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  1. Oui nous avons un publisher, et maintenant on regarde ce qu'il fait et ce que ça amène. En parallèle, nous avons commencé d’autres actions marketing de notre côté. Pour toutes ces actions, on suit leurs effets, et avec ces mesures on peut adapter et prioriser. Et cette priorisation se fait avec les 2 autres paramètres principaux : les ressources disponibles et toutes les tâches à court et moyen termes. Avec ce global launch, nous considérons que c’est une étape primordiale, mais qu’il y en d’autres que nous mettons en place en équilibrant tout ça.
  2. From slack trollbox (member: spoorburger), error message in Tutorial in Shop (ArgumentOutOfRangeException /System.Collection.Generic), see 1st picture attached. I did not succeed to reproduce (iOS, SoG 1.2.0) as I could go through the whole tutorial correctly (and succeed the step of buying the 1st new card with 100 coins/gold, 2nd picture attached). More info in the context of error are welcome.
  3. Thanks to report it (I had twice the feeling corresponding to this incorrect behaviour, but was never sure if I pressed inadvertently in the battle button). I put it in our bugs list
  4. Closing and re-opening the app will not influence the proposal of ad for stamina. Its occurrence is based partially on time period and amount of your stamina left, but it will not be proposed that much frequently. When entering a battle without enough stamina you can refill with gems, but perhaps you will prefer to keep your gems to buy cards in the shop.
  5. Indeed noticed previously. Latest server's side improvement seems to solved it. Planned for test again tomorrow.
  6. With server responsiveness improvement, we reduced the occurrence of this wrong behaviour. We will follow how it will be reproduced or no more.
  7. Yes, for logged users, one of the previous cards replaced the last summoned one. Investigation on occurrence and impact is in work, to decide if quick fix is needed or not.
  8. Yes, it was a problem in the campaigns definition in the map. Now it is solved.
  9. Thanks for the report. Both are listed for review and planning.
  10. I have the same challenge with iPhone 5, and with a samsung s7 edge as well. But I never click multiple time on the card, I just wait. We will look at it on the server side too.
  11. It was in Additionally, we will review the cost of upgrading in-game cards and blockchaincards, as there are currenty the same (but only 1 wave of level-ups and no fuse by blockchain cards). Upgrading blockchain cards should be higher...
  12. ... Et sympa d'avoir des gens de la communauté NipCoin chez nous, suite à cet épisode NIPCOIN 40 GAMING & BLOCKCHAIN SPELLS OF GENESIS
  13. By the way, the stamina problem is by us as "Bug: (re-open) Stamina time intermittently not displayed & no new stamina", candidate for spint 3 (sp003) " Killer Princess". But you have to close the app & re-open it, to normally have it correct again...