. Hello, normally the eb version is back, what issue do you encounter exctly? thx
  3. Hello cdex, thanks for reporting all your issues. Our devs are going to investigate...
  4. No, no more reset
  5. Spells of Genesis, the first blockchain-based trading card game, represents a paradigm shift, bringing the very unique feature of true ownership of game cards. Since our successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2015, we’ve been working hard, showing the path to other projects and helping to shape the future of the gaming industry. Now, together with our partner All 4 Games, we’re bringing our vision to the global gaming market! What Can You Expect? At launch, there will be over 200 levels, divided into 20 campaigns. Within the first month after the launch, this number will increase to around 300 levels.The game will be available worldwide, on AppStore and Google Play in nine different languages:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.The global launch will be preceded by a one-day game downtime, due to the servers maintenance and preparation. All your in-game achievements will be reset, but unused Gems you’ve purchased previously will be then credited back to your account. Special Blockchain Card for Everyone All the players, ancient or new ones, who’ll download and play the new official version from AppStore or Google Play, and who’ll have linked their game account to their wallet by the end of April, will get a special blockchain card, available only on this occasion!The cards will be distributed in the beginning of May. New Adventure The global release is not the end, but a great start of a new and even bigger adventure!Our developers will keep working to add new exciting features, such as the multiplayer mode, or in-game cards tokenization. And much more… On June 29, we’re going to release a new game expansion. After Askian and its inhabitants, you’re going to discover a brand new region - “Marva Magica”. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this unknown country. “The Twelve” will accompany you throughout the whole SoG adventure. And you’re going to meet them very soon… Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep yourself updated!
  6. As every month, since one year and half, we've just burnt a half of our card sales income in BitCrystals and here's the BCY Burn Report! This month we burnt over 32 000 BCY, which represents almost 9 000 USD. Find below the overview of the BCY burns done so far. Thanks for helping us to increase the amount of BitCrystals to be burnt by buying blockchain cards. Thank you for your great support, the global launch is almost here! More details coming soon...
  7. most of them, yes...if you see this address offering some cards, it is an official EDS address: 14Qip8eit9vx9Gkioan8nYzCiw36BRXNdG, otherwise it is a player/collector.. can you give me your username and the address you're trying to link? I'll double-check it...
  8. Hi Sport, we (EverdreamSoft) burn 50% of the price of each card we sold; The amount to be burtn is calculated once a month (in the beginning of each month for the previous one), and then sent to the burn address. We don't burn any BitCrystals for the cards sold by other players (since we don't get any BCY from those transactions). Regarding your second question: if you've linked your SoG account to your wallet, and when you play as a registered user, you can see your blockchain cards on each device, including your browser.
  9. on va y travailler après le lancement global du jeu, si tout se passe comme prévu, le multijoueur sera ajouté en mai...notre dernier update est ici
  10. Hello! The administrator of the distribution tool is working on fixing it, we hope they'll do it soon so you'll receive your rewards. Thanks for being patient!
  11. pretty close..some team members testing accounts needed to be removed from the leaderboard first, so the total amount of points was 29 122 005
  12. No season scheduled now, we're heading to.....THE GLOBAL LAUNCH! Stay tuned, more detailed update coming soon
  13. We had the common pot of BitCrystals worth of 1 000 USD (5 100 BCY when calculated). This amount was divided proportionally among the players, according to the number of their points.
  14. SEASON REWARDS UPDATE! Hi guys, the rewards were sent on friday, nevertheless, the BITCRYSTALS, FOOTSOLDIERs and DIECAST gold are still waiting to be completed... Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately now it's up to the blockchain and its "speed"... When it will be all finished, I'll let you know so you can verify if you've received everyhting you think you were supposed to. I'll handle all the possible complaints at once, when all the distributions will be completed. Thanks for your understanding.
  15. Hello! The rewards are being sent (so you'll get them in a few minutes, hours, days or weeks, depending on the blockchain speed ) We are not sending their BCY to those who should receive less than 1 BCY. But don't worry, you're not going to lose anything! We've noted the amount and will add it to your next reward... Enjoy and have a nice week-end!