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  1. Is the EDS support page normally offline? Hopefully they received my Contact Us message. Right now I'm waiting for them to reply. Thanks for the help BenRPG, I actually didn't know EDS had a support page.
  2. Hi guys not sure if I should post this here or the SOG bug section but I need some help. Last month SOG's public merchant was offering coindeskdragon (Erudite Dragon in-game name) card for 30 BCY each and I sent 90 BCY to the swapbot for 3 cards. Due to the crazy bitcoin fee increase my transaction was struck until now. The transaction finally got confirmed today. 67 confirmations by the time I'm typing this, but the swapbot still didn't send me the cards. I assume since the transaction took so long the swapbot forgot about the swap in the first place and now it got my 90 BCY for free. Here is the transaction on blockchain.info https://blockchain.info/tx/2a24a6b65003c1f5ad67245b74f7e11af98f899f3b54a8c3a99ee6f1249d25a7 19X5L9dEsbMYg7RZVAqwyb2KrUYPegZjNF is my ORB address and as you can see I didn't recieve anything back from 12u4Vymr3bGTywjMQDgBkwAnazwQuDqzJG that is the swapbot address for the SOG public merchant. UPDATE: I got the cards now, thank you support or whoever that helped me with the issue. Also nice ORB and SOG update can't wait to raid more.
  3. hah

    New player frustration

    I really enjoy playing the game at the start of launch, but I'm beyond frustrated right now. I tried to buy some blockchain cards I like on the book of orb, but after 3-4 days the transaction is still pending on the book of orbs. Everyday I open the app just to see a full green bar with the word pending.... above it. I know that I made a mistake with my first few transactions because I put low fees so I bought some more bcy and put up another order with medium fee that's 152.393 sat/B which should be a few hours but it's been 3 days now and that order is still pending. What the hell is going on am I missing some important information on how this thing works? Here is the transaction on blockchain.info with the medium fee the txs been pruned and readded so the date got updated to 4/27 but the buy order was placed on 4/25. https://blockchain.info/tx/72f1fdcbdcaf17ffbc7e9c5b92fbbd5e7dd145d61a4c1046b9a7228c31ac813d Can anyone help me I got 1244 bcy stuck on book of orbs right now because these transactions won't go through, this is seriously making me mad.