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  1. I thought some of you my be interessted in this.... See article: https://coingeek.com/contests/bitcoin-cash-tokenization-contest/
  2. About the fees

    Yep seen it, posted it over in the other thread. I am not the one who has to be convinced...
  3. The haters can say whatever they want, we just make things happen, no matter the talk...
  4. http://counterparty.cash/
  5. It is all comprehensible except for 2 things: 1. Why is the block explorer you are sending the links to so crappy that it can't show an unconfirmed TX? 2. What is counterparty still doing on that chain? Or let me ask differently, how is SoG/EDS involved to influence where Counterparty is going? I mean you tell me you might go to ETH (which is now congested as well and not getting any better soon probably), Adam B Levine is telling me LTC (which will likely have the same issues very soon). And the elephant in the room BCH seems to be politically not feasible for many, although there Counterparty would be more than welcome and not be considered spam and it would be technically very easy. I just don't get people sometime. I actually don't care where it is moving either, but it has to move to a chain which is cheap for TXes and which has a great prospect to keep it that way.
  6. About the fees

    I think that one will be kind of a new genesis. So an new implementation starting fresh, as far as I understand it.
  7. About the fees

  8. About the fees

    Pinging at @Shaban. Yes I am a bit disappointed with that too. I think I even asked them if they also want to get on the call with Adam and Devon I think I got no response. Counterparty is drawing dead if nothing happens within the next few month...
  9. About the fees

    @phanpp Amaury would be up for it. I will chat with him more on the weekend and fill him in on the background. I will also ask him about how much funds he thinks this needs... So do you have ideas as to how we would fund this?
  10. About the fees

    Devon seemed alive and kicking when we talked end of December. I think they need dev support more than anything else. Problem was Peters no-show didn't help to boost confidence. And personally I probably couldn't work with him anyway but I wanted to give it a shot since he actually offered support. But he has so far not responded to my summary so a dead end for me. To really convince Adam and Devon we would probably need to pay 1-2 ABC or XT devs for a year and have them work partly on the BCH implementation itself and partly on Counterparty portation. This is a rough estimate. So if you know people who would like to fund this I would happily talk to Adam again or get everyone in contact with the ABC lead dev. I currently dont want to fund this but would happily invest some time to coordinate a few things...
  11. About the fees

    Look I know we have a lot of haters, so ok. To me it shows we are competition and competition is good. Just take it from a Bitcoin user (yes user) that BTC as you mentioned is dead for global fast and secure TXes. I used to do about 100 TXes a year since 2011. So almost all use cases except for speculation are dead on BTC. Remittance: spam, Counterparty: spam, Payments: spam.... The list goes on. So no value to you maybe. Everyone that wants TXes sees no value in BTC. Bitcoin was designed as medium of exchange and store of value. Not one or the other. Both. BCH tries to restore that and the nice thing is, we can not be stopped by talk about centralization or anything else, we just do it and will demonstrate it works also on large scale. Maybe it would all not be needed but with Lightning 18 month down the line (maybe) and other issues besides TtM I don't see it viable. I live in an aboslute core hub but even when asking my core friends some catchy questions, I only get non-answers. So for me I have to say not even feasibility is shown in that regard. And with the current fee situation it just gets worse. So even bringing up lightning as potential solution here (specially short term) is just not suitable. I see the same issue with LTC by the way. Once they hit the limit they will be as congested as BTC.
  12. MY BC cards are back now. Don't know what happend but just checked again. Now only my blockchainized card (Adoh) is missing still.
  13. @eds_Yzia Update please. Now I don't even see any BC cards any more in the game. BoO still shows them all fine. I want my Adoh back....please.
  14. About the fees

    Yes, yes yes. Glad some more start to see it. I was was absolutely alone with this pre Aug 1st (except for @phanpp). I would prefer BCH a lot over LTC. Specially since they (Devon and Adam) mentioned to me that they could easily snapshot everything and have everyone in control of all their keys and such. This would be the huge advantage of using BCH. They tend to LTC as they kind of would like to stay in the core team politically. And they had some segwit plans (probably also not needed on BCH because we actually like TXes). They mentioned having better dev support on the core (and LTC) team. And unfortunately I could not show the otherwise, because Peter R was a no-show for this meeting although he RSVPed. Anyway here are my notes from this meeting: Summary from Chat with Adam and Devon from Tokenly/Counterparty 1. Adam B. Levine is a nice guy, Devon rather quiet introvert dev it seems. 2. Adam cares to much about politics by constantly stating he has to stay neutral. 3. For these reasons, they may go for Litecoin when they port the system over. 4. On BCH they could technically take everything over and get all people to stay with their keys in charge of everything. They seem to still see the political disadvantage bigger then the advantage. 5. They had some plans with SegWit which are not possible on BCH (I doubt they need SegWit, they were just hoping on it to improve scaling. 6. They need money and basically stated they go another direction unless someone would help them with funds. 7. Adam thinks bitcoin cash is like Roger in largest part. He does not seem to like Roger. 8. They would be very interested in token systems in general also on BCH 9. Basically for political reasons they dislike coming on to BCH but would maybe consider if they got serious support. I still see BCH as the perfect fit as you could easily port everything over. Clean cut for everyone, including polo and dex. But the problem is for political reasons this is not going to happen. Still to many who "hate" on the initial idea of bitcoin in practice.