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  2. @Eddy Sure, I see your point. I am not intending to sell these cards, as I stated. Maybe try it once as you mentioned as well. the reason for me to apply this method was to kind of get a feeling for it. I wonder how the legendaries update. I guess it's still this: If I calculate the same formula plus use 50 crystal as the card prices I get to 17.95. So roughly double. As I mentioned these are more an average resource invest gauge. Sure the legendaries will have a higher collectors value and probably less will be created on the blockchain.
  3. @BenRPG thank you for making a pass at crunching the numbers on blockchaining cards. It is nice to see the numbers at arms length like this. I didn't know what keystone was. The markup due to vendors for selling products. Yes, it makes a difference what one sells but 30% is not unreasonable. Mind you that is for merchants who get stuff off the back of the truck, stock the store and sell. It is suppose to cover the cost of doing business plus profit or they are soon out of business. Many stores, food service have outrageous profit margins. Then of course they offer specials at cost or near cost and count on follow on sales to make ends meet. Beer and drinks at a bar for example can have a huge markup depending on the venue. You could sell $10 USD block chain cards all day. For that kind of scratch I will keep the ones I earn. Now, on the other hand someone offers me $20 $50 .... whatever then I will have to start giving it some serious thought. When SoG gets a following, supply and demand will kick in and we let the market do it's thing. I would like to put something up on the BoO just to see how it is done and be able to say, I did it. SoG growth is going to be fun to watch. I can't swing a silver partner or whatever just at the moment but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I just wanted to say thanks again for sharing. You and @Naked Hiker have some really pretty cards. Powerful too. I have some work to do on the Lore of SoG so can't babble too much here. Our conversation has born fruit and given me a mini quest to convert the stories over to google docs. I did the one about Warana Thieves - "Tall Tails" and hope to get the others converted soon. Stay tuned.
  4. ....packs up, goes home..... How many epic packs did you buy? Edit: For reference, I bought maybe 15 to 20 such packs. I have one legendary which I have twice. Then some single ones. I pulled at the most 3 legendaries from packs. What's the Upgrade costs (upgrade 1-5) for an in game legendary? The queen and the firelord are paragon. Congrats!
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  6. Oh, Mon Dieu! Magnifique Jan Tres bien. Me likey ! For our English speaking friends The adventure begin! It all started at the Askian Tavern. I had just arrived in this mysterious country by following the road of the caravaners. Along the way, I had crossed a few Weanara rats who, attracted by the smell of my gold, had tried to strip me. I swiftly passed them by the edge of my sword, leaving their corpses in place to warn the reckless travelers who would follow me to look after their purse and their lives. The Askian Tavern was a real Spanish inn. There was all that Moonga had engendered, marvelous and monstrous. Noisy cheers of trolls drunk with beer and singing songs. Some valorous warriors with sober mines and gleaming armor, ready to sell their services and protection for a sometimes considerable balance. Trainers of dragons with dark skin, wizards wielding their wands like Parisian bakers. The innkeeper was called Jan. He was a curious personage, but little attentive to everything that was going on in his establishment. His gloomy air contrasted with the light of his eyes. It looked like it was inhabited by two spirits. And as soon as a sticky and stumbling coin was slipped, he could reveal to you some secrets about the menacing regions of Askian. If by chance or necessity you arrive one day in this tavern, ask where is the tavern of Jan. [to be continued...] Ah ha! So we learn that the Warana Thieves are kinky too. I thought it was funny that they were stripping you. They tried to anyhow. Maybe they should have bought you dinner first. A clue. Moonga had engendered. Please, tell us more about Moonga. Even I know about French bread but did not realize that magicians might be bakers by day. Humm, food for thought. Can we get a glass of wine too? Yea, there is more than meets the eye here. In the Tall Tails it seemed like paranoia but maybe it is possession. Time will tell.
  7. @Robert asked " Can we submit more ideas for the multiplayer?" Of course you can always submit ideas. Sometimes it takes time for them to percolate through the system. At least that has ben my experience. SoG management, developers and support team are very open to player ideas and suggestions. I was playing in the pre release version. Trying to climb the leader board and going crazy looking up stats in a sea of gamers. I wrote a note documenting the issue or challenge I was having and suggested several alternatives. Guess what. They accepted the idea for a player to jump into their place in the leader board and it is in red. Yippie! Thanks guys I am thrilled to have made a good suggestion. Life for all players got better, well at least those interested in the leader board. Some ideas will integrate easily and nicely to the existing game engine and philosophy and may be implemented. Other ideas or suggestions may be considered for future releases or put on a priority list, working change requests and bug defects. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. My guess is some suggestions will not be able to be done, for technical reasons, they may break something, they might be outside the scope of SoG or frankly just plain dumb. I have come up with a few of those myself. The only bad question is the one that goes unasked. If you have an idea or ideas for multi-player I suggest putting it up. Try to pitch something that they can hit, is what I always say. Draw a picture, make an outline, write it up in your own words. Tell us what you like in multiplayer and definitely the kinds of things that break an app, more specifically why not to play. Lag for instance. I do not know about the schedule. I'll leave that to a Forum Moderator or Administrator to answer. I am, like you, one of the little fish. In my heart I feel that SoG has a purpose. There is a similarity with Bitcoin in a way I have yet to put my finger on. Store of value? Transaction type cryptocurrancy? How to scale up (SegWit) can we make more scenarios for player? Block size debate? More stories, features and functions requested for SoG. There seem to be a lot of parallels. I have to clean up the stories I was writing under the strategy thread but wanted to send you a note and extend an invitation to participate and thank you for your interest in improving the SoG multi-player effort.
  8. Don't worry guys! I think it's NOT cheating but probably they were using the long known feature ;-)))) that it's possible to log into the same game at the same time with different devices and play battles at the same time!!! So there is either one person sitting in front of many mobiles and playing parallel or a team of players. This would explain the speed. And they probably bought 800 Gems for ~100€ = 400 refills = ~1200 Sia = ~1200*245 = ~294000 Gold Plus initial gems and bonuses.... makes the 379000 points for GRIFO and the 357000 for STEUNET legit
  9. I was wondering how I dropped 2 spots on the leaderboard when I had a large lead over the spot below me. I then saw 2 names I'd never seen before at spots 3 and 4 and was confused. Also assumed cheating. GRIFO AND STEUNET
  10. I think gri ding this fast isn't even possible if you disregard any playtime. Meaning only watching the waves change, The gold comming in, and the loading screen. I guess e.g. 4 fire angels couls be a very fast strategy. But I think not remotly as fast as these guys are advancing.
  11. Partner Silver (see above) now 2.75 BTC as a result of the BTC value increase over the past few days.. For 6 BTC get the partner account and all remaining sog cards on the address :
  12. I spent a lot of time grinding Sia, like an entire weekend a few weeks ago. But it was slow and steady with 2min per Sia run. (max 7.5k/hour). Edit: It might have been 20k/hour now that I think about it. The run can take just 30 seconds or so.
  13. Hello, Thank you for your help and interest. We are investigating the issue. It seems that we have new cheaters indeed but we need to dig up a bit more info. I won't do anything before I'm 100% sure they cheated but trust me, I'm going to investigate this one starting Monday. Hope this helps, Simon
  14. Okie, just making sure! I do not usually have such bad luck, but I s'pose it has to happen sometimes 🤓
  15. Thank god at least one other person can back me up lol. I REALLY don't think advancing one's score can go quite so fast. I really hope the devs investigate this. I mean Xereles has been # 1 since the day of launch and that guy moved up reeeally fast and stayed one could even touch him and he is currently a little below 800,000. This guy is almost 400,00 and he was below me at the start of the day...I am not even at 270,000. Lol...this HAS to be cheating. The one right below Grifo moved at the same rate and passed me and you both in the same day...not just passed us....SMOKED us.
  16. multiplayer

    The asynchronous multiplayer (named "Raid") will be launched in our next update, along with 5 new campaigns and an updated tutorial. Depending on the approval of the publisher, it will be next week or the week after. The multiplayer is currently quite defined as it is. But ideas are always welcome to improve it. I do read all suggestions on this forum, and note down the useful ones for future game improvements.
  17. Hello Eddy, Tournaments will be added later in the form of "Events". It will be a unique challenge level, with special enemies, level design and story. During the event (which lasts for a couple of days usually), players can play this challenge mode. The further you get, the more points you get in the even-leaderboard. These points are accumulated, so the more and better you play, the higher you will be on the leaderboard. At the end of the event, all participating players will be rewarded with unique event cards. The highest ranking players will receive legendary cards, lower ranked players will receive epics and rares.
  18. Hello, We didn't change the percentages. Only one epic in 350 cards is indeed very bad luck. Hope you'll have more luck next time!
  19. I noticed this too. It seems incredibly fishy.
  20. He just went up another 16k in something like the past 15-20 minutes. Seriously...this is possible? Thats ridiculous progress. So, hes somewhere around 346,000. It is 8:24 pm here. Im going to wait about 30 minutes and check then post back here the time and his new score then. By the way, "Steunet" seems to be progressing at about the same rate, he is not too far behind Grifo at somewhere around 328,000....who was at about 288,00 maybe an hour or so ago. They both came outta nowhere today lol. So, it is now 9:10 pm where I live and Grifo has gone from 346,000 something to exactly 376,127 which would be around 30,127 in gold/score progress in the past 45 minutes. I want THOSE cards....whatever Grifo has....point me in the direction of how to obtain them so I can get to making 30k or more gold in under an hour lol. Grifo, Steunet.....what IS y'alls secret??
  21. Lol, when I went back into the game and checked the leader board again after posting two seperate new topic posts...Grifo when up somewhere around or maybe over 5000. That is just insane. He will be number 1 in a day or less if he keeps going.
  22. I drew about 350 cards just now and got ONE epic from that. ONE epic and the rest were rares and below....and not neeeearly enough rares to justify just one epic in 350 draws. I have done this drawing 200-300 draws at once a few times now and NEVER had that bad of luck. Did you guys change the percentage draw rate for epics and legendaries?! If not, maaaan that was baaaad luck.
  23. I have seen 2-3 people rise to rank 3 and 4 today in NO time. I watched Grifo just now and while I played just TWO Sia battles he rose up by about 5000 😳. Is this possible even in challenge mode? I thought the reward increments were like 10, 20, and sometimes 50. So how could he be going up SO fast. I also saw him rise by like 200-300 just in the time it took to bring up the leader board, get out of it, then come back in. This just seems like REALLY fast progress.
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  25. Level 23! This game never gets old for me...
  26. Still have some work to do as far as leveling these up. I think I'll do one-eyed judges next, aodh the lights, and howling crirawins.
  27. Just made Level 20. Still trucking along.
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