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    About the fees

    Fees are an issue a lot of it was from slow coaches not activating segwit quickly, wallets/exchanges forcing obscene fees (sending AND receiving) which were not needed and just an overloaded blockchain. https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/#delay The same would apply to BCH, LTC if the chain was full just like ETH has problems with cryptokitties etc clogging up the network. ETH might have a solution to it's problem soon with DOGE - DOGE-ERC20 bridge, moving a satoshi card or anything to ETH would then be very easy. Speaking of DOGE that's the one for cheap fees 24/7, it's blockchain is active (in fact more than BCH) and fast transactions. Steemit blockchain is the only one remotely ready for mainstream adoption with it handling 10k tx/s at max, I wouldn't be surprised if soon it's doing more transactions than all the other blockchains in total without breaking a sweat. Bitshares can handle similar tx volumes. http://www.blocktivity.info/ Not sure if changing the blockchain used is wise unless you go with steem or bitshares that can handle very large transaction volumes quickly. Others will suffer from scaling problems, be clogged and have nasty fees when full. BTC is the live guinea pig for this problem. Setup a lightning network, add other coins for payments, look into incorporating atomic swaps, number of coins that can be atomic swapped is growing extremely fast. What is the byte size when buying/selling a card? Would be useful to know so the min fee can be sent on the day.