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  1. Mizar

    What is this pvp rank?

    You mean by not fighting? Or there is another way to not lose points?
  2. Mizar

    What is this pvp rank?

    I'm silver now and on my way to gold. I am avoiding gold like the plague, fighting bronze and silver are doable if you aim carefully but gold is hell.
  3. Well for one he hasn't been able to show one single line of code, he is all about politics and talk and not much substance. He is pushing for centralization and bigger blocks and seems to lack technical expertise and doesn't care much about network security. In other words he is relying on populist rhetoric instead of his technical skills, which doesn't sound like Satoshi at all to me. He sounds more like a conman who is looking to make money and fame out of this. For concrete examples I would just look at the talk he gave at the future of Bitcoin conference in Arnhem recently, where he came across as agitated, angry and unprofessional. Just watch this for some good excerpts and commentary which I fully agree with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmn0UDftIoI&t=66s
  4. You don't need to do much research to know that Craig can't possibly be Satoshi. Just listen carefully to what he is saying and doing and it's pretty damn obvious, to me at least it is. Not that it really matters, Bitcoin has no single authoritative figure and in a way we are all Satoshi. As in all of us together create Bitcoin and its future.
  5. That's not bad but I don't think it beats this. And these are all bad to mediocre strength cards, except SatoshiLite is pretty decent but still nothing compared to Trident Queen.
  6. CCMCARD isn't better, I prefer a lasting cumulative +6 attack to all cards adding up over multiple waves than +9 dmg to cards that disappears after each wave and after an orb attacks. To each their own I guess, I would prefer Trident Queen over CCMCARD always.
  7. Trident Queen is better than any blockchain card out there in my opinion, nothing beats 9 attack and a +6 str all spell. There are blockchain cards with 5 levels and 6 levels out there, so you could say there are epic and legendary blockchain cards.
  8. Nice! Best card in the game right now imo.
  9. Another flawless Orc, without an Ice card this time and even less speed. Just have to be a bit lucky where the fire spell spawns of Dealer of Flames card during 2nd wave.
  10. Not sure what this means, I lost a raid battle and a pvp rank from 11 to 10. Then leveled up again but now my rank shows as Br? Anyone knows what this means or is it a bug? And what do those 5 white crystals at the right stand for? Does it mean the reward (5x normal cards?) you get if you level up another rank?
  11. Nope, my Leviathan is only dual fused and has no healing spell.
  12. I think it's much easier to do Orc flawlessly with low speed. Like this formation I was using for example:
  13. You get more gold from finishing 1 or 2 star Sia than from finishing 3 stars for some reason.
  14. Mizar

    Card Pending for 5+ Days

    Ethereum avg transaction fee is at $1 already and growing fast and will soon outpace even that of Bitcoin. Litecoin I think would be a better option, Ethereum is actually much harder to scale than both Bitcoin and Litecoin and they're going to run into big problems very soon. All Ethereum users think about right now is the 'flippening', but the way I see and understand it it will soon turn out to be just a fantasy. Litecoin already has 7-8 times more transaction capacity than Bitcoin with Segwit and with Lightning it's going to increase a whole lot more. All the hype may be around Ethereum right now but that doesn't make it the best blockchain.
  15. Mizar


    I think a Satoshicard should be worth exactly 1 Bitcoin. At least that's what I would be willing to pay for it. Maybe in a year or so when the price of 1 BTC is around $4000.