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  1. Knight

    BoO blockchain connection problem

    Thank you. I believe my issues will be gone at same times when problems are fixed overall.
  2. There is something wrong with blockchain connection on Book of Orbs and Spells of Genesis Android apps. I can not see my sell orders on Book of Orbs and cards on those orders are still playable on Spells of Genesis. I can see on block explorer that those orders are actually placed.
  3. Knight

    Where can I get BCY

    https://tokenmarkets.com/catalog/bitcrystalsofficial I hope BCY will hit some new exchange soon too.
  4. Page for claiming Ethermage just keeps loading on Casa Tookan on me and nothing happens. Same issue with PickYourYummy page and probably with all "browse" pages. Some elements get loaded, but pages does not fully load or work at all. I have Android 5.0. EDIT: I think I found fix for loading pages on Casa Tookan. I updated something called Android System WebView: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.webview&hl=en
  5. Knight

    additional order options

    Thanks for answer, order by Evolution is not really working with lot of blockchain cards at least. Order by blockchain works better in that case, because it uses Rarity as second rule (I am not sure if there is second rule in order by Evolution at all), but I still need to pick leveled cards from a lot of pages/boxes where most of cards are not leveled and never will be (I trade cards and thats why I have more cards on my account than I play with) and when want to use leveled non blockchain cards I need to go through all the pages to middle of list. Only thing what is working on those both orders is that non leveled non blockchain cards are bottom of list. There could be other possible options for help selecting team too, I think I read from trello that there is plans to "stack" cards what you have many and maybe there could be possibility to somehow save decks for further use.
  6. Knight

    additional order options

    Would be helpful to have also option (to order selection) to get leveled cards to first at team boxes. Now it can take more time to pick cards from several pages than actual battle takes time.
  7. Knight

    Ire of March.

    Yes, basically I used strenght all spell and healer with max speed on deck for second to last battle and flame all spell with healer with not importance of speed of deck for last battle
  8. Knight

    Ire of March.

    Second to last I used three The Imitators and The Ship of Amaranta. For last one Quirin the Druid, Sir of Ether vs Counterlord, Quirin the Druid and The Ship of Amaranta. In that order.
  9. Knight

    BCY & SoG cards transaction & delivery time

    Here is another new interesting choice for blockchain cards: https://smt.steem.io/ I personally prefer Bitcoin blockchain and Counterparty platform, but if it becomes too expensive or slow, or if SoG team is looking for secondary blockchain besides Bitcoin, then Steem Smart Media Tokens could be interesting alternative.
  10. I think Satoshi card is most powerfull single card after all, how it plays on deck is other thing. Bitcoinist is maybe better and best card in value, but you need other cards to play with it. On the other hand, I dont know why Satoshi card should be most powerfull card, it is already not most rarest card as Genesis of Light is more rare after most of them were burned and rarity is also about how many of items are available to buy, not how many items were created.
  11. Knight

    Cold Storage - Counterparty

    There is option to import Bitcoin private key to Counterwallet, so basically any Bitcoin address which private key you know could be used to cold storage by my understanding. For example you can do paper wallet offline and use that address. I have not tested this however.
  12. How is the level generated in Challenge? Does it help to get easier levels if have some commons or "only" rares in deck instead of all legendaries? Any difference between ingame card and blockchain card?
  13. Knight

    Post your current stats

    With one shield you can try to protect injured or low defence card...
  14. Knight


    Player vs player with separate "vigor" is coming. I hope they invent some other things to do when low of "vigor" also.