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  1. You seem to be a bit more lucky with pulls than I am. I have been lucky with Legendaries in 45 gem epic packs.
  2. There seems to be a problem with a wallet server or so... BoO and IndieSquare also don't work.
  3. Have the same issue. Probably their Counterparty API or server or something. @Jasper Damman, can you comment on this?
  4. More waves would be cool. Has balancing implications to be considered. Makes blue cards much stronger I think. On a side note I am a little disappointed that they powered down light cards, but did not power up the green ones. You can see it in PvP, haven't met a single deck with a green card in it. The effect should last as long as the white one. Maybe a bit less, but for sure longer than to the next turn of the card. I mean green and white are the only colors worth wile taking an effect with you into the next wave. However, with green all effects are gone until an orb hits you the first time.
  5. Adds for stamina are only available on mobile, not browser version.
  6. I think that happend to all of us with BC cards. I think their counterparty API was not working or something.
  7. Or maybe have kind of a match up like they have for these quizz games. You fight player A and later player A fights yout team(locked in for the match up). If there is a draw both win 5 points. If one player wins both games he gains 10 and the other looses 10 or so. Anyway when I have an Idea crafted for a more round based PvP I let you all know. It's not that easy since the cards behave differently in offense and defense.
  8. The whole boost things is kind of unclear to me as well. I was under the impression that at first I gut 5 points per fight. Then i started noticing the boost thing. I checked and always got 10 points, no matter what. I think loosing caused me to loose 30 once. (3-4 ranks lower player). In gaining points I never noticed a difference 10 points. Let us start a thread an think of a possible PvP mechanic which is round based but sit in vs. So kind of real time. This is what this game needs. This is what engages players. It needs a firendly PvP that does not cost stamina and is just free too play. Then of course "official" vs. can also be played, maybe with a price. Not even MTGO charges for playing fiendly against each other. I have some vague ideas of a potential concept. Will sketch them once and post.
  9. Yes I have rank 14. Ranks above 10 have strange letters when shown in Raid screen. See screenshots. There was an exploit they have meanwhile fixed. Not sure if by themselves or because I have contacted @Jasper Damman. since it doesn't work any more, I may as well talk about it publicly. This is the message I sent to him: And yes, I have lost in Raid, and you loose a lot of points if you loose against a significantly weaker enemy. Hence I found out about point 2 above. I assume that the accounts I mentioned in the above message in point 5 are sock-puppets to a certain extent. I was first under the impression that these were other players but the way they conveniently seemed to level with me seemed strange. I think the effects notices in point 6 are specially annoying. Kills lot's of the strategy that could be applied in the game. Regarding your questions if I have lost. Now this @BiggJayy mentioned above is even level 10 and gives me a very very hard time. CCMCARD is hard to fight against as it shoots after 2 shots and is significantly stronger than what I would expect by knowing the card. See point 6. I once wanted to check out the scores of the players mentioned above int he leader board but never got to do it so far...
  10. Me too, love these artworks. I do understand your previous rant 100% thought. I have written a long time ago here, that I think stamina needs to be made cheaper (1 gem per refill). As you mentioned to be able to play more than 10min you pay top dollar. I think the game is very very appealing, also to kids, moms and whoever. The problem is you don't get hooked if you can't play it a lot, especially in the beginning. This was very frustrating for me even and I can afford to play this game if I choose to. I think the card packs and maybe even the BC cards are fine. Most BC cards are priced by the free market anyway, so EDS can't do much here.
  11. You get a legandary for reaching rank 14 (also known as "Ge") in PvP. That all works fine. However, when you want to go to 15, you just start again with empty 14. You do not get the 10 cards indicated for completion.
  12. So do the spells of the light cards al last 2 rounds now, in Raid, Campain and Challange? Was hoping to quad fuse this trident queen one day. Now I am not so sure.... Light spells did feel quite imbalanced I must admit.
  13. Did you guys finish the campaign in the old client already? I also didn't get anything for finishing the new one but was under the impression that was because I received rewards already for finishing the old one.
  14. So what changed exactly? Not sure if you are complaining about a card which was made weaker or challange made harder. Sould probably try challange myself again.