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  1. Once a game has started in challenge mode there should be a way to pause the game for an extended amount of time. This is especially true once infinity play is available. Currently if you leave a game open then quit playing for a while then play again you are able to continue your game but there will be no gold payout.
  2. The damage tally is nearly useless as it is too slow and is frequently truncated due to the next wave starting before it finishes its count. It would be nice if it was just an instant total rather than a slow animated counter that looks like a slot machine. Also, it would be cool if there was something that retained your highest damage for an individual wave to encouraging people to set new PR's and stuff.
  3. New challenge mode still has an end. The expected payout was 9280 and I received around 2500.
  4. satoshicard, ripplecard, and shumaicard also work.
  5. There are at least 23 SOG cards that work in Moonga that I know of. I hope they bring the rest over soon. Moonga has very few active players and I feel like if they bring in all SOG cards many SOG players would start to play Moonga.