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  1. cdex

    General Tips

    Flame All can get you through most levels easily. Some harder levels require different tactics. Focus on getting cards that Target All.
  2. cdex

    Dawn of May is broken

    I'm working my way through it. Final battle of 3rd star was tough, but ploughing along. Waiting for stamina to refill.
  3. Ya fusions was annoying. I wish there was a way to quickly quad-fuse for the same price rather than having to click buttons so many times. I did it on the plane the other week when I had wifi and nothing else to do. At 5/60 daily quests now. Looking to finishing this.
  4. Look at my card on the very right. It looks like it's charging up a shot. It wasn't it's turn. I'm not sure why it was 'charging'
  5. Android. 1.2.13 For the 7 battle ones it doesn't show how much gold you will earn. It does for the 3.
  6. Android 1.2.13 3rd character died. It appeared like it was 4th characters shot, but really it was 1st and 2nds
  7. Android 1.2.13 Got this ad a few times. There's no way to exit it and get a reward. You need to hit spin 3 times to play the game. But after the game there is no exit.
  8. I'm trying to decide if I like this
  9. Why did levelling up stop at 30? I'd like more stamina. Especially with these new campaigns that take 12-20 stamina, would be nice to have more stamina. Especially campaigns like 16. If it's 20, at least I can run twice, use gems and go again. When it's 16, I go twice, then I have 8 stamina left so am in an awkward situation where I just need to wait 80 minutes.
  10. I stopped playing a while ago, but occasionally come back, especially for the monthly campaigns. I have all achievements done except Quests. Has anyone completed this along with the others? I'm currently at 34/35. Then will need to likely go to 40, then 45, then 50. It will be a while.
  11. I think you gain 10 for winning a raid and lose 50 if you're defeated. The spread is way too drastic. Raid is still extremely hard, even with an insanely powerful deck. This needs to be closer.
  12. 1.2.13 on Android See image. Can't see the speed in the top right corner of each card.
  13. cdex

    No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    I don't get the option to watch a video anymore either on 1.2.7 on Android