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  1. Fanlabiz

    Dark Creator Level is Ridiculous

    I just did the first star and it gives 1000 gold 😛
  2. I think you keep your levels on yout remaining card. I did this in the past regards
  3. Fanlabiz

    Le mode multijoueur

    Je ne vois toujours pas : En solo, on détruit des boules pour faire un niveau. En multijoueur, je ne comprend pas quel sera le principe. On ne tirera plus sur des boules ?. Quel sera le principe d'une partie multijoueur ?
  4. Hello, I use BoO on IOS IPAD pro. I use it since 2 months and I have done more or less a dozen of transactions to buy SOG cards and Pepe cards I like BoO because it is very clear and simple to use, it is performant, and the price and date of the last transaction is an interesting info. What could be improved is that the cards I don't have are shown in 'grey' color mode. I would prefer another indication that I don't possess a card that would preserve the original colors A second thing would be to have the characteristics of the cards per game it can be used. For example if it is a SOG card, show the element, attack, speed, health, spell ant the evolution per level Also, some more filters (e.g. Per speed, per attack,...) would be great Good luck for the future evolutions of BoO !
  5. Fanlabiz

    Le mode multijoueur

    Bonjour, j'entends parler du mode multijoueur pour SOG, mais j'aimerais avoir un avant gout de ce que cela pourrait etre. Quelqu'un pourrait-il donner une petite description ? merci d'avance A bientot Fanlabiz
  6. On the team screen in the game, I see a symbol of speed with value 6 (on the right of the words 'my team'. On the other side, I see on each of the 4 cards of my team also symbols of speed : card 1 (speed= 1), card 2 (speed=2), card 3 (speed=3), card 4 (speed=3). What is the link between the first 'team' speed symbol (6 in my case), and the speed indicated on each cards. 6 is not the total of the speed of each card (9 in my case) Thanks for some explanation on this