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    Yes scaling and high capacity of blockchains are one the improvements a lot of people have a focus, and especially for games which design put a lot of game mechanics on the blockchain (+aspect of the transaction fees). EOS is one of the promising blockchains for that. Such talks were common for us, starting by request from the community to move to Ethereum. We have new products in the pipeline for this blockchain: the game à table ! and our multichains wallet Casa Tookan. We follow these blockchain initiatives and their promises, e.g. the Loom sidechain usage in gaming as complementary to Ethereum. But we will act with decision to embrace or switch to a new blockchain more with proven usage at large scale by real products (e.g. other games). Any important game running on EOS will naturally be part of our technology screening of blockchain for gaming and collectibles.
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    Bug looked fixed for me today. No problem like this. VVas able to see and enter raid as soon as I connected.
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