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  1. Why has the gold reward dropped to like nothing. Played bottom up through campaigns and got like 10 gold for a 5 stamina level. Is that normal now?
  2. Dear fellows. If anyone would like to buy a Satoshi, please contact me. I am willing to sell for BTC or BCC. Price will be negotiated through PM. I will then create a swap bot which only accepts funds from your address. Not sure about BCC, we might have to use escrow there. Will tend to that when it comes to it. I would probably ask an SoG Admin to be the escrower.
  3. First King of SoG!

    I am awaiting the creation of the "First King of SoG" card with that artwork. Can I choose the stats? Do I get a free sample? Lol!
  4. Leaderboard Analysis

    Obligatory rework of that table and chart. The line will only be visible the next time I post it
  5. Anyone got 3 stars on all levels yet?

    ETA for next release?
  6. I mainly play in public transport. Commuting helps... Played some nights as well for sure...
  7. Leaderboard Analysis

  8. No damage to enemy

    Yep this is strange. I think I have also stated it somewhere. Very very strange. Further enemy shields now work to protect them from e.g. your fire damage. If you have a shield you are not protected from fire damage by enemies. Not the same but also related it seems. It could be that I was assuming they are protected by shield although they were in fact protected by bug.
  9. Destroy Minions counting

    This entry is a duplicate. Has been dysfunktional for month now. I have so far not worked out when it counts and when not. Seems to be entirely random. On the other hand, if you just not worry about it, at some stage you get the reward.
  10. Leaderboard Analysis

    No I can't because this would mean to check every user manually. I can't get the page to display all entries on one page. If that was the case I could copy paste and have a full snapshot. I just gather the numbers manually and click through the sites. If you check the history of this thread you will see that @Nolan stated that he kind of made a parser for the leaderboard. However, he has not shared any of his data yet.
  11. Bitcoin Fork Information

    Yeah, I knew from previous posts that counterparty will go with with SegWit2x but I still think it's a crap decision as BCC (later BTC again I hope) is much more suitable for this kind of stuff. SegWit2x is still a settlement layer (probably broken as well, but we will see) not a network to have daily card trades on. Edit: The card artwork is bonkers and I'd love to own that card.
  12. Bear level's effect on my mental health

    Isn't that an idicator for a good arcade game?
  13. I actually quite like that card...