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    Minion Slayer Quest

    v1.2.0 - Moto G Android 6.0.1 The quest "Minion Slayer - destroy 40 minions" does not count minions destroyed when I play the "purple dragon" level. I tested on 2 other levels and the destroyed minions were counted but twice it failed to register minions destroyed when I played this particular level.
  2. loggle

    Achievement bug.

    Yes this confused me at first I thought you had to crystallize in groups of 4 to get the achievement. Seems like an obvious bug, how did it get through beta?
  3. loggle

    CR #005 English Grammer?

    Yes there are a few points in the game where the translation has gone awry. I think SoG should employ a native English speaker to proof read the grammar and general tone of writing. eg Sylvan says "The more you stay, the more it will be difficult for you to leave." which should be "The longer you stay, the harder it will be for you to escape!" Herbod the Druid says "Don't waste time, as it passes, the answers will be more difficult to get." Which is clunky and sounds like google translation. There are quite a few of these throughout.
  4. I also do not get rewarded the stamina around 50% of the time after watching the video and closing it. The last time after closing the video I got an error, something like "Java Exception. Concurrent modification exception."