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  1. Got one-time 621 Gold reward in A table
  2. Interesting deck you use.
  3. cdex

    Cards drop rate

    My legendary pull rate is def well below expected
  4. I'm pretty sure I got gold twice one level. Anyone ever got over 1180 total? 680 + 500 + x? or 680 + x + y Would like to see > 1180 amount.
  5. I agree November is easier, but with my deck I'm able to pass each level 99% of the time. The odd time I'm not paying attention or trying, or by chance all of my spells are in inaccessible spots, I won't pass, but 99% of time I do. I also play nearly as much as possible. Wake up in the morning with full 40 stamina and beat it twice. Load game around lunch, beat it twice again, play twice more at night. I'm passing on average 6 times per day. Without gems, it's near max. I have a hard time believing that many people are playing more and using gems to do so. Maybe I'm wrong.
  6. I have a hard time believing there are new players that account for the increased scores on the leaderboard. What accounts for this major increase? A quick sample: November I came 66th with 119,770 1st Overall had 804,463 October I was 37th with 122,748 (only 3,000 more than I had in November) 1st Overall had 272,473 September I was 43rd with 97,383 1st Overall had 280,459 August I was 11th with 150,520 1st Overall 364,739
  7. Happened twice. Both times on November Feast. See screenshots
  8. 10 and 4. I got a 'big' one and 3 minnows.
  9. The new version has gold in the levels that you can shoot to acquire. What amounts have you guys got? So far I've got: 90, 5. Wonder what it goes up to.
  10. cdex

    Can't fuse Ladybug

    it worked after a while. no idea what was reason for this error. in fact there are often level up errors lately.
  11. How much could you crystallize all your cards for?
  12. Latest release Android 7.1.1
  13. Maybe this is meant to happen, but in October's Eve wave 1 of the final level, the left to right moving spike block pushes the spell (fire all) right off the screen. Not sure if meant to happen. Either way, cool level!