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  1. Hi Robert, Does it still happen? We didn't have any other reports of this, or experienced it during testing. Does it still occur? (after restarting and checking your internet connection, but you probably already did that) If it does still occur, are you doing something 'special' or is it just during normal play? In which level did it occur? Gr Paul Tester
  2. Hi cdex, Thanks for reporting. We have been tweaking with this. The following conditions should now apply: - You have less then 40% of your stamina after you have won a game (preventing a popup when you have full health). - You haven't seen one for 3 to 5 games - Max 10 ads per 8 hours (which you will probably never reach). If you feel this does not correspond with what your are getting, please let us know! Gr Paul
  3. First King of SoG!

  4. Thanks for the detailed reports. It indeed looks to be a timing issue. We will investigate further.
  5. German translation improvement

    Thanks for all the feedback. I've checked them and all except one should be fixed. The one that is missed is the one below. Please let us know if you find more translation issues. * "anvisieren" means something like "to focus on". I think "verwundbar machen" fits better. And change to "... 2 more damage" "... 2 Schaden zusätzlich""