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  1. Yes. I have strong cards with 20 HP in testing enemies were way weaker and could not kill 20 HP in one hit, now they do. So using low HP add strength cards with combination of freeze is really best and you kill them before they hit you at all.
  2. SatoshiLite card is quite rare card, tatiana card is not. it is one of cheap cards. problem is that this cheap cards are as strong as other element legendary cards.
  3. It is not a BUG but a feature that makes add strength cards superior to others.
  4. All add strength spells cards are way to strong in Chalenge compared to others. It is not a BUG but a feature they are allowing to have altho was keep on pointed to it. all other spells last 1 round, but add attack spell last 3 rounds. I suggested to make it 2 rounds so we see, but was ignored. Now even rare cards with add strength spell are super strong and in par with other Legendary cards.
  5. I have one Legendary and 9 epic.
  6. I lose erey, since i play only on Web and have no free stamina option
  7. Since picture tells 1000 words. OK I have to many blockchain cards, so I dont fuse yet i am sure players without blockchain cards had fused many already, but the Crystallize achievement is far ahead of others. New are get to fast. They should be given for higher number of cards crystallised. Even 50% increase maybe. I think i will max this achievement really fast. And I had not even started playing Challenge.
  8. Current daily quest is OK, and should be kept since it force players to use cards with all elements. But when was daily quest suggested was meant a bit different. Right now players mainly play one campaign over and over again. the one that fit their cards best and gives them best Gold and XP reward for spent stamina. Way to change that is to make a daily quest where you need to do one campaign, play one multiplayer game, play one challenge game. and at end get some specially daily reward. Maximum we get 144 stamina a day, if you log on 2 times a day you get about 40. Please be creative. This will make people come back daily and game will get more addictive.
  9. It has to be the overrated spell i was pointed to for almost a year.
  10. You must have great cards, since i dotn think i ever got 400 Gold on Challenge and my cards are worth few BTC what will be a fortune soon.
  11. 1. Buyer will not get an upgraded card. 2.If you upgraded 1 card then if you have 2 and sell any card your will still be upgraded on your SoG account. If you sell both and 1 month latter buy one back from 3rd party, you wil have upgraded card on your Sog account again
  12. With new increased Gold rewards by 70% now is no reasons to play Challenge anymore. Completing Sia you loses 9 stamina and get 245 Gold and 90 XP. Chalenge will take you 10 stamina you will struggle to get 245 Gold spend 10 minutes for that and gain 20 XP. Last update unbalance already balanced game. Please fix it. Reduce Campaigns gold reward or increase Challenge reward or best do both.
  13. lol I never said that anyone disagrees with selling them. But you will always be able to access that wallet. That is all I said. You have 12 words mnemonic seed that new owner cant change.
  14. He is selling his wallet. But technically that is impossible since you cant change your 12 words seed. You will need to trust seller that he will not use it anymore after selling to you.