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  1. Bigfishhead

    Reward video error

    Thanks for fixing this! I now randomly trigger videos play a few times a day. But I believe It only triggers when stamina is below 14 and some other criteria involved. I never trigger the video when stamina is above 14. Cheers
  2. Bigfishhead

    Error when switching cards on the deck

    No worries Android 7.0. game version 1.2.18 Cheers
  3. Hi Team, First of all, this error does not prevent games playing. Just a little annoying really. Nothing major. It looks like a alert and only triggers very first time when you trying to do this in the game after you logged in and try to swap cards positions. But once you click on on and this error sort of go away and you can keep playing as normal. I found this only on game version 1.2.18 but not 1.2.17. To replicate this please try below. 1. Log into game and click on Team tab. 2. swap cards that are currently in the 4 main battle slots on your deck. 3. You can either swap those 4 cards position between them or bring new cards into the deck by select one of the 4 cards and then select one other cards in your card box. Then you should have below error.
  4. Thanks for sorting this out! All working now. Keep up with the good work! Thx
  5. Tested on galaxy s8. Android 7.0. Game version 1.2.18 - Campaigns includes boss levels and challenge. NONE of the reward gold calculate towards the leader board total. Game version 1.2.17 - tested on another phone where still run old game version everything works fine. I upgraded my game yesterday and whole day gold is not counted on leader board...hopefully this will get sorted soon.
  6. Bigfishhead

    Not receiving Leader board reward on July event

    Got the card now! Thank you
  7. Bigfishhead

    Not receiving Leader board reward on July event

    All good! Thank you for the updates
  8. Bigfishhead

    Not receiving Leader board reward on July event

    Hmmm.. Am I the only one not receiving August lead board reward? Or it is still processing. I do have wallet linked on both accounts btw...
  9. Bigfishhead

    Can't sell card

    Got you! Both sell and buy will cost fees. Thank you!
  10. Bigfishhead

    Can't sell card

    I have the same issue... When there is a buy order when I click on the buy order to proceed with sells it just hang on the "Please wait..." I do have enough btc in wallet to proceed the transaction and I do have the buy order block chain card in my wallet available.. I did a fresh install of the book of Obs But issues still exist. I hope the issue will resolve in the new updates. Just a few quick questions for proceed or click on the existing buy orders rather than place a sell order myself. 1. If I click on a buy order to do the transaction and successful do I get charged in BTC for transaction fee? Or the user who placed buy order will pay for that as he/she already get charged when placed buy order? 2. If I have 0 BTC in wallet can I still click on and proceed on the existing buy orders in the system? 3. When I place a sell order the book of Obs seems to charge BTC for fee once. Then when the transaction completed by other side it changed same amount again?? Thanks for your help!
  11. Bigfishhead

    Reward video error

    I had similar issue on mine as well. Now started this week no more video when plays. It simply not triggering the video anymore... Thx
  12. Bigfishhead

    Not receiving Leader board reward on July event

    I've received it! Thank you for the prompt help and support!
  13. Bigfishhead

    Not receiving Leader board reward on July event

    Thanks for your quick reply! The account jckingjc has got the card. The account bigfishhead is the one missing the card. Now I've linked account with book of orbs. I will try to keep it linked as long as I can. The address I linked into is below. Cheers! 17iCZJt4CLuW3pzQZCEFGsSqXi5bqKSMbM
  14. Hi Team, I got two accounts (jckingjc and bigfishhead) both end up top 50 in July monthly Leader board campaign. But only one received reward.(jckingjc) Both accounts are link to the same book of Orbs with address below. 17iCZJt4CLuW3pzQZCEFGsSqXi5bqKSMbM I can only see one darkstatue in my wallet. Would you please have a look? Cheers
  15. Thank you. Thats exactly how I sort it out at moment. I just do any campaign and back to the map. The raid will work again