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  1. @cdex Since not every gold gain counts in monthly leaderboard (I don't understand why) is hard to compare both table points... could it be they're only playing challenge mode? ¿o_o?
  2. Trepanattore

    No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    @eds_Yzia Hi, sorry for not posting details. Game version: 1.2.6 Channel: Play Store Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1' (2016) / Android 7.0 Description: the popup offering you to watch a video for 5 stamina doesn't show up since the update. Not even once. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, it's been a few days now since the last update to 1.2.6 version, and today I realized that since then the stamina refill ad popup is not shown anymore. Not sure if this is a bug or if it depends on location or ad availability... just wondering, anyone else experiencing this issue?
  4. Ok, so no challenge gold, no daily mission reward... only gold from campaign and raid count in monthly leaderboard, thanks. @wachtwoord I think it's on August 31st, not completely sure though.
  5. Hello, I think monthly leaderboard is only counting PvP raid points (at least it is so for me)... but this also makes me question how in just four days the top one is at 21k points, having in mind that PvP has a fixed scout reappear timing which can't be speed up with gems. Doing some (inaccurate for sure) gross calculations: - PvP x3 raid scouts reappears +- each 3 hours > that's 8 times each 24 hours, so on a non stop basis you can play (8 times x 3 scouts) 24 raid games per day. - Let's say on average (and for an easy calc) you win 100 gold with each raid and you win all your daily raid matches... that's 2400 gold per day - So for four days of competition, the maximum points should be around 10k How is it possible to have double of that in less than four days? Where are my calcs wrong? What would be the max points per day achievable in raid mode? Am I missing something? Or is it actually that campaign and challenge points also count? Thanks. Edit: I realized that my calcs are wrong in step once since the three scouts doesn't reappear all at the same time (in a 3 hours period), in fact after one scout reappears a new 3 hours counter starts again for the next one to show up, this leaves us with a max number of 24 hours/3 hours per scout = 8 raid matches per day. So in the end, step #2 would be around (depending of reward, I don't know the upper categories amount though) 800/1200 gold per day and step #3 would be a max gold amount of around 4800. Top one is almost 6x that amount... still wondering what's going on that I'm missing.
  6. @Jasper Damman Hello, I understand most of the subjects you explained, but I have more or less the same deck as @Unotdog25 (less fused I may say) and I also faced matches like that one so the question here for me is that you said that "The first wave consists out of 2-3 enemies" and the attached image corresponds to the first wave and there already are five beast enemies. Not complaining, just trying to understand, anyway guess you'll sooner or later will deal with this. Keep it up. Cheers.
  7. @Nicktalop Thanks for your time and support on this subject.
  8. Hi all, if I remember good enough four hours ago (aprox) I played and I was 15th in the leaderboard, now just four hours later I'm 16th. I'm not completely sure which one it is exactly but the player I think it wasn't there before now is +-60k points up from me, how is that humanly possible? I mean even with an invincible deck there's no way to achieve so many points in just 4 hours ... or actually it is possible... may be frenzy playing challenge and reaching the highest reward? Btw anyone knows after the update what's the max challenge wave number and reward? Thanks.
  9. Hi, this keeps happening occassionally (sadly I'm getting used to it) but between yesterday and today happened four times in a row. Last time: Game: Fastlane Provider: Vungle On Android. Date Time: 04/07/17, 18:29 (CEST) - UPDATE: Five times in a row Same ad as before. Date Time: 05/07/17, 01:24 AM (CEST) - UPDATE: Six times in a row Game: Final Fantasy XII (or was it XIII?) ;P Provider: Vungle Date Time: 05/07/17, 08:23 (CEST)
  10. Trepanattore

    Sia Battle not loading

    You're welcome @Nicolas Sierro Solved? Do you mean that currently the levels can be played? I still can't play both of them ¿o_O? Update: OK, it's fixed now. Thanks.
  11. Trepanattore

    Sia Battle not loading

    +1 on Android 6.0.1, I've got system logs, if you want them please don't hesitate asking and I'll send them to you.
  12. Hi Nicolas, On the first, I may say, 10 days of game ad rewards worked fine, then it started happening quite frequently, in my case the daily frequency was 33% or 66% as it happened 1/3 or 2/3 times a day, I even remember it happening three times in a row. This kept going on until a week ago (+ or -) so I'd say that in the previous game time I may have easily lost 200+ hearts in rewards. Anyway... it keeps happening, as a proof I attached a video from an Android 6.0.1 device. I also have its corresponding debug log, but I'm not sure to attach it as I don't know if it may have sensitive information, if you want it don't hesitate telling me and I'll send it to you. Thanks. Game version number (1.2.0) Device/browser and Operating System (Samsung Galaxy Tab A(2016) 10.1" / 6.0.1) Reproduction steps: video ad & stamina popup proposal : “Would you like to watch a video to refill your stamina (5) video start video end, possibility to close the video window/screen (x) closing the video wait for the reward sog1.2.0_AdNoReward.mp4
  13. Trepanattore

    Newbie questions

    Hi all, I got some newbie questions for you... I already managed to get a counterwallet, buy some bitcrystals, link it to Book of Orbs, didnt bought any card though... I played the campaign, got 3 stars in all levels but I cant play any further than The Rumor level, do I need to buy a card to play more levels? What are the gems for? Are they only to be used in the shop or do they have any other use? Is it convenient to save them for other things? In the new version there's a multiplayer quest... how can I play multiplayer? Thanks mates!