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  1. Trysty

    Leaderboard rewards

    Thanks for the explanation @eds_Yzia Good thing I checked the cards because I need strong cards, not necessarily collector cards. At least now I understand a little more about how things are done and the reasoning behind it. Next time I won't need to question something like that.
  2. I'm wondering if the leaderboard rewards for July, 2019 might be in the incorrect order. They are listed as being 11-25 SHOPKEEPERCD (shown in the SOG Assets as a RARE card) 26-50 MUSHROOMSIMP (shown in the SOG Assets as an EPIC card). Is it possible these cards are in the wrong position or are cards issued at random? If they ARE in the correct spots, then I must make sure my score doesn't go to high or I get a lesser card for a higher score! This seems rather odd to me.
  3. Trysty

    SHOPPING for cards

    Yes, the in-game store.
  4. How often do Legendary cards go on sale for crystals? I haven't seen one offered for over 6 months I think. When I didn't have nearly enough to buy one, I saw it offered twice. Now I'm ready to buy and don't see it any more.
  5. I was expecting a legendary card for reward, but its not, so check the filter for all Blockchain cards to find it in your set. You also need to have linked your BOOK of Orbs wallet to your game account for them to be able to find who's book to deposit into.
  6. Trysty

    Spells Of Genesis Achievements

    Here is a link to my own notes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1obCbzBaXYdmdJnKqxAwLLTrj92L8x1d1HKpt2aaKju0/edit?usp=sharing That should give you an idea of what to expect.
  7. I found that the only cards I needed were the Epics and Legendaries. The rest are just something to get you to where you need to go. It all depends on what you have, so you need to work with what you get unless you buy cards.
  8. Trysty

    Cards drop rate

    The previous time I kept track for a month and got a drop rate for rares just slightly worse than 1 in 5 or 20%. I'm not sure how long I have been tracking it this time, but I collected 678 cards and got a rare or better 126 times. This is consistent with my previous finding at just slightly worse than 20% (0.186 to be more precise).
  9. Trysty

    Cards drop rate

    I bought 75 cards and got just 7 rares; that's almost 1 in 11. When I tracked my cards for a month, the average was close to, but not quite 1 in 5 for rares. At least with the bonus coin drops, we can now earn gold a little bit faster! That's always nice.
  10. Trysty

    Another upgrade

    It is fixed now. Thanks for getting on it so fast, however I did lose about 60 places on the leaderboard by not being able to play which hurts.
  11. Trysty

    Another upgrade

    And when I attempt to simply login, I get the following:
  12. Trysty

    Another upgrade

    I tried to play and was confronted with a notice saying that an upgrade has appeared and that I should download the new version from the store. I play on my desk-top computer and new versions auto-loaded. This one just sits there. Does this mean I can no longer play? Shame really.
  13. Trysty

    About the fees

    Steemmonsters is booming on the Steem blockchain, yet personally, I enjoy THIS game far more. Free transactions has its perks. Byteball looks like it could be an interesting alternative to Blockchain. They seem very slick. Sometimes the first one out of the gate isn't the leader. This game didn't have a lot to choose from, but it has to adapt as technology advances or it will get left behind in the dust.
  14. Trysty

    Cards drop rate

    Similar to you, I have three Aodhs, two Carniath wandererers, but no Fire knights, Shepard, or Alric. I'm seriously beginning to wonder if we are not being fed cards that are predestined to be obtained in a certain order. I think everyone gets a lot of Card Merchants; just look at how many of them show up in the raids.
  15. Trysty

    Cards drop rate

    I find the epic drop rate to be lower than predicted as well. Not only that, but the rare rate is less than 1 in 5 by a small margin. Either others are very lucky and keep getting my drops or the rate is actually a bit lower than stated for all cards. Not only that, but the cards dropped are not random. Each card must be set for a different drop rate because there are certain cards that drop a lot and others that rarely drop based on the experience of 2 people who are comparing cards received.