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  1. Nehe

    Quadfused or Confused

    hahaa I guess the 3rd place thing would have more meaning if it entail receiving a prize but yea I'm just trying to farm gold at the moment and I mainly play challenges as I prefer the gold ratio there. EXP seems to be better at the story stages though! The game has been very fun for me, I just wish that there was a guild or more communication between players to build a closer community for everyone!
  2. Nehe

    Quadfused or Confused

    nice deck Tychaeus! I think you have really good pulls with the gold. I have had only one legendary pull from gold and a couple of epics and that's all.
  3. Sick deck bro! Thanks for sharing with us even though you said your deck was confidential previously!
  4. Nehe

    Enemy health

    Can you still get to wave 76 with that 4 Tatiana deck?
  5. Hi guys, I am looking for the above card, if any of you has one to let go, drop me a pm! Thanks!
  6. Nehe

    Post your current stats

    ah i think adding a healer is good but wont it lower your maximum fire power with the flameAll cards that you have with the shaman combination?
  7. Nehe

    Post your current stats

    Nice deck Mizar! What is the furthest that you got in Challenge mode with this deck?
  8. Yea, I agree that xp for challenge mode should be increased because some players want variety and higher gold ratio in the higher levels of challenge mode. Playing Sia over and and over is good now for xp and gold short term wise but it doesnt really give you much to work on variety of cards and challenge gives you much more kick on that.
  9. Wachtwoord, is your Sia level 3 stars? if not then it will affect the amount of gold that you can receive.
  10. I wish to make a suggestion for the option to be added for players to refund their crystals on cards that they are not using for perhaps 1 - 5 gems cost. This will help new players who are in the process of deck building so that they don't have to resort to crystalising the card for crystals to use on new cards that they want to try out. Crystalising a card works for before it is used in fusion. After fusion, crystallising causes the player to lose the card while he/she might just be wanting to try a new strategy and uncertain if the stratgey will work out. So adding refund and crystalising options for the player to chose will allow him/her to consider keeping the card and just get the crystals that were spent on the fused card (crystals used for the card before fusion will not be refunded).
  11. I dont see any increase for gold in infinity levels, maybe its only the levels of the game that has the increase.
  12. Thanks guys for updating! Not sure if infinity had an increase too, I will try later and update here if there is.
  13. wow, thats' great to know! How much gold are you getting on what levels?
  14. haha thanks BenRPG, are you looking for any card in particular for what abilities? @cdex Thanks for sharing! Oh so you only use Target all (TA) and Attack all (AA) in your deck? is it in combination like TA, AA, TA, AA? How far can you get in challenge mode with it?