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    Can't sell card

    Thank you for your reply, I can no longer check if this issue is resolved or not, as the buy order I was trying to fill has already been filled by someone else. I have also already sold said card by opening my own sell order (that worked without any issues). I will gladly include the info you requested so that you can work on resolving the issue for next time BoO version: 2.0.4 Public address: 17Y2Nfx8HuDd67Fse8Kvx3aNLNciAKqKA4 Card: PRINCEAUTUMN
  2. psyc

    Can't sell card

    I'm trying to sell a card on book of orbs - trying to fill someone else's buy order, i click on the card ->click the order I want to fill ->click "place order", at this point i get a loading screen with the message "please wait...", and it just gets stuck there, i left it like that for hours multiple times and nothing happened