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  1. Hey Eddy, Thanks for the posts describing some difficulties getting started and collecting cards. I agree the whole Counterparty stuff on top of already confusing Bitcoin rituals are not very user friendly yet. We have been addressing these issues with each update on BoO and it's come a long way since the initial app launch in last Sep, I'd say. But still there is a lot we need to work on. The next important milestone for us and SoG collectively is to make the whole process much more intuitive for beginners(maybe not totally new to the Bitcoin space but new to SoG and BoO at least). The points of improvement include 1. Better tutorials on BoO how trading, sending on blockchian work 2. Better tutorial on SoG(how they can connect BoO with SoG and receive cards etc) 3. Push notifications on BoO when new SoG cards have been released. There are obviously more to do but those are some of the high priorities for the team. Hope it helps
  2. You can place buy orders on Book of Orbs or Bitgirls tokens already. I actually placed some orders myself and managed to buy one from someone else actually
  3. すいません、遅くなってしまいましたが、こちらコンテストの勝者に個別に連絡しました。よろしくお願いします!
  4. Sorry about the wait. I am going to contact the winners individually right now. Also the latest BoO build was released this week and the custom tx fee feature was added! This was one of the most asked features from this campaign too, so we added it pretty quickly. Thanks all for great feedback and lucky winners. We'll have another similar campaign in the future too. https://medium.com/book-of-orbs/book-of-orbs-update-mar-15th-2017-fdc60023ecee#.fjk5yvp7p
  5. We could add ShapeShift or something(assuming they work as advertised of course...) but eventually what will be more ideal may be that you play some kind of games and get some in game assets then you can sell them for BCY for example. For a lot of newbies, buying btc, bcy,XCP etc is a lot of hurdles without a doubt.
  6. Hi thanks for all who have posted feedback here. I have already read all your posts and appreciate the general support and enthusiasm. I am going to choose 10 most helpful answers and give them a 1bronze diecast token(not to discount other answers but there is only a limited number of prizes for this one) To answer some of the more common requests, 1. Custom transaction fee We have actually acted quickly and now you can set a custom fee along with the existent three priority modes on BoO! The latest Android ver already supports this feature and the iOS update is coming in a couple of days too. Hope this helps. 2. Card vs card trading or card vs btc(or more currencies) trading So card vs card trading is already possible(i.e. trading 1 SARUTOBICARD with 10 SARUTOBIPEPE) but providing an interface for all those combinations can be messy(I really don't like Counterwallet's Dex UI for this reason) and also, card vs card orders will be less likely to be matched by others compared to card vs bridge currency(XCP, BCY, etc) trades. I def see a point and some benefits enabling this feature but for now we are sticking with card vs some kind of currencies trading. Hope this makes sense. As for card vs btc trading, I'd love this. But due to technical limitations, we cannot really do btc vs card decentralized trading on Counterparty yet. Something I personally desire too. Also, allowing a btc purchase directly on BoO is a minor possibility but it may come with extra regulatory and compliance cost and we are staying away from this feature for now and focusing on token to token decentralized trading. 3. The app optimization Especially the android app was a bit laggy. We have optimized the app further and the latest ver should be moving much more smoothly especially when you are sliding up and down the list. Thanks!
  7. 皆様 具体的な回答ありがとうございます。非常に参考になりました。Diecastトークンのプレゼントは英語で意見をくれた人たちと合わせて10人特に参考になった回答をしてくれた方たちに個別に連絡させていただきます。 特に日本では、BoOの挙動に関しての改善希望が多かったのですが、来週公開予定のアップデートでは特にAndroidの挙動が改善していると思うので、改善が見れた場合是非また教えてください。ちなみに画像のキャッシュなどですが、フレームワーク自体のバグや制限があるようで、上手くローカルに画像を保存できない事情があるようです。(挙動がもたつくのもここらへんに一部原因あり) ちなみに他の変更点として ・カスタム手数料設定を可能に ・Dex注文の有効期限を1週間程度から1か月以上に変更 なども変更、追加予定です。アップデートが準備できたらまたアナウンスしますので、引き続き色々ご意見いただければ。 あ、あとは来週からビットガールズのトークンも集められるようになりますね。あれ、地味にいいですよね、自分も欲しくなりました笑
  8. This is great. Thanks for doing this for other users. It's actually intentional. If you own the card, it will be shown in full color. This is the same for the collection page when you choose "All Orbs" tab.(What you own will show more vividly while cards you don't own appear fuzzy) 2) Does the Book of Orbs come in a PC version? What is needed to run it? ⇒No, I DMed you about this already but there is no PC ver currently and we are mobile focused at this point. (A web version is def a possibility though) But actually, we are planning to overhaul the market page design soon and it will look significantly different in the near future.
  9. 先ほど、Book of Orbs上で新たにビットガールズのトークンのコレクションが出来るようになることが発表されました。 https://medium.com/project-orb公式アップデート/bitgirlsの記念トークンがbook-of-orbs上でコレクション可能に-91310d3c2022#.sbeqe5w0k トークン受け取り方法などは後日Zaif側から発表があると思いますが、こちらのスレッドで今回の取り組みに関する質問や、もしくは新しいユーザーでBook of Orbsに関する質問などがある場合もこちらのフォーラムを活用ください。 ビットガールズの番組自体は残念ながら3月末で終了となってしまいましたが、ブロックチェーン上のトークンとしてこういう形で継続して使われていく可能性があるのは非常に面白いと思います。
  10. KingSlamma神、マジ半端ない…
  11. Thanks for great answers so far everyone. Just a little headsup, I have opened the same topic in Japanese and we'll use the same pot of max 10 Diecast tokens for this campaign. We appreciate any feedback but for this one, we're going to choose 10 most useful and concrete responses as winners. (We count any extra comments and suggestions too!)
  12. こちらで英語ですでに始めていた内容で、以下の要領で日本語でもDiecastトークンプレゼントの簡易的なキャンペーンを行います。 お題 BoOの使用状況について教えてください(例: 使用頻度、トレード数、使用タイトルetc) BoOの気に入っている部分を教えてください BoOに改善して欲しい点、好きではない点を教えてください (あれば)その他機能リクエストなど 期限: 3月10日まで ボーナス:優良回答最大10個にDiecastのBronzeトークンをプレゼント (出来る限り公平に運営視点で役に立った、優良な回答を選択しますので、もし自分の回答が選出されない場合もあらかじめご了承ください(また別の企画を開催します!)) 今後の開発の方向性の参考にしますので、是非色んなご意見ください!
  13. As the first Diecast token "quest", we give out a total of 10 bronze tokens to best answers to the following questions. The deadline is March 10th. (We'll try our best to choose best answers but not all of answers get the prize. Although we appreciate any feedback from our users, please be understandable even if you don't get anything(and we are going to have more "quests" in the future on this forum)) ・How you use BoO(which environments, how often, how many trades etc..) ・What you like about BoO(Where we are doing well) ・What you don't like about BoO(Where we can improve) ・Feature requests(if any) Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing what you guys think!
  14. Hello! We are going to take advantage of this forum and make it a place where our users can help each other, report bugs, make suggestions and have fun! The official announcements will be still made on this official blog(https://medium.com/book-of-orbs) still but I will try to keep this forum up to date as much as possible too. Also, as we add more titles to the platform in the future, this forum will be a good place to keep track of your favorite titles and hang out. Feel free to post and ask us anything!
  15. SoGについて知ったのは東京ビットコインミートアップに、EverdreamSoftのShabanが来てて、コインをゲームに応用しようと考えているという話を2014年に聞いた時以来ですね。最初は単純にゲーム内の通貨をブロックチェーン化(GameCredits的な発想)の話をしているのかと思ったのですが、ゲームアイテムを直接トークン化するという発想でユニークというか、考えるほど画期的な応用だと思いましたね。トークンを応用できる領域は他にも色々ありますが、ゲームへの応用は今考えてもかなり相性のいい分野だと思います。(透明性やオープン性などの特徴をフルに発揮できる)今はProject ORBでSoG以外にも同様の仕組みを応用したり、むしろさらに踏み込んだ新しいゲームの形やゲーム以外のデジタルアセットのコレクションや回遊性を利用したサービスを考えてます。 一番好きなカードはやはり当然CNPCARD!!!ブログとのコラボみたいなのには他にもSHUMAICARDがありますが、こういうメディアコインとのコラボみたいなのは上手くはまれば今後も似たようなケースが出てきてもいいのではと思います。元々自分からSoGに提案してみたんですが、思いついた時はかなり自分で楽しくなっちゃいましたね笑 とりあえずこのCNPバードがかわいすぎるので、密かにCNPバードのスピンオフゲーム作りたいんですけど笑イラストの所有権持ってないけど、多分勝手に作っても許してくれる気はする笑SaruTobiですでにちょっと勝手にスピンオフしてるけどね。