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  1. Do it. Be the man. 😂 BTW, you have a very impressive card collection there...
  2. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Right. I think it is totally random. I got 10+ piles so far none has exceeded 60. Mostly around 20 -30ish. But I noticed it might relate to the total reward on the campaign you are playing. The more on the final reward probably the random pile of gold has more value in it..
  3. Bigfishhead

    Blockchainization issue

    Hi Yzia, Has this issue been fixed on the new version 19? Thank you.
  4. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    I got pretty randomly. some times 23, 35. The most I had is 44.
  5. Bigfishhead

    Blockchainization issue

    Thank you. PM done. Hopefully the issue get resolved soon!
  6. Bigfishhead

    Blockchainization issue

    Correction. 200 Crystal still in account not taken. But it shows 1/3 blockchainized and next blockchainization require 35 diamonds... So the issue still there...not fixed
  7. Bigfishhead

    Blockchainization issue

    Yep...i try to blockchainization a card. 200 Crystal been taken and error display. Card remain not blockchainized... it ask for 35 diamonds now...
  8. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Thanks Jasper... 🤣😭 I will give it a go again next month... Wish me luck 🤞
  9. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Hi Team, I understand RNG is a total random in game and some times just matter of luck... But from what I observed in the past couple of months the Legendary drop rate "going down" a lot recently? (Sep and Oct) I probably opened 200k at least gold each for the past two months on two accounts and not yet to see a single Legendary from gold pack? Probably just my bad luck?😫 Is there a total cap of how many Legendary to distribute through open packs per month?... Cheers
  10. Bigfishhead

    Card next tier states preview function is buggy

    Thanks Jasper! It is a very useful function. But by saying that it would be great to see the final states Looking forward for the new function!
  11. Hi Team, Nomally in game any card when you level it to maximum level and you can hold on the fuse button to preview the next tier states. It should display both the next tier new card picture and next tier level 1 states. This feature is currently buggy. Currently on game version 1.2.18. It does not show next tier imagery and the states is wrong, instead of showing next tier level 1 states, it shows current tier previous level states. In other words, lower level states are displying. I believe it could be a simple coding error behind this preview feature where the level should be +1 but now coded as -1 level
  12. Bigfishhead

    RAID gain new rank not trigger given card anymore?

    Thank You! Btw, I've tested on my other account which with much lower rank and new. I reach rank 8 first time today and it does not trigger random card reward. So I think it is a bug
  13. Bigfishhead

    RAID gain new rank not trigger given card anymore?

    Yep, not a problem. Thanks for the quick reply. Please see info below. - Android - Samsung Galaxy S8 - Android 7.0 Game version the latest... Cheers
  14. Hi Team, I tried very hard and approaching close to rank 12 (Si) in the game. (It is pretty hard due to if you lose one game you likely need to win 4 games or more in a roll to get back to where you were.... base on the current ranking system.) Today I am pretty lucky finally passed it!!! See attached... But I did not get any card draw rewards? Normally every PVP rank you leveled up to first time it should trigger the card draw as an reward? I believe the last level I had on rank 11 (Br) given me a epic card and some other random card. So I was looking forward for the next level reward... But some how this rank 12 (Si) did not trigger any card draws for some reason? Is the rank 12 the final level? That is why it did not give card draw reward? Or there more levels.... What happens if you reach the final level? Thanks for the help. Cheers
  15. Bigfishhead

    Error when switching cards on the deck

    Just for your reference.. This still the issue.... But I've noticed it only happens to the accounts that has wallet linked with. If account is reasonably new and has no BoO wallet linked with it then wont trigger the error. Cheers