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  1. Febo

    Out of memory

    I stopped playing a month ago because o this. It is still not fixed. I bet was easy month on leader board when half players that play from computer could not participate.
  2. Did new season started 15h ago or not? I see only one Leaderboard. Old owearall one.
  3. About gold rewards. It is the same for all and if we got more gold so Legendary cards in past then we seems to be lucky compared to newcomers. From new player playing I would like as it i snow, lots Epic cards. and get a nice reward when finish campaighn. But overall leaderboard become static. top players got so much advantage that will never be caught.
  4. I am surprised noone reported that earlier. Luckily early stages give little of Gold so there is not much to summon with
  5. lol I have 6 campaighns finished and 24 to go. so loooots of work for me still
  6. You need to own full card. There are only few cards that you can buy parts of liek 5-10. Those are one of earliest cards, latter issued cards cant be traded in piecess.
  7. Febo

    Raid rules

    It is harder to me. i lost most of my Raids, basicly won only few. So allready lost one level and wil most likely another. But is same for all, so we wil all meet at lower ranks
  8. Febo

    Leaderboard Analysis

    Could you somehow substract players that their Gold amount did not changed in last checking time. This way we coudl excatly see number of active players on all levels.
  9. Febo

    Dark Creator Level is Ridiculous

    Dont you think there is no fun at all win all campaigns in first run? On my opinion it is and this last 5 campaigns that took me 8 days were a nice SoG refreshment.
  10. Seems it took me 8 days to finish all new 5 campaign. they were quite more of a challenge as it was the case in the past. Now hardly wait 7 star campaigns. hope will be divided wisely so people will be able to advance early fast ans last will be as challenging ass this 5. https://image.prntscr.com/image/_1ZbcrerTPiq2LiuYn1TCQ.png
  11. Probably some of us had not upgraded yet. I played new Campaigns. But my version is still 1.2.2. I guess when it will upgrade to v1.2.3 i will get those Askian rewards or something.
  12. I use 4 speed on the ORc.
  13. Not that you only play it. but 1 challenge a day will not kill you. That is my suggestion. But if not yes can be there for those that want to spend more time playing. They can play now for hours of intense playing a day if they want and play just challenge and PvP.
  14. You play campaign because it gives you XP and with that more max stamina. It is long term plan to avoid playing challenge. I dont think how hard it is right now is a problem. When the game started i barely went over level.20, I doubt i am any better now and i had and have super expencive cards. How was in testing that you made 150 stages and play for hours was ridiculous, who want that back is an idiot. Now after last update I think is more Gold in Chalenge, but still without XP is no go for me to even try play it. As i suggested in past there should be a daily things to do. As we have now. play 5 PvP play 2 Challenge play 5 Campaigns a day and you get a reward for this. This will make people play all aspects of game.