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  1. As the title implies: Server was down: what happened exactly?
  2. To keep things moving @makosch is there an API for the leaderboard? I would be interested in making a simple overview from the leaderboard cc @Seb_degraff ?
  3. Let's make this the topic for asking questions. @makosch any idea when we get to see a roadmap for nova ?
  4. Hey ANG, if you don't play the game. Just wait for the update and you'll see the increase in volume. can you stay for another week ?
  5. @makosch I think you're still the boss of marketing operations correct? Could you have a look at the questions of @ANG ? (vanbex and channel 4) @ANG regarding volume: yes it's important. The only way to increase that is to bring regular updates. I think they are doing a great job with that. I've suggested to the team a weekly youtube video and to make the game also available so twitchers can stream it. I'm not sure if the latter already has been implemented. Do you enjoy playing the game? What are your thoughts about the upcoming update?
  6. I asked first But since I don't want to get into "internet fighting". Here's my answer: I check the trading volume since 2 (almost 3) years. I'm aware of the volume. For me all is OK. Otherwise I would have sold my Bitcrystals a long time ago. Again: Can you clarify exactly what you mean by channel 4 and vanbex? I'm interested in helping them as much as you do. Kind regards, Robert
  7. @ANG Can you clarify exactly what you mean by channel 4 and vanbex? The other two are not constructive criticisms. Thanks
  8. Hey @ANG could you clarify what you exactly mean with MARKETING? (because they already do marketing, but maybe you can be more specific and help them with your tips) They have a: - forum - twitter account - slack community - facebook - tumblr - multiple websites - and share on multiple websites their content - and don't forget the newsletter Looking forward to your tips kind regards, Robert
  9. no sorry needed, u sure the bot is crawling correctly? Possibility of creating a pubic api / json / csv so other can do some D3 magic?
  10. nova crystalis has same link as the meetup of tonight, is that on purpose? @makosch
  11. I just see that I also have some protonexium in my wallet, how can I convert that to bitcrystals ?
  12. perfect reply <3
  13. Appreciate this a lot! Number of players in the last 3 days would be nice to see make a prototype -> feedback -> repeat
  14. relax, team (or other users) usually take(s) a bit to answer.
  15. Great update. Besides the huge amount of players downloading the game. Can you share more numbers that could be interesting ? Will there be a web multiplayer version? Will there be an update before the next game update? When will the wicked werewolf update be published? More news about Nova Crystalis? @makosch