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  1. I'll report when I'm playing again.
  2. its when i try to shoot it suddenly stops and then after (it feels forever) like 3-5 seconds it continues working...
  3. wtf, I also need to work...
  4. Healthy trend

    Hey Stephy, I think you have some really good ideas. Perhaps a skype call with the team would be a start? What do you think and then after that maybe the team can reply in more depth to your long post. Kind regards, Robert
  5. Healthy trend

    Hi @stephy you can search for the marketing through community topic, and you can add your ideas there I'm always learning about how to improve the marketing and share that in that topic. @ShabanLooking forward to the strategy & roadmap!
  6. thanks, Yes i was like wow so many ideas, so wanted to know where the discussion should be
  7. Oh nice! Why a new blog location? I know a couple of reasons, but want to understand the reasons from the team if I want to comment on the blogpost, should I copy it into the forum with quotes or will there be a disqus /comment section?
  8. Twitchers

    Which players on twitch / youtube have played this game? Which players on twitch / youtube should be seeing this game?
  9. Coinsen coin suggestion

    How would bitcrystals be used there ?
  10. What is this pvp rank?

    Please provide all cheats thanks
  11. okay thank you. My understanding seems to be on a similar level as yours. I basically spend my whole day researching your post, so much to learn
  12. Interesting to read Bernhard. Regarding " It means Bitcoin could be so much more than it is today. To the very extreme, that could turn many alt-coins worthless ". Do you imply bitcrystrals could be worthless in the near future? Or is my understanding of the topic too thin to conclude this so quickly.
  13. All time leaderboard monthly leaderboard pvp leaderboard that's what I was thinking to be optimal right now.
  14. EDS should distribute BCY to top 500

    Hey Zippy, I'm usually straight to the point You mention it is not exactly the friendliest reply, thats true. BUT I also can't see why my reply is unfriendly, because I share my feedback on your post. I also want a stronger heartbeat for the economy, so I starting to give feedback via suggestions. Hope we can still be friends
  15. EDS should distribute BCY to top 500

    Hmm, it's a one time event, doesn't grow the heartbeat on the long term imho. You're welcome to submit constructive well thought through marketing ideas via this post