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  1. I really like it. I have only found one, I know there are three more out there some where.
  2. Might get depressed if I worked out blockchain cards as well, would see too many I wanted and could not get. I will however keep this updated with in game cards as long as I am playing. I have only found one legendary, and some of those rares are elusive as well. Just unlocked challenge. Do not have the crystals to get my heal all yet. More grinding.
  3. Okay I have lost my reward for the last four tries. IOS 6+ iPhone. The video plays, the transition screen at the end of the video that allows you to go to the App Store or exit out by selecting the x in the top right corner does not load. The frame loads as a black screen and just sits there. If I use the home button to minimize the app and then return to the app without hard closing it, the play area returns with no rewards given.
  4. I agree that attack is probably better than HP. I am open to other ideas and discussion of stat breakdown as well. Will update it as I get time. It is a lot of number crunching to update the whole list.
  5. Hey everyone, I am still at it, as a day one mobile player. I have compiled the info about non-blockchain cards. I hope this helps some people as it has helped me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BatYz2A3pI1vSLIGLu5ZwaPHc-TLbDDKUBkN7PWivGY/edit?usp=sharing Okay document is updated with new total value figures.
  6. Skyvar

    New player frustration

    Thank you Shaban for your reply. I will continue to try to get my stuff in order.
  7. Skyvar

    New player frustration

    With any type of collection hobby you accept what there are some aspects that may not be appealing. (Just a note: If you have to carry buckets of rocks you are not collecting, you are dredging) Like putting sleeves on Dominion cards and alphabatizing all the expansions into your custom case. These are actions that have additional cost and time associated with not playing the game but they are inheritly easy to understand and come with a lot of personal choice on how you do it. SoG has thrown the buy bitcrystal button at me which is a dead end leaving me to flounder like a fish on dry land. It touts owning your collection but new players do not see or have any cards in there BoO unless they get really lucky in a draw (and at this point I am not sure you can get a block chain card from a 20 gem draw or 40 gem (lack of info), are they bitcrystal purchase only? And to get those cards you have to muddle through getting the bitcrystals which the company does not help you get. So let's break this down: Common card A to quad fused happiness and my first Orb. (Grind fest) Pull card A, take to level 3. 20 crystals. Total : 1A, 20 crystals Pull card A again, take to lv 3, 20 crystals, Fuse to get A+. Total: 2A, 40 crystals. DO IT ALL AGAIN FOR ANOTHER A+, Fuse A+ to get A++. Total: 4A, 80 crystals. This is once again where there is a lack of information and it is confusing it shows 3 levels in quad fusing, wood, silver then gold, but it says "Quad"fusing which can indicate four levels, or is it that you used 4 cards? I cannot tell because I have not been able to find the fuse paths online. So if it needs one more fuse it would be: Total: 8A, 160 crystals. At this point I can reliably bring in one crystal in 90min of stamina use. So 120 hrs of stamina or 5 DAYS of grinding to get the Orb of the common card if it is just 80 crystals. 240hrs of stamina or 10 Days if it is 160 crystals. That is a pessimistic view, it can be sped up some if you crystallize rares (BUT which ones, they are rare and I am new with no notion of which ones to keep, one looks bad, but could level up well. I have to look each one up online), count the ad watching, use your bonus crystals/gold you get from quests, and level up refill. I can spend all my stamina in less than 10min. Then I just wait... the flow and spend of stamina feels off. I want to play your game. In summation: too little info, too little help, too much wait to play for 10min.
  8. Hello all, love SoG, Learned of you from a Touch Arcade article. A note from a brand new mobile 4/20 player. Wow just wow. First I have to make an account for the game (normal requirement) no problem. Done Then download a different app for my cards and connect it (Okay.. little strange but I like collecting okay Done) Orb book thing installed. Now start playing like a mad man. Blow all my crystals taking multiple cards to lv 2. (new player problems)Done. Get to level after Purple Dragon.. hit the wall. I can reliably get 12 coin per stamina. 90 min to get 1crystal..... Crap if I make it all day with my stamina I can update 1 common all the way...... I think. OKAY GEMS....$10 for 1 epic, 1 rare plus, and three random.. okay... what happen to this Orb thing I am lv 7 BoO, you have no orbs. Okay, I am new, no problem, I can buy me some of these Orb cards.... bit crystals.... Bitrex, poindex, bitcoin, 3 more programs and a merchant that does not even have 1 bitcrystal...WTH You have already lost 95%(I am not sure, this could be exaggerated but it is up there) of the mobile market. While I am stuck plowing through a 2nd account creation to be able to post on your forums. I am left reviewing Eddys post on how he muddled through the headache of creating a fully functional game experience. By buying bitcoins to get on a market/exchange thingy to finally make it to a buying of bitcrystal and paying fees to buy the card(yes I understand trading fees). So many man hours of no enjoyment later I can hand you my money........ LOL good luck with that. Do not get me wrong, I like what this game has to offer. But after some hours of frustration it is looking like my efforts to overcome the learning curve will be in vain because it will not have the player base for long term survival.