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  1. Twitchers

    5 bonus points!
  2. Twitchers

    Oh nice. Some transparency would be more appreciated regarding the roadmap. But I don't have to repeat that I hope
  3. Forum bug: Activity blocked for my account

    Well, that "seeing the timeline of activity" was like a thing i watched every day. now I don't know how to see what is happening in the forum
  4. I only read the discussion here on the forum. And I saw that some of the top players stopped (or nearly) stopped playing okay twitch is good news, any link somewhere
  5. Forum bug: Activity blocked for my account

    i always clicked on activity to see the latest news, and it showed me the timeline. now that doesn't work anymore
  6. Forum bug: Activity blocked for my account

    See attachment. I also got a bug yesterday, whats happening with the forum
  7. TGS what happened?

    I see updates https://www.instagram.com/spellsofgenesis/
  8. With all this talk, is there a roadmap for the upcoming sprint or month? Love to see this more structured then just a lot of words
  9. ^ everything what overtime said.
  10. TGS what happened?

    oh, then i misunderstood the communication with @Nicolas Sierro have fun there
  11. What happened at the Tokyo Games Show? Did I miss an update?
  12. Bitcrystals stolen or bug?

    75% of crystalsi had left (I moved 25% 3 months ago to bittrex), most of the cards.
  13. Bitcrystals stolen or bug?

    Thanks for the skype call nicolas, great support