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  1. Shmeedo

    Zero gold reward

    Kayla has a diminishing gold when I beat it. I received as little as 20
  2. Shmeedo

    Blockchain Card Price History

    @joeychipsI did some snooping and found you blockchainized guardian of the source of life I did the same card and wondered what you traded it for?
  3. I've been stuck on werewolf and can not for the life of me figure out a combo that works. Lots of tanks and fire damage to multiple enemies?
  4. Shmeedo

    I just blockchained a card..now what?

    how much is the for listing a card?
  5. Shmeedo

    I just blockchained a card..now what?

    The xcp address is the one I saw
  6. Shmeedo

    I just blockchained a card..now what?

    Book of orbs is android so I have the IndieSquare for iOS and I know there was a price guide on the forums so I guess just set what I think is fair since it doesn't have all of them?
  7. Hi all I've been playing about 2 months now thus far, pretty cool! I'm achievement driven so when they released the blockchainization I did it to the first card that I could. Can I trade this for other cards or for crystals? How do I do that? Thank you all!