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  1. Book or orbs had issue yesterday. and yes Boo is separated for SOG (in some sense) But there is a dedicated forum here
  2. I see you progressed trough the game. Is your issue solved ?
  3. Is your issue solved ?
  4. Hello Skyvar, And welcome to spells of genesis. Thank you for your feedback it's very useful. I understand 2 issues that you bring 1. Difficulty wall at Purple Dragon 2. Complexity to get games orbs. For the second one as you have understood it Spells of Genesis offer true ownership of digital assets and that is very revolutionary. As for today we are aware that getting into having Bitcoin and digital asset is today a difficulty for users. Once you have bitcoin and use to it, is fairly simple to get orbs and other crypto currencies. But there is a difficulty wall getting the first bitcoins. Think a little bit of internet on it's very beginning, it was not simple to get online. Today is a basic commodity. We did our best so far to have the smoothest experience for new users but there are still barriers we need to overcome, for example it's not possible to sell BitCrystals or bitcoin trough AppStore or event for Fiat currency (EUR USD...) without having a banking licence. But we designed SOG for player to be able to play and enjoy the game event without ORBs. Allowing people to get their first ORBs free by playing and being slowly introduced to it. Coming to your first point, we want to allow players to progress trough the game and it shouldn't be a difficulty wall but a smooth progression. I hear your concerns and tested myself and came to the same conclusion (we did a lot of balancing and re balancing to give fun to players who own super powerful ORBs and the one who doesn't) I will bring this issue to the team meeting tomorrow and we will quickly do something. cc our game designer @Jasper Damman By the way I'm willing to give you an some ORBs stuff to yet you kickstarted. Ill discuss it tomorrow as well.
  5. We improved the speed on the server let us know if hapening agian ! Thanks for reporting it
  6. let us know if happened again
  7. Thanks for reporting ! Do you still have these issues ?
  8. Happy viewing !
  9. Update : We got a notice from C4 today, since next week it will be easter they think it would not be a a good timing for the release. The settle date is the 20th of April.We are as surprised as you for this sudden change but we believe in their choice would be the best for the game launch.
  10. Edit : New date after easter Hello Everyone ! We just finished the call with C4 they are very happy with the build and the new features, but there is an issue one of their iOS device. It has sometime a crash on their side. We are unsure this is coming from the fact the app was used in the previous versions and could occur. We are investigating at the moment we have two solution either we are confident it would not occur to new user and we decide to launch this week. Or and that the very good news we are taking a week to figure this out and we could launch next week, not in May because otherwise it’s all good on their side. Launch date is set for the 20th of April game server ok translations ok android ok iOS ->issue Our lead right now is a conflict with an SDKs. After harsh week here we are foreseeing the finish line (for this milestone) once everything is set in stone I will tell you the future plans for 2017 a lot of exciting new things awaits this year. Best Shaban
  11. You are right ! The website shouldn't had you change your address on the first hand. It's now fixed
  12. Yes the server is under maintenance ! Sorry for that ! We are reloading a backup from 9 hours ago
  13. Okay got it where you changed thanks for the hint. Looking of what could happen is the following 1. It's possible to input an XCP key (you did it) 2. It is possible to change the XCP once for another one. - If the address is in use you get a red message and your profile is not updated - If the address is free you can change it and your profile is update with the new address In that case reward where distributed to your new address (wich one you did ?) 3. If you try to change a third time back to the old address - The system tells you that the address is already in use and you CANT change it back. So you went until point 3 ? you changed twice your wallet address ? You thought it was a GUI error but you noticed that your linked address was not updated along with the message that you cant change it ? Moreover the game always showed the cards that where in the other wallet ?
  14. Thanks for reporting ! Moving into bug section ! We gonna make it much harder and set real infinity
  15. Hi Everyone ! Okay we made mistake (twice) with FOW cards The right card is now the one announced as FWCFCTHEMONC this one should be the one appearing in your Book of Orbs now. Sorry again for the trouble caused. We will give a free FWCFCTHEMONC to the 2 people who purchased it on dex when the card was wrong Shaban