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    https://tokenmarkets.com/catalog/bitcrystalsofficial I hope BCY will hit some new exchange soon too.
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    I got 3 shots a few times, never thought 2 was possible. Anyone else done this? You can confirm it's 2 because it still shows spell icon in cards 3/4.
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    CMC shows the only exchange in Japan. Anywhere else I can get BCY right now?
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    Actually I just did it again on my minor account this morning...Two shots see attached approve
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    Yep. I can confirm I've done 2 shorts once. The first two cards fired were Aodh and Yummy. Was pretty damn luck on that one..
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    It shows N/A on leader board....
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    Thanks Yzia for your prompt reply! I can confirm all working now! Thank you and have a nice day