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  1. I've been a tester for this game for over 4 months. Most of the bugs I've encountered are problems with quest progress updating (20+ times) in version 1.2.12 and earlier. I've run into the unequipped party bug around 4 times, so this seems like a rarer bug. Normally, I would quit and reopen the app to fix my party. This time, I was able to test the bug during a battle. Upon inspecting my team in team view, all of my cards were gone, and my party only had one card in it (Dark card). Upon entering battle, the party still registered only one card. This seems to be yet another problem with inconsistent state between the client and server, and should be fixed ASAP. This bug is triggered by changing cards in your active party. It seems unpredictable, and doesn't happen all the time. The incorrect party state persisted into battle (see screenshot), which seems to be the result of bad server logic involving party switching. Why you need to fix the bug: People can pay money for your game. People do not want their cards to disappear. Purchased goods should not be able to disappear. The bug causes people to enter battles without a fully equipped party. The bug forces a loss on the user where a loss would have been unlikely. Bug causes user to lose hearts. Community relations: I suggest using a script to see where this bug has occurred, and then award affected users with compensation in hearts, gold, gems, or some combination of these. Without taking these steps, it is hard to know if the development team actually cares about the userbase. I suggest a full audit on the server code that handles party-switching functionality; there seems to be inconsistent logic. Other traceable bugs have occurred with resulted upon loss of hearts, progress or gold, and there has been no action taken by the team to compensate the affected users. This is concerning! Client information: Android 8.1.0, Spells of Genesis build 1.2.14, installed from Google Play Store.
  2. This is probably the 9th time this has happened. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? Check my account in your server. You will find that: 1. I won three games in the past 15 minutes, starting with 0/3 Element quest (light element). 2. My gold increased each time. 3. My quest progress did not increase each time (still at 1/3). This is laughable. The devs have tried to "explain away" this problem on the forums, and here it is again. Business guys: you need to hire smarter developers, they are taking months to solve a problem which can be solved in 4 hours. Race conditions at the end-game still exist. Your server has no clue what inconsistent state is. Use a state machine, write unit tests. This is an embarrassment to the blockchain community. To anyone else reading these forums, be careful before you spend money on this game. The developers aren't working to fix this, they claimed to fix this, and they will hide this post by merging it with old posts. This is starting to feel like a scam. I'm really sorry BCY and BTC have plummeted in value, but that does not mean you get to release garbage. Wrap up shop and refund your customers, or fix it. I can't see why this is so hard to understand. I am only playing so I can blockchainize the rest of my cards and sell them. If you care about your money and wallet, avoid spending money on the game until they hire better devs. I'd ask them to hire me, but at this point, I have lost a lot of respect for the team behind this game. Empty promises. How you handle this issue on a public forum will show your readers of your professionalism.
  3. You should link to it on this thread so people can find it.
  4. Hi everyone, Like all of you, I became very interested in blockchain technology as a way to invest in the future. I decided to play Spells of Genesis because they allowed you to blockchainize your cards and resell them for a profit for BCY, a cryptocurrency. The game provides a mechanism for buying in-game gems which can be used to purchase Loot boxes (random cards) for $USD. Loot boxes let you receive random legendary and epic cards; one is essentially gambling USD in order to get better cards, which they can fuse into blockchain cards. All of this can be done without any kind of actual gameplay. For example, I can purchase $800 worth of cards, buy 10s of loot boxes, crystallize the cards I don't want, and then use my crystals to fuse the cards I want to turn into blockchain assets. You can then sell your assets on the Book of Orbs app for BCY. In other words, Spells of Genesis is a gambling broker which sells you BCY, disguised as a video game. I have been doing this for a few cards. I am waiting for my entire party to be blockchainized, then I'll sell all my cards for a profit in the future. This is why I have downloaded the app. If you want to, the entire app can be used as a mechanism to acquire blockchain securities which can be held like any other financial asset. I am pretty sure loot boxes are against app stores' terms of service, unless all probabilities are disclosed to the users and I am willing to bet that these assets can be classified as securities. Anyways, I hope all of you make lots of money with BCY while it lasts.
  5. > I will not be the last unsatisfied customer, so trying to bury this post will only delay the inevitable. Therefore, I am unsurprised that my post was merged into a necro'd post. Clearly, this is a new issue if your development team thinks the previous issue was already solved. I am on 1.2.12. I understand that bugs happen. Nevertheless, the liability is the developer's liability. This bug is intermittent, not all quest rewards are lost, therefore I suspect you have race conditions in your server. You can have race conditions if you want, but then you'll be asked to give out refunds or free health-refills to the people who are affected by such bugs. PayPal's servers are not allowed to double spend assets or lose assets, and when they do, they pay for it. Spend an entire year fixing it! That's 1 year of potential refunds you will have to deal with, and it's a year of complaints to the app stores, and eventually the SEC since your application is involved with blockchain technology. Is it really worth it to have such a low priority for bug fixes? If you allow people to blockchainize cards, you suddenly have to worry about the consequences involved in how people acquire cards. You are requiring time and/or money to be spent to acquire cards, which are then fused and turned into blockchain assets. You have a system in place for selling blockchain assets; which is not of high fidelity and people are losing money. This is a huge problem. If someone spends $50 on in-game currency for the purpose of blockchainizing cards to resell for BCY, you are opening a can of worms with the SEC. It may be illegal for you to sell gems in-game (Edit: For united states dollars) because you are allowing users to create and resell them as securities. Needs to be reported, because your process is buggy. You are effectively an asset exchange, with it comes laws that you must follow. I highly doubt these laws are being followed, and I recommend a full audit of your codebase.
  6. I reported this issue over two weeks ago and the devs said they were on it. Time and again I am winning battles and my quests and gold are failing to increase, yet my health decreases. It is essentially money down the drain. The Spells of Genesis team has not even offered to refund me or give me a few gems so I can refill my health bar for the health that was wasted because of the countless instances of this error. It is incredibly frustrating to see: 2/3, 5/7 progress bars for two quests and N gold in my profile and then win a battle, only to see the numbers unchanged, yet my health reduced by the cost of the battle. This should never happen, and if it does, a mechanism must be in place for the consumer to get their money back. Engineering Team, you have a responsibility: Why the are health AND progress not atomically updated in your database? You have race conditions; it's embarrassing and it is costing clients real money. Fix it or be ready to give out refunds. This is irresponsible, at best: you are allowing people to spend real money on this game and you have not done your due diligence in ensuring transaction fidelity in your database regarding battle outcomes. This is really upsetting and warrants a full complaint and report to Google Play and the Apple App Store. This has happened to me on the order of 5 times and I have posted here, only to receive lazy "we'll look into it..." messages from the team. They didn't fix it after a whopping two weeks. I want my money back, guys. I have tried my absolute hardest to help the engineers figure out better solutions for handling this situation, and I see no progress. When you decide to take money from clients, you assume great responsibility. You can't handle it in a timely manner, so I have no choice but to report this. Update quest rewards and health fees ATOMICALLY, stop subtracting health at the beginning of the battle. False negatives are costing the client real money. If my progress/reward doesn't get updated, then IN NO CASE should my health be lowered. It seems the team fails to realize the gravity of this situation, because this has been a problem for weeks. Real money is involved, you don't get to have a crappy backend unless you are willing to issue refunds for when your backend logic croaks at my expense. The SEC is cracking down on bullshit like this, and they are rewarding whistleblowers. It seems more useful for me to go to them than to hope you'll give me my money back for a gameplay experience which is clearly not finished and not audited, yet allows usage of real money. If this isn't fixed in 72 hours, I'm reporting this application to the app stores and I'll do whatever it takes to get my money back. We need excellent people with backgrounds in money transmission and finance building blockchain solutions. This is far below any level of excellence when it comes to consumer money. Enough is enough. I will not be the last unsatisfied customer, so trying to bury this post will only delay the inevitable.
  7. eds_Yzia thank you for the reply. My version for the game is 1.2.12, and the phone is Android (Google Pixel 1) 8.1.0. Please let me know if any other details are required. I am not asking for a refund, I am asking for a fix for future players Thank you
  8. Quest to kill 100 minions remains at 19/100 even after winning several Quirin Druid maps... this is an annoying bug which I mentioned before; no one actually looked into it. Game is unplayable if I am not getting rewarded for playing. There seems to be a fundamental problem in the engineering of quest rewards; data inconsistency, etc. Fix it.
  9. Server does not gracefully handle slow connections or unstable connections edge-cases. I win all 3/3 waves, 87 gold coins waterfall into my basket, but the "victory" screen never shows, causing me to forfeit all the gold coins I won and the health it cost, as well as any quest progress. Victory detection needs to be implemented smarter or at least fixed to get rid of false negatives. In no case should someone lose if they killed every single enemy and all waves (smells like server engineering bug or victory-detection logic bug). Maybe a simple script could run as a CRON job to help mitigate this problem: for game in fullHistory: if game.state == LOST and user killed ALL enemies in ALL waves: user.gold += game.victoryGold game.state = WON Something like that could help reimburse the people who actually won matches, but never got their gold. A script like that might not be possible if the server does not keep a history of all of the events for each game, or if the game data itself is corrupted. Overall, I can't really play this game until I get a first-world connection or until the progress is handled more gracefully. 1/5 matches I have been playing recently have glitched out and resulted in lost health/progress/gold. Definitely a game-breaking bug for anyone who doesn't have first-world internet (i.e. thin bandwidth, spotty availability). Previously, it was suggested that gameplay progress be tracked on a more granular level to minimize the impact of disconnections and other bugs. Anyway, I hope race conditions and other data consistency bugs like this are treated with much higher priority in the future.
  10. jjjj

    Zero gold reward

    It just happened again at Werewolf from 0 to .2 stars. I'm about 90% sure it ended up increasing my gold from 556 to 616 after the attached battle, so maybe this is just a UI glitch.
  11. jjjj

    Zero gold reward

    I am +1ing this. This just happened to me on Quirin The Druid from 3 to 3.25 stars. I have also submitted a report on the forums here as well.
  12. jjjj

    Zero gold reward

    Hi, I would like to also submit a report for the Zero Gold Reward. I don't have a screenshot, but the bug details are: Map: Quirin The Druid Zero gold was given for Victory from: 3.0 stars to 3.25 stars Expected Gold: 30-50? I have never gotten 0 before now.
  13. Yep, 200 crystals is what I meant. This is another design flaw IMHO. The best games I have played were all very deliberate in their naming. "Gems", "Crystals" and "Coins" are too generic and interchangeable. For example "chaos gems" and "sun gems" would be much easier to differentiate than simply "gems" and "crystals". The picture for crystals looks like gems, and the picture for gems looks like crystals. This is more of an aesthetic issue and is separate from the topic. Yeah, I suppose the transaction fees are an issue with the chosen platform (XCP). I think blockchaininzing a card is a harder decision that that tbh. A card that performs a function in a game is quite difficult to value. It is even harder to value when you can't see the stats. Again, maybe I am just missing something...
  14. I just saved my first card to the blockchain! This cost me 200 gems, yet the stats of my card did not increase. First, I am confused why this costs 200 gems if all we're doing is calling a smart contract and creating a digital asset. This should cost whatever the "gas"/transaction-fee costs, right? I know this isn't Ethereum, but I use that diction since I'm not familiar with XCP. Having an additional cost of 200 gems implies that the stats of the card will increase by a significant amount, since thats what the previous (5+15+30+60+120)*7 gems did for me (also note the exponential difficulty scaling in card-fusing). In summary, cards should get a significant stat boost when they are blockchainized, since it costs 200 gems to do this.
  15. I have run into the following problem twice: Enter a battle with H total hearts, N hearts get deducted. Entire app or game crashes due to uncontrollable, recurrent runtime exception, during wave W_i. Reopen game, you now have H - N hearts, forcing a maximal "undeserved loss" upon you. Fix: Enter a battle with H total hearts. At the start of each wave, deduct N/3 hearts. My UX is better after this engineering fix: Enter a battle with H total hearts. Entire app or game crashes due to uncontrollable, recurrent runtime exception, during wave W_i. Reopen game, you now have H - i*(N/3) hearts, forcing a smaller "undeserved loss" upon you. Ideally, the "undeserved loss" due to game crashes should be zero, but this fix would at least make it less rage-inducing. We should also consider saving wave progress, but this would make the game easier. In Pokemon, one does not simply save their battle with a Gym leader, so I don't see why that would be the case here.