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  1. I noticed this too. It seems incredibly fishy.
  2. Naked Hiker

    Post your current stats

    Level 23! This game never gets old for me...
  3. Still have some work to do as far as leveling these up. I think I'll do one-eyed judges next, aodh the lights, and howling crirawins.
  4. Naked Hiker

    Post your current stats

    I'm up to level 15, currently sitting at #43 on the leaderboards. My team is a Carniath Creator, Itlan King Gar'Awall, Transcendental Firelord of shadows, and a Griffin Tamer. All are maxed, and I finally got two more Life Fruits Growers, so I'll be working to level my Griffin Tamer up to a Heavenly Shepperd.
  5. I've also been having glitches where the screen goes black after watching and ad, and when I close the app and come back, I don't have the reward for watching the ad. It also glitched once after I clicked to play Sia, and it took my hearts but I had to pay an additional 9 hearts in order to play against Sia.
  6. I've had my Firelord of Shadows have a crackle of fire look around it after beating Quirin the Druid and I also got extra coins. I didn't remember the number so I can't confirm if it's double the usual amount or not. I just assumed I had stumbled on something, didn't seem like a glitch.
  7. Naked Hiker

    Post your current stats

    Y'all are crazy, I'm almost lvl 8 w/ 18 stamina. Only good card is life fruits grower.
  8. Naked Hiker

    No trading in game cards?

    Dang. Makes sense. I was hoping I could sell some good cards like that to get duplicates of the cards I need for leveling up. Is public merchant really slow right now? I bought two crazylola's last night and it still has no confirmations.
  9. Naked Hiker

    No trading in game cards?

    I was thrilled to get a life fruits grower card, but then realized there's no listed value or exchange for them. I guess you can only exchange blockchain cards?
  10. I'm afraid the answer may be, "If you don't already know, then it's too late." but, is there a way a newbie can become premium? I've clicked through a ton of links on different webpages and haven't been able to find any explanation on achieving that ability. TIA