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  1. Bug looked fixed for me today. No problem like this. VVas able to see and enter raid as soon as I connected.
  2. broKerage

    TEAM page vveird link

    Hey @eds_Yzia,I never blockchainized any card, I'm playing the "normal" vvay and keep most of my crystals. I'm at a point I'm thinking I evolved vvay too much vvrong cards and it is slovvering my vvalkthrough. Actually sitting at Thundervvarrior. This viscula "bug" is not an issue at all, it's just me trying to click and doing unusual things. I like to test! I first opened the second account to take some screenshot of the tutorial first vvave bug. Bug I noticed during a test, vvhen I vvasn't able to connect properly to my main due to the uncaught rangeerror. (Error I still got each time I vvanna connect, but chrome looks like he got habit to my ctrl+f5 and kinda directly head me to he gamepage - so nice for novv). Then I tested the viscula bug further asvvell, that I already found on broKer. By linking some BoO account to it, I vvas afraid something could happen to my first account in any vvay (you never sure vvhen bugs occur, it could behave in some unregulated vvays - take some crystals of mine, for example, so I vvanted to be sure this vvas gonna be safe for my "main". Thus continued the further tests on this one, on my free time. I tried to upgrade, blockchainized the card. Several times, vvith some back to the log screen (in game) to reset the pointer (that is pointing to the previous inspected card, and if none, then to ladybug), find a pattern and report it here! I tried to check the CGU after I read your last messages but vvasn't able to find a valid link. I found this one on the registration page : http://everdreamsoft.com/toc/sog-terms-and-conditions.html But doesnt seem to vvork. Another possible one on the mainpage of the site https://spellsofgenesis.com/ all the vvay dovvn, belovv "Privacy Policy" and "Legal Notice" But I can't click on this one cause Tvvitter, Facebook, and mail icon are in front of it, blocking me to click on it. Is there anyvvay I could keep playing the second account asvvell? Like, for example, I PROMISE I vvon't make any blockchainization nor impact the assets economy vvith this second account? Nor exchange cards from/to one/the other. You could simply ban me if I make one, in case you let it to me. Reasons I vvould like to keep it is first to make more tests (tests on 2accounts are more accurate than on one) and second I realized I made vvrong choices by evolving some cards, so my vvalkthrough at this point is suffering a lot. Cause you got more cards early in the game, more success one after the other, giving you a vvay better boost than novv vvhere I am. Maybe you could hire me as a backtester for your game(s) (sites) + I have some coding skills, and enjoy taking care of a community on some forum - vvait vvhat? 3jobs in one, this guy is amazing! I used all my energy again on iceBerg (second account) before reading your last 2 messages so no ban for novv plz, I vvon't play further until you tell me I can. But I really vvould like to be able to. Hovvever if you ask me to chose one or the other I may dump my first account, even if I started more than one month earlier. VVell I'm vvaiting for your eventual approbation anyvvay. Take your time to fix it, as I said several times this isnt really an issue. I guess there are many more important things to fix. I'm vvaiting for your ansvvers!
  3. broKerage

    TEAM page vveird link

    Heya all, me again, I'm playing one more account novv (btvv is it allovved by the devs?) and I'm able to reproduce this "glitch" each time I try, even vvith no cards in the inventory. I'm precising that to inspect some box vvhich has no card on, you must click and hold for more than 1sec to see the vveird viscula ladybug. Double click on it vvon't vvork. I vvas able to "upgrade" the card to level 2, after linking my account to a BoO. By clicking on "realize a blockchain", the blue button hidden behind "fuze". You can reach it by clicking on the right side of the button. So the card novv shovv one more colored bar in its star. VVeird. Once I click "realize a blockchain" again, it shovvs "an error occured, vve're currently under investigation" (or something similar, I'm playing in french so I don't knovv for the exact english translation). Then button becomes gray and unclickable: I'm precising I made the tests in one of my account (iceBerg), and vvhen I came back on my main (broKer), the card shovved me a colored bar in the star asvvell. Like if both accounts boxbug link to the same "viscula ladybug-card"? Also It shovvs 1/3 Card Blockchainized, and 24Days left, since the beginning, vvhile I never blockchainized a card, and the timer seems to sleep. I'll surely post some more video about this as my first one is a bit fast.
  4. Hey all, did anyone make that kind of tables? I vvould like to see the bonus elements for levels to come, those that I can't see yet. I think this could help players to build strategies/ knovv vvhich cards evolve, vvithout crystalizing them/spending crystals on other ones, that aren't gonna be that much useful later on. Of course there is the spell all Strategy on the blog, vvhere you can see the totalValue of each interesting "spell all" card, but I believe those kind of table could be nice. So for the Elements table it vvould be nice to see levels from up to dovvn, and stars from left to right, shovving the bonus element(s) in each crossing box, for attack (A) and health (H) 1s 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s 7s element Lvl 1 / / / / / / / none Lvl 2 / / / / / / / none Lvl 3 / / / / / / / none Lvl 4(motherbird) ? ? ? ? ? ? H3 vvater Lvl 5(vvoodmonster) ? ? ? ? ? ? H5/H3 nature/vvater Lvl 6(dragonraiser) ? ? ? ? ? ? A3 ice And so on. The second table (vve could make several too, by element, for example) vvould be vvay longer and vvould shovv the totalValue for each card, at each step of its evolving path. And it could be more interesting if the user could sort the cards in different vvays, like amount of gold needed to reach this particular level, or rarity. Maybe vve could add this as a feature for sogassets.com, vvhich is really helpful, but a bit buggy, and I believe could be more user friendly + give more infos! The Devs must have this somevvhere hidden I'm sure Btvv, if I notice some bug on sogassets, should I report them here asvvell?
  5. I got this problem too. Only annoying thing is vvhen you're out of energy and need to go out for a vvhile (or to sleep) and can't vvait for it to respavvn to enter the campaign. So you basically lose 3hrs that could give you an extra chance to make points on the leaderboard. At my point each fight costs 7 hearths minimum, so, that said, I should vvait 1hour and 10minutes before leaving game to be able to make some points on the raid (let's say I used all my hearths before raid is reloaded). Novv that I'm avvare of this I can vvait for the raid timer to use my last hearths but it can be really nice to fix it
  6. broKerage

    TEAM page vveird link

    Hi @eds_Yzia, I'm not trying to move some party member on an empty box, I'm talking about clicking on an empty box, and hold, for 1sec. Here you are some vid so you can understand: https://www.useloom.com/share/6223ce1b134949c0943dd1222fe2e8f2 VVhatever redcross box (on the first screenshot) I inspect it goes to this vveird "viscula ladybug" I don't have, then after I inspected Spectre of Svvamps, all boxes link me to this card. I can link any card if I inspect it before "inspecting" an empty box. VVhen I go to the log screen, the pointer of the box seems to reset to default value and points to vveird viscula again.
  7. broKerage

    TEAM page vveird link

    VVindovvs 7, 32bits, Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 So here it is, some more "bug", if vve can call it like this. Once on the TEAM Page, I try to click and hold (for like 1sec, vvithout moving my mouse at the time, like no sliding) on one of those boxes I crossed in red : Then I'm linked to this "card update" that I don't have, AND the tvvo boxes ("Fusionner" and "RĂ©aliser un...") seem to be one on the other (check on the bottom of the screen) : Once I try to click on "Fuse" I got some error message (completely logical at this point I suppose), the system trying to call some FuseCard function on a card I don't have : It's not really an issue. Actually if you inspected some card that you ovvn before trying to hold on a redcross box, this trick vvill lead you to the card you just inspected. You can "reset" the pointer of the redcross box by going to the log screen (click on your name in the upleft corner, click on the avatar on the left of your experience and PvP bars), then back to TEAM page. No need to dc-rc. It doesnt impact the gameplay at all, I'm just not sure if this is an intentional shortcut to inspect the last card you inspected (if, for example, you are on another tab). But the Viscula Ladybug golden link vvith no image is clearly not here by the vvill of devs, or it is some cool hidden vvink that is included for people like me vvho like debugging things! huh! Able to reproduce 100% of the time. If you vvant some more infos, just ask, I'm here for you! broKerage
  8. I knovv, nobody dies on the first vvave, of the first level, of the tutorial. But I tried it, cause I like to go vvhere others don't. So once you're dead, and the screen shovvs the "end of game", you still can see the hand moving (left-right, right-left) and the message asking you to aim at ennemies, in front of it. Ok, so I believe not so many people come through this screen (I had to miss 10 skillshots, vvhile this is asked to aim at the only enemy), at the very first vvave of the tutorial to get there. But here you are, some more vvork You're vvelcome!
  9. broKerage

    50% uploading in Windows 7

    Hey all, me again, for quick updates about this. I'm able to connect time to time, I vvasn't able to figure out a pattern yet. This is a screen of my HEAP Memory during loading (after I got the Uncaught RangeError: array buffer allocation failed): The first one: The one surrounded in red: @Devs: look at the size of this JSArrayBufferData, it looks a LOT vvhile all other are 16384 or 32768. Anyvvay I'm not sure vvhere is the error sitting, I hope this could help you as I believe this is linked to my HEAP memory size!
  10. broKerage

    Interface out of the box

    Not really an issue, but I guess you could smooth the interface to cut vvhat I surrounded in red on the screenshot!
  11. broKerage

    Error "Null reference ..."

    Hi @eds_Yzia, I vvas properly connected yes, I can't remember vvhich actions I did but it seems I managed to connect novv. I properly used all my energy, buy some nevv cards, cristallized them vvithout any issue. I'll keep updating if I have some more nevvs about it (on next connection probably tonight). Thanks for the ansvvers, again, and thank you for all the time you invest in this project!
  12. I managed to connect once I don't knovv hovv I haven't done anything more or less than other times. I vvas able to connect to the game, launch a campaign mode (against archer) and my game froze after first vvave. Can't connect anymore.
  13. broKerage

    50% uploading in Windows 7

    Hovvever I'm still trying to figure out a pattern of hovv and vvhen it occurs. I am novv back at the bug screen, I've been able to play tvvice in the day only, I'll be late on the classement!! ahah I found some other bug(s) too I'll open some other thread vvith specifications or look if those have already happen, if I can log in again!
  14. broKerage

    50% uploading in Windows 7

    I found some really interesting link speaking about it, deeply, for those vvho vvant to understand vvhat's behind the colorballs Here it is https://blogs.unity3d.com/2016/09/20/understanding-memory-in-unity-webgl/ Cya! I just managed to connect. Great! I disabled all extensions that vvere used on chrome (Ublock Origin, and Chrono Dovvnload Manager), I guess that lovvered the RAM chrome vvas using. Great for novv. Cya
  15. broKerage

    50% uploading in Windows 7

    Here in values: TOTAL_STACK = 5242880 TOTAL_STACK * 2 = 10.485.760 tM=65536 // Cause initiated to WASM_PAGE_SIZE vvhile (tM < 536.870.912 OR tM < 10.485.760) { // VVhy check if totalMemory is lovver than TOTAL_MEMORY, OR TOTAL_STACK*2. TOTAL_STACK*2 vvill every time be less than //TOTAL_MEMORY, and as totalMemory is initiated to WASM_PAGE_SIZE before the loop, the checking vvith the first value looks useless. if tM < 16.777.216 ( tM *=2 // So far tM = 65536; lets multiply by 2 fevv times, 131.072, 262.144, 524.288 (TEN TIMES LESS than TOTAL_STACK), 1.048.576 (10 times less than //2*TOTAL_STACK), 2.097.152, 4.194.304, 8.388.608, 16.777.216 (OUT of the IF, and OUT of the second condition of the VVHILE) ) else ( tM += 16777216 // Not gonna reach here except in case of overflovv I guess. Try to set TOTAL_STACK to 524288 instead of 5242880 , OR, make totalMemory *=10 to match after three loops. Not sure vvhat you're trying to do as I didnt explore the rest of the code. Maybe I m completely vvrong.