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  1. an update coming very soon, stay tuned!
  2. Hey, please DM me your username, the old wallet address and the new one...thx
  3. Yes, unfortunately currently someone can "abuse" the system and buy a fraction of a divisible card... There's a Project ORB/Book of Orbs forum
  4. Hello RescueTilikum, what's your e-mail address and wallet address you want to link (you can DM if you prefer)?
  5. Hello, what's your email address you're using to log in? We'll double check the issue...thanks
  6. Hello, your address contains a FOOTSOLDIER, as you can see here: Is your SoG username Okiedave? If so, your account is not linked to any wallet address....
  7. Hello guys, Sia is currently the last campaign, but we're preparing several more! You'll discover them in the next buil, stay tuned!
  8. Several Spells of Genesis Partners expressed their wish to be able to resell their membership. We’ve been listening to the community requests and, after having considered all the advantages and risks of such an operation, we decided to give Partner and Premium rank members a possibility of transferring their membership, including Partner or Premium Merchant store access, under certain conditions. The cards are not a part of this deal. The initial owner can sell their cards separately, or make an arrangement with the buyer to include them in this deal. EverdreamSoft doesn’t handle this part of the deal. We appreciate the involvement and commitment of our early supporters. We think that those who followed the project since its beginning and who took a risk while backing Spells of Genesis back in 2015 have a good insight into the project. While acting as resellers, they help us promoting Spells of Genesis and spreading the concept of the true ownership of digital game assets. We value our Partners and Premium members and we consider them as important actors in the BitCrystals ecosystem. Nevertheless, if a Partner or Premium rank member can’t, or doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore, we assume that passing their status over to a new member will be more beneficial for the whole economy. Therefore we decided to set following rules for any future Partner or Premium status transfer: A membership can only be transferred once in a calendar year A certain amount of BitCrystals (see the chart below) is burnt as transfer fee The BCY to be burnt are sent from the current Partner or Premium rank member’s address The transfer fee in BCY needs to be sent directly to the BitCrystals burn address: 1BURNSogXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXW3ny2Y The buyer has to be a registered SoG user The seller will provide us with the buyer’s username and XCP address, together with the burn tx If any of the above conditions is not fulfilled, the transfer can’t be carried out or may be considered as invalid. One week is needed to operate the transfer The below pricing is valid for 2017. New yearly pricing for the following year will be announced by EverdreamSoft on December 24 at the latest.
  9. @Shaban @Nicolas Sierro
  10. EverdreamSoft Certifies the "Freeze" of 18 000 000 BCY ERRATUM: “During the initial token sales of BCY for the crowdfunding of the project Spellsof Genesis (SoG) as ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Everdreamsoft created 100′000′000 BCY.” It was not 1′000′000′000 BCY as stated previosuly. EverdreamSoft apologizes for the mistake
  11. not available yet...
  12. Hello! Find below the latest BitCrystals Burn Report, and the overview of the total amount of BCY burnt since September 2015. The discounts will be refunded shortly.
  13. The card distribution has been finished, enjoy!
  14. Spirit of the Druids, our special global launch gift, is on its way to your blockchain wallets! I'm going to confirm you when the distribution is finished. If you feel like having fulfilled all the conditions (as described here) but you won't find the card in your wallet, please DM me and I'll double-check it.
  15. Hello, can you please send me your username, the current address and the new one (DM if you prefer).