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  1. dmaddock1

    Reinstall on new phone won't restore progress

    That worked like a charm. Thanks!
  2. dmaddock1

    Reinstall on new phone won't restore progress

    It won't work when I use username. No idea why or how I have three accounts. I am only aware of one with the username dmaddock1. That is the username I see on my profile when logging into the website. However, when I try to log in on the website using that username it won't work either... Thanks for your help. d.
  3. dmaddock1

    Reinstall on new phone won't restore progress

    Yes, thanks. I've tried re-logging in via the method you describe without success. I can't exactly logout though because although it displays my blockchain cards, it doesn't seem to consider me logged in. When I go there, it presents me the UI as if I am not logged in. So, I can login again but not logout. Attached is what that page looks like after I login. I've also tried resetting the app cache and/or storage, reinstalling, and logging in before or after the tutorial.
  4. Hi all, Just got the new Google Pixel 3 XL. Installed the game and immediately log in. It shows my blockchain cards but everything else is as if I'm a brand new user. No levels completed, all non-blockchain cards are gone, no experience, and no name or other stats shown. The attached screenshot shows my cards with the generic Adventurer name in the upper left. The state continues to be fine on my old phone.
  5. On Android 1.0.5: If you press the back button while the leveling up process is going (ie while the card is spinning), the card will not be leveled up but you will still be charged the crystals.
  6. dmaddock1

    [RESOLVED] Problems linking XCP wallets

    You're the best, thanks.
  7. dmaddock1

    [RESOLVED] Problems linking XCP wallets

    Of course! Sorry, I should have considered that. Doing it now.
  8. dmaddock1

    [RESOLVED] Problems linking XCP wallets

    Awesome! That definitely fixed my account. I can see my blockchain card in the game now. I gave it another shot with my son's account and recorded a video for you. I manually typed the address to avoid possible cut-n-paste issues. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7021022/sog_bug.mp4 Here's the other affected accounts and their wallet info: CrusherEM 1FhToZUAqJwtZcMcUzvxvpg3m2BJHjTF2C SuperGronk 1PMgoPJGn4tnpcCNCvVrmBn4wq2xdFui5J d.
  9. dmaddock1

    [RESOLVED] Problems linking XCP wallets

    Ah, good question. I believe they were all created first in the game and only logged into the website when attempting to link the wallets. That would mean I used 1.0.4 on Android installed via the apk and the kids used 1.0.4 on iOS installed from the Canadian app store.
  10. Hi all, Like C4ND1M4N, I'm having trouble linking XCP addresses on the website. I believe you may have a bug in this process somewhere. This same problem has also happened to my two sons when I tried to do the process "from scratch." When we go to our profiles, the creation date & XCP address entries are empty (see attached screenshot). When we tried to link the very first time, it appeared to accept the address. However, when the profile page reloaded, the address was still not displayed. Trying to link again throws the "already exists" error message. (Which has a spelling error btw...) My wallet has a blockchain card in it, but it is not displayed in the game. Our usernames are: dmaddock1 CrusherEM SuperGronk Any ideas what we might've done to cause this error? I can send our wallet addresses if that would help. d.