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  1. 3x Satoshicard, 1x Mages of Anonymity, 2x Bitcoinist, 2x Mamagruen, 1x Rest of the Gruen family, 1x Fire Angel, 1x Water Angel, 1x Crystal Dragon,..... tons more. Hi all. I am looking to sell my SoG Account/Collection. If the account can be sold is depending on SoG ToS which I will study. https://sogassets.com/address/128p2i3zJswC5FJj8Zd1S5L9mQNx7fTqGc This is the collection of blockchain cards. There are some more which SoGAssets does not show. These are the ones I have blockchainized and were not originally blockchain cards. The sale is for all Counterparty assets on this address (plus account if legal to be sold): https://xchain.io/address/128p2i3zJswC5FJj8Zd1S5L9mQNx7fTqGc As you can see I have all the base legendary cards quad fused and blockchainized. Further ton of quad fused epics (not all yet blockchainized) My account is on PvP level 14 (highest) and has 7 stars on everything including all monthy campaigns so far. A ton of commons and rares that can be cristalized. All assets will be transacted through escrow. Make me an offer in here or through PM. If you would like to purchase parts of the collection only, This can be done for Satoshicard only but in general I am looking for a single deal. I accept BSV, BCH or BTC. Edit: The ToS seem to be offline when the link on that page is clicked. Unless SoG informs me that selling accounts is prohibited the sale will be for the account also. Or maybe the ToS will be online again later so I can check: https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=register
  2. Please make sure the tool does not have the issue counterparty.dex has (What BoB uses) that divisible car can't be sold as a whole only. I don't care if people can trade fractals, but as a seller you want the option to only sell as a whole. Thanks.
  3. Anything that considers TCG TX as not spam is good at this point. EOS could be a good solution.
  4. Thanks for you answer. So you are stating it is not a client problem, but a protocol issue at this point? That is actually worse than what I expected but at least now I know there is no point in trying to be stingy on the btc network fees. Still incomprehensible for me why this project/community chose to stay on the chain that considers Computerparty to be SPAM. Leave it at that not to go into full rant mode (again). Instead I just leave this picture here.... ;-)
  5. Does anyone know such a tool? Copuntertool e.g. can at least du multiple transactions at once, however, it will generate different TXes. There is also a sweep tool, however, it only handles one asset at a time. What I want is a tool to send all assets BCY, XCP, SoGCards at once to a new address. Anyone have such a tool to do this in one TX? Is there a way to prepare the TX manually and then just sign it. I don't want to do 23 TXes just to move all my cards to a new address. Any help appreciated.
  6. BenRPG

    Dawn of May is broken

    No nothing special. Just hitting the black hole while the ice signs are still flying towards the enemy. I mean this could be the way it is implemented. The thing is for other effects they more or less hit immediately. Plus they mentioned they are going to fix it. And it seems it still behaves the same, at least for me. I thin this time around it is even stranger. I hit it, and then e.g. the wizard and a few others start shooting. Sometimes it seems they shoot again immediately after in the next turn. So even faster than when I would not have hit the ice and just let them shoot me normally. Something seems buggy.
  7. BenRPG

    Dawn of May is broken

    Sorry @Jasper Damman but it seem this bug is still not fixed. The July level has a ton of black holes and still enemies shoot even if I pick up a slow all spell and only a bit later the shot goes into a black hole. Please look at this again. Thanks.
  8. BenRPG

    Evolution of PvP players

    If you max out on 14 you start over at 14 and get 10 cards for it. You can rinse-repeat but with current balancing you can be more than happy to reach gold (13) even.
  9. I think they mingeled with the balancing. It is almost unbeatable especially when e.g. spells hide behind spikes. Also the bubbles not getting smaller any longer when they loose health doesn't help at all as they can block you from getting to your spells. On that level I think you loose 50 if you loose. For me at least I can't beat hard enemies on that level more often than 5/6. I think they wanted to check the balancing again. Maybe @Jasper Damman or someone from the crew can comment.
  10. BenRPG

    Dawn of May is broken

    There is a very very very annoying bug. If you hit a spell e.g. ice all or fire all, it will trigger but if your shot goes into a black hole after, the enemies will still shoot even though tey have clearly been hit by the ice e.g. Wit fire it is even stranger as the energy bars of the enemies is already on 0 but they will still shoot. Thisnbug is especially annoying in the May campagin. It may have been reported before. Please fix this. Before your turn ends all actions should be closed. Turn should in my view not insta-end upon black hole. However, this bug can even happen without black holes if the timing is right. When you hit the spell when your shot is already quite slow and will stop soon. Please have a look.
  11. Still not done all the fusions. It's kind of stupid and also a bit boring to just wast crystals on fusing commons or so.
  12. BenRPG

    About the fees

    Nope, we have plenty of space on BCH and are going to 32mb in May, eventually removing any cap. This "blockchains don't scale" myth needs to be debunked. They work better and are more powerful at scale, if we let them. Sorry LN for card trade is not feasible. Well I think LN is not even really feasible for monetary TXes. LN is basically a network which costs for every single edge to open and close. It's a catch 22. High connectivity costs a shitload, low connectivity reduces resilience. In bitcoin there are big movements that want to fix things, which are not broken at all, improvements which are making things worse.
  13. BenRPG

    About the fees

    Fees are tied to TX size (in bytes) mostly. Earlier on they were also tied to coindays, TX amount etc.
  14. BenRPG

    Leaderboard Analysis

    It looks like some "cards" en masse now have accounts. ADVENTURER is like x times in there. What's going on @eds_Yzia? It seems you have a lot of NPCs or so in your leaderboard.