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  1. Thank you. I have Tookan now and the web app works fine. I still have the iOS app from when it was available but looks like not needed anymore. Thanks again
  2. I'm using the IPhone app. I see that it seems the android app works. Is that correct? Does only the Android app work for mobile?
  3. Thank you but here's where I'm confused. Looking at the documentation a couple of things aren't there. I don't have a market tab at the bottom. And if I go to the the All orb collection to try to buy or sell the only Orbs there are mine and if I click on any of them there are no Sell or Buy or market tabs. In fact clicking on any Orb shows the same thing and availability for all Orbs including my own that are in there shows NaN with a little lock. Edit: I think I see part of the problem....I'm talking about the mobile app. I see the web app seems to work like the documentation says. Does the mobile app not support the market?
  4. Thank you for the info. Wasn't looking for anything in particular. Was just going to see what was out there. I don't see where or how to put in a buy order either on Book of Orbs like you mentioned?
  5. Hi everyone. I've been playing SOG for a while now. Have Book of Orbs linked up. Have some blockchain cards that show up in Book of Orbs but where is the market? Every public merchant link I can find seems to be dead and the tab in Book of Orbs where I've seen pictures of it say market is not there. What am I missing here?