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  1. Nice. I've probably done it 10 times now. Still searching for that elusive 1 shot. I was somewhat close one time. Killed all enemies except the bottom right one. Not sure if it's possible to do without the occasional glitch when the shot gets stuck between the moving walls and bounces out the other side.
  2. I got 3 shots a few times, never thought 2 was possible. Anyone else done this? You can confirm it's 2 because it still shows spell icon in cards 3/4.
  3. CMC shows the only exchange in Japan. Anywhere else I can get BCY right now?
  4. Passed 3,000 for the first time but you still got me by a little bit.
  5. cdex

    No more monthly campaign?

    Make Dark Creator the monthly campaign and pay 5,000 on success
  6. The new version has gold in the levels that you can shoot to acquire. What amounts have you guys got? So far I've got: 90, 5. Wonder what it goes up to.
  7. Just got 1,417 gold drop. If I didn't lose a character with 50% increase would've got 2,890. Unfortunately only 2,409 with 25% increase so no new record.
  8. Feel good. Need a couple more Orcs
  9. Pixel 3 xl Latest Android, latest game release I always keep sound off. Any time I start the game, the sound stays off. However if I'm using bluetooth headphones and start the game, the fx sounds stays on. When I open sound settings, it shows both music and fx at zero. When i exit the settings, sound stops playing even though I never changed it.
  10. Anyone getting big drops in the latest edition with the end level bonus? All gold drops I'm getting lately are < 500
  11. Pixel 3. Latest game release. It worked fine before, but now on December level I finish it unscathed, get the 50% bonus screen for 1020 total gold, but the game only credits me with 680 gold.
  12. about every 4-5 maps the reward option would come up...i also generally do the 20 stamina monthly challenge. but for a few days there, the reward option basically stopped coming up altogether.
  13. cdex

    Victory bonus is not added

    thanks. many many missed coins, but still a positive!
  14. I'm getting way less 5 stamina reward ads lately. They rarely ever pop up now.
  15. You don't even have to turn it on and off again. You just have to open and close the sound settings and it will stay off.
  16. cdex

    Victory bonus is not added

    Still not working
  17. New record. 2,009 gold drop. 2,689 total gold. Pics waiting approval.
  18. Have Earth Affinity quest for 3 battles with Earth card in deck. Just used Yummy Bowl in 3 (won them all) but Earth Affinity quest still shows 0/3. Pretty sure same thing happened when using Alrik last month.