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  1. For some reason, it seems like when playing water cards on levels with spikes, they don't get the same kind of protection from the shield spell as other cards. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. NimbleBodhi

    December Leaderboard?

    Soooo, we're going to get the December campaign in January then... seems like these should be ready to go by the start of the month... I don't know, that'd make sense to me.
  3. Whenever I lose a battle and it goes to the 'LOADING' screen, it freezes up and nothing happens, just stays on the loading screen. I have to actually shut the app down and restart game to play again. This is happening on 3 different android devices so I don't think it's a device issue.
  4. I just went through the entire Book of Orbs listing and did not see any of these cards, in addition their listing in SogAssets have 3 levels of cards suggesting they are in-game cards that can be fused together, something that blockchain cards don't do. These seem to be fantom cards that no one has access to.
  5. So I've been perusing through Sogassets.com and notice some in-game cards that I've never seen before, never pulled since I've been playing and never seen anyone else have them in their deck. I'm curious if anyone has pulled any of the following cards: Bear Spirit White Dragon Wild Horse The Orc Werewolf I realize these are Epic and Legendary cards so they won't come that often but surely someone has gotten them right, otherwise there seems to be a bug where they're not included or are simply not available for whatever reason.
  6. I was thinking that they might charge a small amount of the gems to blockchainize... hmm, it'll be interesting to see what they come up with, hope we see this released by summer, it's one of the killer features in my opinion.
  7. NimbleBodhi

    20 - 5 = 40

    I just had a similar thing occur where I did my first level-up on a common card and my crystal balance went from 40 to 35 but then suddenly went up to 60! This bug has been around forever and can't believe it made it all the way to the official release... unbelievable.
  8. NimbleBodhi

    Extra stamina for watching Ad doesn't always work

    Ok, so it sounds like another bug that's not going to get fixed, gotcha.
  9. NimbleBodhi

    20 - 5 = 40

    This has been a bug for quite some time, reported many times in the Slack going back to November. it's surprising to me that it hasn't been fixed yet.
  10. When the pop-up box displays and asks if you want to watch an ad for an extra 5 stamina, I'll click the 'ok' button and then nothing happens - no ad plays and no extra stamina is given. This probably happens like half the time I tap the ok button. This is in version 1.0.5 using the Android apk