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  1. Windblaze

    Blockchainazed card gone

    Hello! Yesterday i quad fused "Carniath Wanderer" card and then blockchainized it. Today its gone. Its the only one blockchainized card that has gone. Book of orbs is not working. Problem solved. Card has Appeared
  2. Windblaze

    Dawn of May is broken

    Problem is, to end this campaign you need legendary cards. Paradox. Or be very very Lucky.
  3. There is a problem with book of orbs and whole blockchain. I do not see my cards - blockchained. Any ideas?
  4. Windblaze

    Ire of March.

    Hello. Im at the end of this campaign but i have problem with second to last battle. Anyone have ended this campaign, if have, what deck has been used?
  5. Windblaze

    Ire of March.

    Sometimes hints can be used on half of deck not all. With this deck ended campaign. Its possible but hard. About 7 times tried to finish last task. You need luck
  6. Windblaze

    Ire of March.

    Done it. Barely
  7. Windblaze

    Ire of March.

    So you used blockchain cards. Im tryin with game cards but dont have quad legendary
  8. You can play another campaign and it will work. 1 campaign etc. I know its not fixing but at last it helps
  9. Windblaze

    too powerful boost in the NewSoG ver

    Yes, 1 star but further? No way
  10. Windblaze

    Hello Its March! 😀

    Yes, campaign. Sorry for this. Thank You!
  11. Hi. Monthly quest is still fair febuary, when well get March quest? Best regards
  12. Windblaze

    too powerful boost in the NewSoG ver

    There is no challenge when you use blockchain cards. Its like playing on cheats and be proud of it. Dark creator lvl can not be finished unless you have blockchain cards. Its sick!
  13. Windblaze

    Blockchainazed card dissapeared

    Thank You for replay. No, I did not upgraded them
  14. Hi. Does anyone still have issue with dissapeared blockchainazed cards? I lost 1 warrior luminatis and 1 yellow shaman. I had 2 cards each of them but now i have only one
  15. Windblaze

    Raid rules

    HI, Can sombody explain to me what are the rules of raid Challenge? Im on lvl 9/10, and when Im fight with lvl 8 or 9 and : On win i get 10 pts On lose i lose 15pts BUT When i win with higher lvl i should get 15 pts, AnD on lose 10pts but when i lose it cost me 15 and sometimes get on win 15, usually its 10. What you think guys about raid After update? Better or worse?
  16. Windblaze

    Drop Rates

    thank You for explain it to me
  17. Windblaze

    Quest prize

    Thank You
  18. Windblaze

    Quest prize

    Hello, what is the reward for completing all stars in fusing quest? Legendary card? @eds_Yzia Thank You
  19. Windblaze

    Drop Rates

    I think not only rarity has drop rate but also individual cards. Eg. Leviathan i draw 10 times, luminatis x13. And more and more. But onocha only once.
  20. Windblaze

    Quest prize

  21. Windblaze

    Drop Rates

    You were unlucky. But these rates are almost correct. When I had 60k i took one epic.
  22. Windblaze

    Your Opinion Counts!

    What survey.?
  23. Windblaze

    Daily Quest

    Its not Common. It happens sometimes. But what i have seen eg. When I kill boss "A" it does not count my win to quest but when i kill boss "B" it does. Tried it and it works. Most of the quests i do killing Dragon tamer and maybe there is a problem.
  24. Windblaze

    Daily Quest

    Hi, I have problem with Daily quests. How You see below i have 2 quests, so i tried to get it done but i can t. Simply game does not always count my woń game. Its not the first time.