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  1. WirelessKFC

    PvP score

    My pvp score just dropped from gold 96 to silver 176 (-120) after losing 2 matches which will require winning 12 matches without losing against silver/gold/genesis buffs to get back sometimes the score also drop for no reason after i come online, is this because others challenged my team and won? but my score never seem to go up offline from ppl who challenged my team and lost winning against gold/genesis already require a lot of luck, At this rate it will be impossible to rank up
  2. I have been trying to play all day, must have refreshed 50 times every couple of minutes and every time blockchain cards are missing
  3. WirelessKFC

    Out of memory

    @eds_Yzia problems still remains after clearing cache
  4. WirelessKFC

    Out of memory

    not just chrome, on firefox too
  5. WirelessKFC

    No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    yes haven't had the 5 stamina pop out for a few days
  6. WirelessKFC

    Out of memory

    web version
  7. an example of impossible level, imo the first wave should have no more than 3 enemies, 5 enemies are not only too much hp for unbuffed cards but also block spells making it literally impossible
  8. yes 5 enemies often shows up on 1st wave, when they are high hp, the large orbs blocks your spells it is literally impossible
  9. WirelessKFC

    Cards for new coins

    Instead of releasing random new cards focus on quickly releasing cards for new coins, give some to devs which will help promote the game in their communities coins list XMR, DCR, NEO, STRAT, LISK, ZEC, WAVES, STEEM, FCT, UBQ, VIA.. there is a long list
  10. definitely harder, bronze buffs are bigger than silver before
  11. WirelessKFC

    Raid rules

    raid is much harder sine 7 star update, bronze is becoming nearly impossible to beat
  12. are you playing on pc? ads only available on mobile APP
  13. WirelessKFC

    July 2017 BitCrystals Burn Report

    why the 10k in app purchases were not burnt?
  14. WirelessKFC

    Dark Creator Level is Ridiculous

    sure in test it would be ok because you guys have unlimited stamina, in real game you can only try like 8 times per day due to stamina that stamina would be better spent farming and get more cards and gems
  15. WirelessKFC

    Dark Creator Level is Ridiculous

    finally beat it too, lightning warrior is the best level to farm, a shield all card helps a lot