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  1. "Bewitched Eve October" Rewards

    They can be found on our blog. https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/bewitched-eve-october-rewards/
  2. Stream SoG ce soir

    Ça va être la fête au Dragon Rose?
  3. @fixcelion @wachtwoord Yes, Raid and Challenge modes are excluded from the monthly leaderboards. The score is based on the quantity of Gold you gather within a month.
  4. Leaderboard Analysis

    Here's the new chart showing the number of players by PvP Rank.
  5. The winners of our "Golden Leaves September" contest are now known! Discover the top 50 winners on our blog Leaderboard page. They will be receiving a blockchain card shortly, as weel as a nice amount of gold. The next 1950 players have received some various amount of gold. Congratulations to all players! https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ The rewards for the "Bewitched Eve October" contest will be published very soon. Good luck y'all!
  6. Congratulations to @Carpman for reaching a million+ points on the leaderboard and dethroning #BenRPG on the first place! Well done!
  7. These are just unregistered players who haven't provided an email.
  8. I experienced the same situation in Purple Dragon. The counter indicated 316 (2x158), but I only received the 158 gold expected. I'd be surprised if you really receive the amount indicated.
  9. New leaderboards are working on https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=game_leaderboard
  10. @Trepanattore Hi, I've checked the stats of the player you mention and haven't seen anything unusual. He just plays a lot these days. Nick
  11. Leaderboard Analysis

    Here's the new distribution of Players by PvP Rank.
  12. Contes et Légendes d'Askian

    Hé, les francophones! Il n'y a personne pour rebondir sur ces histoires?
  13. Hey cdex, I will relay your feedback to our support team or dev team asap. They'll need a couple of days (over this weekend) to replay. I hope this is ok with you. Regards, Nick
  14. Bonjour@dda209, Nous avons testé le problème mentionné chez nous sur la même version de Chrome et sous Windows 10. Cela fonctionne parfaitement. Avez-vous essayé avec un autre navigateur?