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  1. Does anyone have the drop rate numbers? I have accumulated 40,000 gold which took me about 3 weeks After 400 cards, this is what i got! Common 332 83.00% Rare 68 17.00% Epic 0 0.00% Legendary 0 0.00% How am i supposed to play this game if after 3 weeks of constant playing I do not get any Epics, let alone Legendary Cards. I may have just gotten really unlucky. But after playing for so long trying to maximize my gold/day. And still no Epics, im getting a little bit tired of constantly grinding for no reward.
  2. @Jasper Damman thanks. Do you have the numbers for pvp rank?
  3. Sorry, you have misunderstood me. I am on about the levels which increase your Stamina. I need the xp required for each level for a spreadsheet I am making. For example. to get from Level 19 to 20. You need 10110 experience.
  4. Does anyone have the experience required to reach next level for every level? Thanks.
  5. Could we have a daily, weekly, monthly and all time leader boards instead of just all time. I think this would be easy to implement and keep new players engaged trying to reach high ranks on the leader board.
  6. The waiting times/ transaction fee are too high for this game to succeed on a bigger scale in my opinion.
  7. I think it just went live for everyone.
  8. I feel like it would be beneficial to allow users to have a look at all the cards (Maybe only the ones the player obtained in order to keep the surprise factor still in the game) and their upgraded stats in game rather than having to go and look externally for example at sogassets. At the moment I find it awkward to have to go and close the app in order to look at what the evolution process is for the card I have and whether I want to spend a hefty amount of crystals (which are scarce) in order to upgrade the card. I made a mistake early on upgrading a card, that I wouldn't have otherwise knowing the upgraded stats.
  9. Hey, I have enjoyed playing SOG and now looking into buying more blockchain cards. One thing that I think there's isn't much information about (at least I couldn't find it) is what is the difference between the Partner, Premium and Public merchants and what the requirements are to buy from them.
  10. This has happened to me a numerous amount of times as well.
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