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  1. I think I did not understand how this game works (maybe because I do not know English well) so I would like to ask a stupid question, maybe two: 1 I have time to buyed two Reckless Rooster cards, because they can not fused? 2 In addition to the public market there are two others where I can not buy cards because my address is not in the list of enabled addresses, but they do not explain how they do.
  2. Game version number (v1.0.6) Channel Web Device/browser and Operating System (Chrome/Windows 8.1) When you are in plan to solve this annoying bug? It is now the last release which is suffering from a progressive disappearance and inaccurate laser pointer in the infinity game and it is quite exhausting. I also wanted to point out that thus conceived the infinity is a bit stupid and ugly to play. In fact, "it costs" more, gives very few points and it becomes too long time. I would have preferred an advance in levels, ie. more you play then it becomes infinite, but with a progressive end, and giving tough time to the players to acquire new cards and power. Thanks
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