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  1. Leaderboard wrong page

    Confirmed fixt.
  2. Leaderboard wrong page

    Corroborating data yo. April fools is right? Rank zero yo!
  3. Leaderboard wrong page

    Also unrelated[related?] leaderboard bug. If your username begins with a numeral it causes a display bug in the in game l3aderboard. Just the top rank display number. The username field is bleeding data....
  4. Leaderboard wrong page

    Related leaderboard issue... Rank says 51 and 52 shows on list.
  5. I'm trying to decide if I like this this only improves the rarity chance of the "extra cards" i hope
  6. Leaderboard Analysis

    could be unregistered mobile users
  7. So let me get this straight. There is currently a bug you are experiencing with daily quests.... Daily quests have been bugged for like a month now. In fact they are bugged in such a way where people are getting 3+ daily quests every day. occasionally 1 of your daily quests (of which there are at least 2 extra lately) is bugging out sometimes? Quit your bitching dude. seriously
  8. https://forum.everdreamsoft.com/index.php?/topic/513-legendary-cards-1-in-1000 It was pretty easy to find...
  9. "unless all probabilities are disclosed to the users" all probabilities are disclosed
  10. Bitcrystal box and passphrase

    Take you harddrive out of your laptop and put it in an external usb enclosure. Plug it into a second computer and browse the old drive
  11. Lost campaign stars

    Its a shame to lose stars....
  12. too powerful boost in the NewSoG ver

    The 1st star "dark creator can totally be beaten without blockchain. It is a helluva challenge tho
  13. too powerful boost in the NewSoG ver

    I think in "fair febuary" "FAIR" is the point. You can beat it with KINGOMWATER SARUTOBI CARD AND DWARFS AND FIREFLYS
  14. About the fees

    I imagine moving a satoshi card to etherium would entail burning a satoshi card
  15. SoGassets spreadsheet

    We need a plaintext version uploaded to gamefaqs.com.