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  1. Played all May without using gold. Finally pulled cards for 180,231 Gold. Results: 1,436 Common 345 Rare 20 Epic 1 Legendary (Merman's Trident) Not happy with the draw. All I wanted was a 4th Orc. Time to retire. I pulled off the one shot victory on February Fears. Can't continue playing. Thanks for a fun game for 2 years, but time to bow out.
  2. Guess it's not clear with the flowing gold in the image, but the right most gold above the moving blocks was one of those random gold drops.
  3. Finally got the 1 shot!!!! February, March, April, May. 3.5 months of trying. What's funny is as I was shooting I was thinking "watch me get the one shot this time and not get the gold." Lo and behold that's what happened. Maybe time to retire now. Feel I have now 100 percented Spells of Genesis.
  4. Damn even closer to the 1 shot wonder. It will happen.
  5. Came so close to the 1 shot victory!
  6. Nice. I've probably done it 10 times now. Still searching for that elusive 1 shot. I was somewhat close one time. Killed all enemies except the bottom right one. Not sure if it's possible to do without the occasional glitch when the shot gets stuck between the moving walls and bounces out the other side.
  7. Passed 3,000 for the first time but you still got me by a little bit.
  8. CMC shows the only exchange in Japan. Anywhere else I can get BCY right now?
  9. I got 3 shots a few times, never thought 2 was possible. Anyone else done this? You can confirm it's 2 because it still shows spell icon in cards 3/4.
  10. cdex

    No more monthly campaign?

    Make Dark Creator the monthly campaign and pay 5,000 on success
  11. Just got 1,417 gold drop. If I didn't lose a character with 50% increase would've got 2,890. Unfortunately only 2,409 with 25% increase so no new record.