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  1. I was wondering how I dropped 2 spots on the leaderboard when I had a large lead over the spot below me. I then saw 2 names I'd never seen before at spots 3 and 4 and was confused. Also assumed cheating. GRIFO AND STEUNET
  2. Just made Level 20. Still trucking along.
  3. Pepe Card
  4. I've tried 2 grun/2 bitcoinist but didn't make it as far. Need about 50 more crystals to get the final level up for my 3rd bitcoinist. Will get me 1 extra attack, shouldn't really make a difference. Wave 85 was impossible. Think it was just bad luck. I want to make wave 100.
  5. Just made my best. Post yours.
  6. Nice! I made a thread here the other week:
  7. Ya I get it happens a lot just surprised it hadn't happened to me yet until now.
  8. I must've played Sia > 200 times. Anyone ever had an enemy down here? Not sure how the mechanics (spells + black holes) got it there.
  9. Nice! I have the same deck. One of my BITCOINISTCD is 1 away from max level. Haven't made it to 84 yet. Should be able to with enough replays, but it's really luck of the draw. Goal is 100.
  10. made a new topic for it.
  11. These achievements briefly show up when you load the screen then disappear. Had to be quick to screenshot. Excited for what they are! As previously discussed, there's also the Mountain Miners achievement that gives you a reward but never shows up in the Achievements section.
  12. yup, i've seen this too but never fast enough to screenshot.
  13. Android 7 Says Rank: 5, but clearly I'm 6th
  14. Just got to level 66. Sadly died. Can still level up a bit more, but don't think it will make much difference. The biggest difference maker is the placement of enemies of their size/strength.
  15. If they do enable 'blockchainizate' it will cost you some btc or bcy to do so because there will be a gas cost to create a card. Hopefully they can do it and make the process rather seamless.