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  1. Can someone share the Challenge Mode numbers and reward? Also, wish to know how to increase points without playing challenge..
  2. Stuck in last compaign, the Dark Creator, don't know how to get rid, also want to know how to increase the points/score without playing Challenge Mode!! Please advise.
  3. How to just get one star in Dark Creator? What in-game cards are needed by the way or what strategy/technique should be used to complete this campaign.
  4. How to just get one star in Dark Creator? What in-game cards are needed by the way
  5. Where is that thread, I didn't find it, can you please send the link?
  6. Can someone guide me how to beat the "Dark Creator" (last compaign) please? I am stuck in this last stage even have strong deck but can't get through!
  7. Can you please specify the winners to whom you will distribute the cards? And what are those games in which we can get in game assets and then sell them?
  8. I support many points given above in this post, yet, I have to add other things, too. Regarding XCP or BCY purchase (or exchange), I suggest that there should be a straight converter, meaning one will have to sell/buy XCP or BCY directly within the app! Personally I am facing this issue when I have to sell/buy XCP. Another important point regarding priority fees and confirmation, I suggest there should be an option to cancel or change a transaction fees priority, specially when it's getting longer to confirm.
  9. Exactly, I just forgot to mention this, the exit option should be added like in Indiesquare. Also, if low priority is getting longer to confirm, I suggest there should be an option to cancel or change it higher priority!
  10. I am using BoO since its first launch for blockchain cards/tokens trading and connect multiple game apps for playing. I like BoO for its rich trading environment (different cards & tokens). It's a solid app for blockchain and other cards. Honestly I don't like the fee priority system like Low, Medium, High because sometimes you have to wait days for a single transaction, you then must have to use High priority so if we have to use High priority for every trade then what's the benefit of Low and Medium priorities? Before the recent update, there was a search option in which we could easily find a card/token, now Filter option is there but sometimes it is very difficult to find a specific card.
  11. Nice combination and game strategy. I use some blockchain cards instead, but I am suffering from health points which are limited and if I play Infinity so it doesn't increase the health points as compare to single contests, do you know how to get more health points in a short time?