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  1. Should have happened by now. Got a message and 10k.
  2. They are by no means impossible, but you have to aim so close to objects that the preview bug just kills it. One is constantly guessing the point where one can shoot past block xy. They claim it's an issue with the the framework or engine provider. The have to pressure him or provide a workaround. I guess that would mean creating a virtual object out of an object and somehow factor in the known buggy behavior, to make it right.
  3. I tell you why: I would so love for this to succeed! Love the idea! Even the game is decent. Some things for sure arn't. No roadmap. Not fixing very essential bugs. I think as is now, with a few bugfixes and tweeks the game would be ready to be advertised. It still has to be grown further then. Shame is that Counterparty chose the chain which tells them they are spam. Even now with confirmation times of an hour or more at times, bch has a higher utility for something like counterparty non the less. dex was never really fast, but when it gets really annoying is when blocks are full and you start to have constant uncertainty about your assets. BoOs has no custom fee. Wallets tend to cock up when mempool gets full. So now the mess is complete. Porting to another chain? Not sure they can do it when gameplay essential bugs are not fixed. We'll see. Not buying gems for now. just try about 4 satoshi a day.
  4. Sorry I have to yell, which I normally don't do. Currently trying to finish the last stars of "dark creator": FIX THE BLOODY PREVIEW BUG!!!! I mean do you even test play. Make your testers pay for there stamina refill and they will come and bitch about it too. It's a f***** pain in the a**!!! FIX IT! I have lost like literally dozens of gems because of this bug. It just doesn't work. And I state again, I like the hard levels. I like the challenge. But this preview bug is just f*****! Edit: Yes I feel scammed out of my gems. This bug is the worst stamina eater ever. Paired with the memory bug we are almost at unplayable levels. I have literally thrown hundreds of dollars at you guys for gems, I have watched tons of adds without getting the stamina (at least that is fixed now). It is just unbearable. I can't believe there are not more players bitching about this. Edit2: Preview for black holes also broken.
  5. Blockchain Card Price History

    Cool. Would like to be able to see the prices converted to USD, EUR or anything of the sort. Yes I maybe like BCY more, but for a price trend it is not actually that good because of volatility. I like how it shows card stat. Simple interface, well done.
  6. It is also reflected in the card prices it seems. Satoshicard for 0.75 BTC, one was even sold for 0.5 BTC.
  7. You would have to ask the mods here... Unfortunately, currently there exists no roadmap.
  8. Blockchain Card Price History

    @hikergirl1234 The carts don't seem to be working any longer for me. Can you have a look? Side note: Card prices (at least for high value cards like Satoshicard) seem to be falling a lot. Not a good sign. Satoshi now being sold for as low as 0.5 and 0.75 BTC. Wanted to check some others...
  9. Out of memory

    Hate this bug. Eats stamina.... Also guys, fix the shot preview bug. It makes the game almost unplayable for the harder levels. I don't care if its an issue with an engine supplier. Work around it, do something. Major pain! Edit: Oh boy, this out of memory bug is getting worse. Just had it three times in a row after starting a level. there go my 33 stamina points down the drain. Pay to play only works of you get play after pay... @eds_Yzia
  10. We have a new "millionaire"!

    Congrats to @Carpman, @supreme and @pinpin for breaking the million!
  11. Didn't read all the text above. But I, for what it's worth, like the levels to be difficult. I enjoy trying a level 50 times. However, stamina is too expensive as I have stated a dozen times....
  12. @Amitabha It works like this: Cards are generally traded without upgrades. However, your account (with EDS) is keeping track of your upgrades. If you sell a card and get it back later, it is still fully upgraded. Buyers will always have to upgrade themselves. In the future (is has been promised for some time) in game cards, which are fully fused (quad fused) and probably only certain rarities, Commons for sure not, can be blockchainized. Meaning EDS account will burn your in game card and give you a blockchain card they issue.
  13. The world is small, you never know...
  14. Is your father in law Cobra-Bitcoin?