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  1. Bigfishhead

    February Fears - 2 shot victory

    To be honest, I am so bored about the campaign map... We have the same map for several months now... Please get start putting up new one!!! 😫
  2. Bigfishhead

    February Fears - 2 shot victory

    Yep, manage to do it pretty often now. Just done another one yesterday... see screenshot. 1 shot is probably has to be done with the squeeze techniques/glitch. I've manage to do that couple of times. Once it one shot all (still got 4 left on the screen) with the squeeze techniques on the left. (The second position card shot) I can see the ball goes crazy all over the screen. Its kind of fun 😀
  3. Bigfishhead

    Spells Of Genesis Achievements

    Just to let you know each achievements give you two legendary cards. One when you completed half of the tasks (1 and 1/2 stars) and another legendary when you completed 3 stars. (Three stars in total. Each star needs 5 tasks to complete. So 15 tasks for each achievement category to be completely unlocked)
  4. Bigfishhead

    February Fears - 2 shot victory

    Actually I just did it again on my minor account this morning...Two shots see attached approve
  5. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Got this just over a month ago and even though it is just slightly higher score but I dont seem to be able to beat that score any further so I thought I just upload it here. See if anyone else could beat that score. 😉 3060!
  6. Bigfishhead

    February Fears - 2 shot victory

    Yep. I can confirm I've done 2 shorts once. The first two cards fired were Aodh and Yummy. Was pretty damn luck on that one..
  7. Bigfishhead

    April PVP Leader not running/calculated?

    Thanks Yzia for your prompt reply! I can confirm all working now! Thank you and have a nice day
  8. It shows N/A on leader board....
  9. Bigfishhead

    No more monthly campaign?

    Thanks Yzia! Understand. I think without creating new contents and extra effort and resources involved. The easiest way is to cycling the old monthly campaign. Then we will have a monthly "new" map to challenge with some rewards. Also just a side notes: I understand further development is on hold. Just a thought for PVP - a revenge button for at most three times a day along side of the standard PVP would be nice. So you can fight back to those who knock you down on the PVP leaderboard... Cheers
  10. Bigfishhead

    No more monthly campaign?

    It still same campaign over and over again...The best way would be reuse old monthly campaign. You could still get Legendary card as price the end. That would be nice.
  11. Hi Team, I understand no more new development but the monthly leader board event are still going by cycling through the old months leader board rewards list... Can we do the same for monthly campaign? Just copy through old monthly campaigns and cycling them through? Constantly play on the same single level February campaign is boring...😫
  12. Bigfishhead

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Finally ~ 3048! Anyone else got higher score than this?😂
  13. Bigfishhead

    future of SoG

    Agreed. Love your ideas. Especially able to make use of the epics to swap for legendaries. And get +1 bonus on skills or stats. But maybe in all these cases add that you need to use 1000 crystals as fuel to perform the swap or upgrade therefore the crystal become useful again. (Plus players would need to spend money to buy crystal then that fund the game to make the game profitable...) It might be too late for these ideas but please keep rotating the monthly campaigns so we still able to play the game... I just hope the game wont totally shutdown this year...
  14. Bigfishhead

    future of SoG

    +1 I like the game and spend a lot of time on the game every day or then. I would like to know as a player and supporter of SOG if this letter we received means "Officially SOG IS DEAD"?? 😭 No support no new monthly contents. At the end server closing down? Please let us know....