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  1. We are releasing a new build tomorrow or the day after, which should fix this and other problems. Thank you for your patience and help guys.
  2. Hey @cdex We're aware of this bug which seems to occur only with the 500 gold reward. Thanks for notifying us, though. We're working on it and will inform you when we fix it. Nick
  3. Our friends at Moonify have just shared this guide on how to collect BitCrystals with Moonify app: https://medium.com/moonify/collecting-bitcrystals-with-moonify-app-4212af271c62
  4. Dear forum users, We’ve recently discovered that the security of one of our old Moonga server was breached. Someone gained access to it and may have gained access to files and user account information on this forum. Please read our official announcement here. Although we cannot ascertain that this security breach has impacted this forum, we strongly advise you to immediately change your forum password. We’ve taken immediate measures to strengthen the security of this forum and are monitoring our logs for any suspicious activity. Please leave your feedback and question in this thread, DM the admins or email support@moonga.com for personal concerns. The Team
  5. Nicktalop

    Reinstall on new phone won't restore progress

    I can see you have three accounts. Your last login attempt was with your email, not your username. Try with your username only...
  6. Nicktalop

    Reinstall on new phone won't restore progress

    @dmaddock1 Hey, thank you for your message. Did you try to logout and login again? Or click on Adventurer word, then on the Avatar in the top left of your screen to logout and login again.
  7. Nicktalop

    Blockchain server down

    Looks like the blockchainization bug has been fixed. Don't hesitate to report any upcoming problem, folks.
  8. Dear users, Our blockchain server is temporarily down. Our developers are investigating the problem but for the time being, no blockchainization & no coupon redeem are possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  9. Nicktalop

    Leaderboard stuck

    Hello @Ulizai You are perfectly right, this is an annnoying bug. I was able to reproduce it on my iPhone. Will report it to our developers. Thanks.
  10. Nicktalop

    September doesn't fit

    Thank you for reporting this cdex, we also immediately noticed. Will be fixed soon.
  11. Nicktalop

    Evolution of PvP players

    Level 14 is the maximum.
  12. Here's a chart showing the evolution in PvP players for May 2018.
  13. Hey folks! The latest release of Spells of Genesis is now available. Make sure to update as soon as possible to benefit from the latest changes and additions to the game. Here's what's new in version 1.2.13: - A popup message at startup now indicates when a new update is available. - A confirmation popup appears when purchasing cards with gems in the shop to avoid accidental purchases. - We've changed some texts to a more readable font. - Circular healthbars have been added around enemies' orbs to show their level of stamina. - Enemies also have a new frame around them. As we're constantly working to improve your playing experience we've also fixed several bugs: - We've fixed a bug where points were not added on the Global Leaderboard. - We've corrected the Wooden Monster Blockchain Card which displayed a Target All spell instead of a Shield All spell. - Finally, we improved the probability of getting a card of higher rarity when purchasing epic cards. We hope you'll have a fantastic time with our game's improvements and don't hesitate to leave your comments in our usual communication channels (forum, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Email, Telegram...)