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  1. Scorbie

    Raid rules

    I am curious on some details on raid. How is my defense deck made? Selected randomly or from my four team members? If they are selected from my team members, when are they updated when I change my team? How many points do you win/lose when you win/lose a battle? How much boost does an orb get specifically in numbers?
  2. Game version number (Not sure.) Channel: WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System: Checked on Windows 10 + Edge / Linux Mint + Firefox (Probably present on multiple browsers) Describe the bug as precisely as possible, adding screenshots would be very helpful When the default language of a browser is a certain language (e.g. Korean) then the text doesn't show up. If I change the default language of the browser to English, the text shows up normally. (Long shot: Perhaps it's related to some missing localization file?)
  3. Scorbie

    SoGassets spreadsheet

    Okay, here it is. Just changed the Bear spirit to Fire Element. Forgot to say that this only contains in-game cards. sogassets2.xlsx Let me explain briefly how to sort and filter columns. Howto - Sorting 1. Table information The file is currently sorted by Rarity - Element - Speed (- Evolution1 - EvolutionStat). Sorting by Evolution1 and EvolutionStat just groups the cards within an evolution sequence. (like Culigas - Scarigas - Papiigas) Also, each level has its own row, just for my personal preference (easier to compare before / after levelups.) (Edited column -> row) Edit: Oh, and one more thing: the stats are in Attack / Health order. Same as the cards, not sogassets.com. 2. Sorting With a sane spreadsheet program, when you sort by column A then column B, it follows the order of column B but preserves the order of column A when there is a tie. (Not the case for some programs...) Therefore, to sort this table with multiple columns, you just have to sort them by the columns, but in reverse order (of the columns.) For instance, to make this document I sorted it by Speed, Element, and then by Rarity. 3. Sorting by some columns (listed on the first post) will screw up the order of the levels and grouping of the same evolution sequence. You can always restore it by sorting by Evolution1 - EvolutionStat - Level. Don't forget 2 (columns in reverse order) when actually sorting. Howto - Filtering You don't have to think hard about the order of columns when filtering as it doesn't really matter. Questions Welcome. Have fun!
  4. Whenever I was deciding which card to level up, I went to sogassets.com to see its specs after the levelup. I wished if I could see the Single - Double - Quad fused cards in order, but there wasn't an option to do that. So, I scraped the website and made it into a spreadsheet. This isn't much, but I'd like to share it here if it doesn't violate copyright issues. I'd be thankful if someone (moderators?) let me know. Thanks In the meantime, let me introduce some features: Grouped into evolution series (e.g. Culigas - Scarigas - Papiigas) by default. Sorting & Filtering by Rarity / Element / Speed / Name (of the evolution series) supported. Filtering by Attack / Health / Spell Name (Target, Freeze All etc.) / Spell supported. (But I never used them) (Sorting with these columns screws up the order; it can be restored, though.) By the way, I noticed some peculiar things on sogassets.com: Two cards are not searchable: One-eyed inspector of crystals and Card merchant: West and East. The Bear spirit series are Ice cards but their spells are Flames. Is this a feature? I also noticed that Virbulos is missing on Strategy 101 - Spell all cards. Here are some other seemingly special cards not on the list (not important): Dark: Wild horse's magic Fire: Virbulos - Virbulos Army - Virbulos Elite, Janus Light: Lightning Warrior - Lightning Warrior's Fury - Lightning Warrior's attack
  5. I almost always use LTE not WiFi, so probably LTE. I haven't seen it for a while. I'll try to make a detailed report when it happens again.
  6. Yup, thanks I'm happy to provide further information on request.
  7. 3. Loading screen Sometimes I get a 503 error on the loading screen (After launching the app). One time this message popped out. When I enter again, I have no problems, soI guess it's far from critical.
  8. 2. level up bug Hopefully I do have a screenshot for this. This error pops out when I tried to level up the one-eyed examiner of crystals. The level up was done without problems, though
  9. I have encountered a few bugs while playing the game for about a week. 0. My environment Spells of genesis version: 1.2.10 Channel: Android, from Play Store Device: Xiaomi Redmi note 4X & Android 7.0 1.Bugs when rewards are given simultaneously 1) When I try to get the Ad-5♡-stamina-reward and it's on its "loading…" screen,(Edit: oh it doesn't have a loading screen. I think it was just waiting for the reward, then.) 2) and at the same time, the every-10min-1♡-stamina-reward is given, 3) 1) is ignored and I don't get the 5 stamina. Possible related issue: I *think* this happened to me when I was getting the level-up-card-reward too. (Twice, if I remember correctly) The white whirling effect was there like, forever, and when I touched it, it just disappeared without anything. This isn't normal behavior, is it?