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    Ideas for Future Levels

    Yeah, I bet would save the team loads of time as well with users generating levels and keep engagement up among people like you that clearly are addicted already!
  2. 420Smokers

    Ideas for Future Levels

    How about a separate online app that allows players to create their own levels and submit them in exchange for some coins/gems
  3. To exploit this bug you must push the enemy into a place where a spike is about to move into them while it is their turn. So the round must end when it is the PC turn to play and is about to or busy shooting you. EDIT: It is much easier to recreate this bug in the purple dragon round as the last stage has spikes the can easily squish the enemy if you push them into position with low attack cards with high speed.
  4. I can confirm the bug. I managed to get 316 Gold on Purple Dragon post level 3 by killing the last monster by pushing into spikes as he was about to take his turn.