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  1. No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    I don't get the option to watch a video anymore either on 1.2.7 on Android
  2. Mario Maker for wii u is my favorite game. Letting users design levels for other to play would be an amazingly awesome iteration. Of course to publish a level, the creator will have needed to successfully complete it themselves to prove its possible. It's done the same way for Mario Maker. Constantly replaying Orc for gold is boring. A 3-5 wave sprint of randomly selected levels that pays out x gold would make replay more fun.
  3. Leaderboard not making sense to me. I regularly check it and see names near the top of overall leaderboard I've never seen before: SUPREME DJRAILL83 FIBONACI Since I've never seen the names before and they are now above or near me, I figure they must be crushing the monthly leaderboard. Check monthly leaderboard, none of them are in the top 100. This doesn't make sense.
  4. Out of memory

    I've had that happen on various computers as well.
  5. I see there's a new update that says tweaks and gameplay improvement. What has been changed?
  6. Thanks for the 2x gold Orc! Glitch still happening.
  7. I am maybe 10% on raids. Usually only able to pass one style of map. The one with spikes on the right wall and top. Always run with 2 JOURNALISTCD and then combo of SATOSHILITE, CCMCARD, MAMAGRUN depending on element bonus. If it's an ice attack bonus I'll go with 3 JOURNALISTCD. Very very rarely succeed.
  8. My playing time has severely dropped since completing all 7 star campaigns and having the gold halved.
  9. see the other thread about finishing all 7 levels. people in there have posted their decks.
  10. Campaigns all done. Used up 184 gems in the process. Got a Carniath Wanderer. Happy to dual fuse an earth element. Bear Spirit was more annoying than Dark Creator. Bear Spirit is just a boring block breaking exercise. Now to mine Lightning Warrior for minimal gold.
  11. I've used 130 gems so far since the update. Have 13 stars left, and I'm done DC so it shouldn't be hard, just take some time to finish the rest. I'll probably use gems to get it done quicker but should be around 150 total.
  12. Boom. Got DC 6 and 7 done relatively easily. Now to grind through the rest of the campaigns.
  13. Your quad leg cards are better than a lot of the best bc cards.