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  1. Ah interesting. So you made the deck less aggressive even with one grun and 3 bitcoinists. I reached one wave less then you. However, I think 1500 should be reachable. I made a mistake that cost me to get further. Situation would have been manageable but I spoiled it.
  2. I think I also have this issue with round barrels from time to time. Also look into these please. Never with enemies though.
  3. I wanted to suggest as well that they should definitely bring their cool roadmap again. Part of what brought me here is that I every now and then received such a roadmap via email here and there and actually the timelines were very often hit. Something not easy to do in projects. So props for that. Now of course we would like to see such a roadmap again.
  4. I agree. However, I wonder if the time is right already for this. I would wait for the new levels to be added and the multiplayer feature to be complete. From then on, a good video add shown to gamers playing other other mobile games could do a lot for SoG.
  5. @EddyJust copy-paste the texts into a google doc and giver everyone with the link rights to comment. This way you will still be in control of your stories but people can add to them non the less. Maybe later there will be a better place to put them. I just don't like to download stuff of unknown source (sorry, no insult intended) onto my computer.
  6. I think you are the second person stating that they think they get better pulls from drawing lots at a time. I think I don't share that experience.
  7. Do you guys also think that the reward structure in challange is strange. I mean it almost kills me. I would much prefer something where the reward is never going down so e.g. the first few waves give a reward of 5 gold each, then 7, 10 and so on. It just kills me how "linear" the reward structure is.
  8. The holes push the enemies down. Happens a lot. Either when you hit them so they move or mostly when the spells spawn and are pushed into the enemies so they are pushed out.
  9. I reached Wave 84.... the 1500 would have been nice. I think one can push it further, made a mistake that cost me at least 2-3 levels. Enemies do get kind of durable up there....
  10. I offer you a SATOSHICARD for it all.
  11. I think you have to use the contact corm or DM one of the admins. Any cards or crystals in this old wallet?
  12. Yeah I noted it too but could't reproduce it to take a screen. It seems to say: "towns of trade" and "mech and magic". What is that going to be? Related to the announcement about "Nova Crystalis" which just came in by email?
  13. More like 1800$ per BTC currently. Yeah SATOSHICARD is inching close to a mint condition alpha Black Lotus.
  14. @Tychaeus Sorry I meant the game is quite difficult if you want to go down the route without spending money in the appstore. I think it would be frustrating then. About rarity within rarity classes. I first was under the impression that I see several rares way more than others. Same for epics However now I think it was all just good old stochastics and distribution. At least for rares I am pretty sure now all pop up about the same over all. Is there a statement from EDS about different rarities within the classes?
  15. Hehe thanks. I have one more: Black holes which cause you damage. Meaning if the ball is sucked in it will just drain you all the energy you have left. Yeah kind of the same. However, I still stink stamina refills are to expensive. One gem would be appropriate. Just out of curiosity, were you a crypto nerd before you started SoG or not? I ma kind of trying to find out if all the HC players came in from the crypto space or if "normal" people also get hoocked?