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    Hi Guys, 1. The DEC monthly Leader board did not kick start at beginning of Dec like another months does which is first issue. So basically all of the campaign gold are not calculated into the new Dec month in the past few days. 2. Recently today on my first log into the game the Leader Board ranking/gold calculation refreshed again. I received a pop up shows that I finished in place of 281 for the month and 3500 gold reward... which clearly a mistake/bug. I was placed within 50 a few hours ago even with the past few days in gold not calculated correctly issue in above 1. Overall it looks like some bugs for Leader Board....
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    I feel the same way. But when I think it carefully I wont conclude this is a sign for more user activity. (Or at least not all related to more user activity) I would say it may have 10-20% impact. Now we do have some new users reach a state that they have good enough team to complete in the monthly final map. But the main cause is that the Nov's last map is fairly easy compares to previous months. You just need some good earth card and flame all card (Which are both easy to obtain in game in the early stage.) Also the implementation of gold piles adds a bonus especially in the monthly campaign you have good chance to score big gold pile 300+ to 500. So my conclusion here is the cause of "increasing in user activity/competitive on leader board top 100" is that the difficulties of monthly campaign for Nov is much lower than any other months.... But I'd love to be wrong... I wish this game has (should have) wider adoption/attention globally. Coz it is a such a good game!😉
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    Do it. Be the man. 😂 BTW, you have a very impressive card collection there...