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  1. New Monthly Campaign Challenges Starting in February! Hi there! We’ve just released the first of our new monthly campaign challenges. Our first monthly campaign is called “The Fair February.” – 5 unique waves per level – Higher card rewards (3 x water Elf Rider (Common), 2x Knight of Spring (Rare), 1 x Luminatis (Epic), 1 x Merman’s Trident (Legendary!) – High gold rewards (but higher stamina cost) – Available only in February! The Fair February campaign comes after “The Dark Creator” campaign (currently the last one in the game). It is therefore available for players who’ve completed at least the 1 star of that campaign. Read more on https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com
  2. New Cards on Spec

    Hi @TeknoRapture Thanks for your interest and question. In theory, it is possible. Just get in touch via email with more details about the company, cards, etc. We'll be happy to consider your proposition.
  3. SoGassets spreadsheet

    Hey @Scorbie! It's good to have very dedicated players like you! Of course, you can share your spreadsheet with other players. (Better in this forum). You also have a keen eye. Indeed, there were some naming problems with the One-eyed inspector of crystals and the Card Merchant East and West, which were also the name of two blockchain cards. Same with the wrong element displayed on some cards. (So no, it's not a feature ;-) ) You are right about the omission of Virbulos in my article on the Spell All cards. With a Tvalue of 27, it is a good card to have in the beginning. I'll add it to the article. As mentionned at the end of the article, some cards are not available to players. I should have included them all for the sake of clarity. So Wild Horse and Lightning Warrior are among them. Thanks for your useful contribution. Nick
  4. Wrong image on campaign screen

    Yep! Thank you for reporting this, @Overtime
  5. You mean "200 crystals". Gems and crystals are not the same. Gems are in-app purchases, whereas crystals can be earned by simply playing and completing the daily quests. Last month, the transaction fees went up to 40 US$. Would you rather pay this amount to blockchainize a card or 200 crystals? The benefit of owning a blockchainized card –which you can then trade for BCY/dollars– is certainly worth 200 crystals. Just my 2 cents...
  6. Bonjour @padbol55 Pour gagner des points tu dois gagner des parties. Le leaderboard mensuel comptabilise les points récoltés lors des batailles normales et ceux gagnés en mode Raid (PvP). Les cristallisations te font gagner des cristaux que tu peux utiliser pour améliorer et fusionner tes cartes, ce qui te permet de progresser dans les niveaux plus élevés du jeu. Patience et bonne continuation!
  7. Blochainisation

    Les choses bougent très vite dans le domaine de la blockchain et il est parfois plus prudent de savoir patienter que de vouloir tout changer à la moindre alerte... Les prochaines semaines devraient nous éclairer. Merci pour ta compréhension.
  8. Blochainisation

    bonjour @dda209, Nous avons en effet eu quelques problèmes avec les transactions sur la blockchain et cela explique pourquoi tu n'as pas reçu ta carte. J'ai eu confirmation ce matin par notre développeur que les transactions en attente avaient été confirmées. Tu devrais voir ta carte apparaître dans ton wallet sous peu. Nous travaillons aussi sur le bug relatif à la disparition temporaire des cartes blockchain du jeu. Cela m'est aussi arrivé et je sais que c'est très désagréable. N'hésite pas à nous contacter si tu as un problème ou des suggestions!
  9. Rank opponents

    @rawlog Officially, it a "bug", but i'd call it a feature!
  10. Leaderboard Analysis

    Here's the new chart showing the number of players by PvP Rank.
  11. Hi @joeychips We are well aware of this problem (it happened to me too!) and will try to fix it asap. It looks like the problem comes from the bitcoin mempool. Some transaction are not being processed correctly. Please send the details of your blockchainization (date, time, card being blockchainized, & username to info[at]everdreamsoft.com. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Nick
  12. Hi @Robert Here are the numbers of blockchainization per day.
  13. You asked it, we give it :-) Happy blockchainization and long live DARKAODH!
  14. Blockchainization is now Live!

    Hi @BenRPG We are currently investigating this issue. Please send the details of your blockchainization to info[at]everdreamsoft.com with the approximate date/time of your unsuccessful blockchainization. We will come back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  15. Maintenance

    Our maintenance operations are completed. We've also fixed the web version of the player. Thank you for your understanding and happy playing.