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  1. @@eds_Yzia And I just saw the Unknown Error window again on the LOADING PAGE.
  2. @eds_Yzia But there's still black screen on v1.2.8.
  3. On iOS 11.2 and V1.2.8, there is an option of "2 EPIC or BETTER CARDS + 1 RANDOM CARD" for 45 gems, but the first time I paid 45 gem, I got 1 EPIC card, 1 RARE card and 1 common card, and the second time I got 1 EPIC card and 2 common card? Why?
  4. @eds_Yzia I haven't seen the Unknown Error window any more.
  5. @eds_Yzia After updating to V1.2.8, and restarting my iOS 11.1, the unknown error was still there at least on the loading page that I just saw earlier today, but the ad window did come out, however, I didn't get the 5 stamina reward, but just a black screen on the PLAY tab, while TEAM and SHOP were still workable.
  6. @TeknoRapture This error never happened when there were still ads, now the ads were gone (someone had already mentioned this), and replaced by an Unknown Error.
  7. @eds_Yzia I am using iOS 11.0.3.
  8. This "Unknown Error" popup window as what you can see from the attachment had appeared many times, mostly when one campaign was done, but sometimes on the LOADING page (no screenshot) . By the way, I am using iOS, and Android has not tested yet.
  9. Whether on the website or in the app, you only need to and only can use a password to login, which makes me worried, what if my password got hacked/decrypted? Whether the blockchain cards, or the in-game cards (especially legendary and epic ones), they are expensive and important to me. While hackers are not able to crystallize the blockchain cards, but what if they crystallize the in-game cards? So, may I suggest to add 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security option in the future? It doesn't need to be a MUST option but just a choice for someone like me who care about security very much. P.S. The username can be seen on the leaderboard.
  10. @Shaban Yes, the blockchain card is on the SoG game now, thanks for the help, have a great day!
  11. @Shaban No, I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store after April 21st, before which I had never played the SoG game. The username freenuts and the email address were used when registering an account, each of them is supposed to be OK to log in, right? But now, I can only log in the game with the username. Any way, I would like to keep the "freenuts" account and link the XCP address to it, is this possible? If yes, what I need to do on my side?
  12. @BenRPG Thanks for telling me that the login button is normal. Yes, it seemed that the username is an account, and the email address is another one. And yes, the blockchain card does show up on my ORbs account. Hope these info is helpful.
  13. Hi Shaban, Thanks for the response. 1. Firstly, I create the account freenuts and registered in the game app on my phone. Secondly, I uninstalled the game app. Thirdly, I reinstalled the game app, but failed to log in with the account freenuts, and when I tried to log in with the registered email address, it worked but as a new account. Fourthly, I reset the password from the SoG website, and successfully log in with the username freenuts and the new password. 2. I only play the game on my phone after registration, and only linked / changed the XCP address on the website on my PC. 3. I log in the game with the username freenuts, and log in the website with the email address. Hope the above explanation is helpful.
  14. One more thing, even though I had logged in the SoG game on my Android phone, there was always a "Login" button on the "Options" tab, as what you can see from the attached image. So that I can't edit my account from the SoG game app side.
  15. Hi, I just bought a blockchain card from Book of Orbs with the address 1Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyo, but this XCP address was failed to adde/displayed on my profile page of the SoG website with the following error: And the blockchain card I bought didn't show up on my SoG game. By the way, my SoG game is the Android version, and my username is "freenuts". And I sent this problem to the administrators via the Contact Us form two days ago, but without any feedback yet. It will be appreciated if someone can give me some advice here. Best regards, Young Yang
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