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  1. error message

    Also got a frozen screen on "claiming reward"
  2. error message

    I got this error message while playing:
  3. Quest completion and Tutorial are conflicting

    a simple fix would be to delay the first "quest complete" and first "level up" for after the tutorial is over. i.e, require more experience to complete it.
  4. Frozen on "loading" screen

    This is happening before entering a combat
  5. Frozen on "loading" screen

    Hi The game froze on the "loading" screen. I have to quit the game and re-open it to solve the problem. This happened on my iphone 5s while i was plugged in the usb power. it happened 2 times in 7 combats so far.
  6. Hi When I had my first "quest completed" like shown on the screenshot below, it pop-up but the tutorial was laid right on top. I didn't took a screenshot with the tutorial on top but basically I had to do 2 fights with the "Quest complete" in the background and click around where the tutorial told me. The tutorial was showing where to click but I couldn't see anything because the "quest completed" pop-up was right on top and i couldn't close it. The button to close the "quest complete wasn't working because of the tutorial was laid on top. Same thing happened when i first leveled up, the screen that shows i leveled up was conflicting with the tutorial. (Now i had 2 pop-up over the the tutorial "quest complete" and "level up" I could only close them once the tutorial was over (the screenshot i took was after the tutorial was over. so you can see i can finally close it)
  7. HI It would be cool to have a tutorial that explain what I pointed to in the screenshot below does. Also, the general speed of a card, what is the purpose of having high speed cards? There's no tutorial or quick help window.
  8. When I upgrade a card it takes a long time until i see the updated stats. I have to click in and out of the card multiple time until it shows me the updated card. Im using iphone 5s.
  9. Leaderboard on Iphone 5s

    I attach a screenshot of the leaderboard i see
  10. We can fuse identical cards and sometimes it is the only way to upgrade a card. But, when I have 2 card identical, I don't get any option to fuse them... i have no idea how to fuse cards and it is not explain anywhere.
  11. Hi There is currently no tutorial. The main screen before a fight shows a lot of information but I have no idea what any of it does. There is no information anywhere of what any of this means. I attach an image that shows the missing information
  12. Leaderboard on Iphone 5s

    Hi The leaderboard on iphone 5s is cut on the right side, so I cannot see the actual number. Also, it seems that when I fight a monster in a set of 3 level with 3 combat per level. The 3rd level is played twice. The 3rd bar is flashing and i play the level but then after completing, they show me the same card again with the 3rd bar flashing and I have to fight this last level again.