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  1. Oh, I agree, I love the game and concept and everything, even with some of the imperfections. But, I can and will come back if they get their stuff together....just the last update and one before and low gold now all rubbed me the wrong way, and I just don't have time for it right now. But don't get me wrong, I have nothing but well wishes.
  2. Man, I honestly can't believe you are still playing and putting up with all this. I guess I should stop getting emails at this point hah, hadn't played in a month or two.
  3. Thank you Myth, you have stated SO eloquently what needed to be said concerning SoG and its current state. Sadly, for me, I think I am just done. Too many other interests pulling at me, wish everyone luck, and I hope to maybe check in on SoG in the far future to be pleasantly surprised.
  4. I honestly can not believe simple core features like this are still so unclear and vague in a game that has officially launched much less been around and in development for over a year with constant feedback. This just doesn't bode well.
  5. I don't even play anymore lol I may check in now and again and see whats going on, but..I'm feeling quite "meh" about it all
  6. Same, I didnt even finish all the campaigns, not even sure how long its been since I logged in.
  7. And I believe the buffs were exactly what was stated was going to be toned down...I thought they meant your enemies buffs and so it would not be so impossible to win some fights. Im pretty sure this was basically what patch notes stated...yet..it is actually the opposite...buff increase for enemy and now its just not even worth playing cuz...at least I don't...have a chance in hell at even getting beyond the first phase...I was doing better than that at least before patch. I have been stuck in silver rank for weeeeeks and maybe a month or more now, but at least there was give and take, win some, lose some...its lose all now.
  8. I know there are players out there I have no chance against their deck, that's fine. In the patch notes it stated something about a nerf and toning down the difficulty...I just don't think this got implemented or something got mixed up. I'm not sure, but there definately is nothing easier or less unforgiving about Raid...at all, in fact I could SWEAR it IS actually MORE difficult than before.
  9. Absolutely.., while an epic card at the end of each campaign was quite intriguing at first, its too much. EVERYONE will have these cards now and at at least a dual fuse. I think this kinda also kills the special nature of the cards and the rarity. Its not that exciting feeling I was getting before when I finally got the cards I've been waiting to get...they ate just too available...course....you will also just have stacks of epics now and nothing to progress them with. As Mythorias has stated, I also believe the elemental crystals and the extreme lack of them now is a huuuuge problem....I know some of us were willing to have super long grind sessions before...but that was with anticipation of possibility drawing that next epic or legendary card, not 4 hour grinds to get not even enough elemental crystals for an epic dual fuse. Not trying to be rude here, but I just know I won't do this, it sucks the fun out of the game imo.
  10. EXACTLY. My biggest issue with this.
  11. Eh....the problem with all that is that at some point those great card rewards....ARE GONE. The card rewards are finite, so once we have received all card rewards, we are just stuck with crap gold rewards. Before, we could depend on farming levels for a moderate amount of gold for a certain anount of stamina, this concept will be dead with this design. While I enjoy challenge mode, it takes too long and I just can't usually do too many in a row, but could use all stamina on a campaign mission. Anyway. Good luck.
  12. I agree, dont wanna see the game fail, but I'm not going to stick around if this design choice stays.
  13. If the dev team cant get through their own creation then it needs to be reworked...this cant be possible....if theres a lvl the very creators cant beat then that is a total failure in lvl design.... ridiculous...unheard of๐Ÿ™„
  14. Yeah man, I hear that. I hate to say it, but its festing in the back of my mind....bout to not even be playing this game anymore =\ this is the team I used originally to beat DC, also I have a dual fused metal shield and I do have 2 other cards so I could eventually quad fuse it, but even with shield all...green cards all suck horribly =\ I hate even putting resources into any green type card.
  15. Yes, absooooolutely. I have been able to get that 4th card needed for ALOT of epics I had waiting in the wings and by the end of it all I will basically have the potential to own every epic in the game in quad fused form. BUT....I mean...I reeeeeally can't get my hands on hardly any elemental crystals...its WAY waaaaay too friggin grindy now. I hate to say it, but with every conteny patch that has come...I get closer and closer to just not wanting to play. If they checked my statistics they would see a marked decrease in play time, real money spent on IAP's for crystals to refill my energy, and just overall engaging in the game a whole lot less...I bet I'm not the only one. like stated above they tend to move between two extremes...way to easy and way to difficult. And, also imo, between greedy and way too greedy...I'm sorry, but this is just how I see it. Yes, I have noticed we get video watching opportunities a lot more often now, but where that would have been quite nice in the previous system...its a sorely lacking benefit in the new one. I'm really just NOT going to spend weeks on end JUST to get elemental crystals...its just too much and its not fun at this extreme. And seriously, I love the fact that I basically have every epic card in the game currently at a potential quad, but I can't doooooo anything with them lol...lower the emount of crystals needed to upgrade a card or give us our gold rewards back....its too ridiculous.