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  1. Paul

    1.2.8 black screen

    @Zzzaaakkk We are already working on it, but it's hard to reproduce for us. From the users we hear that if you finish a campaign and click on the arrow to go back to the map, then you will face a blackscreen. Could you please confirm that it happened when you are doing this scenario or does something else happen? We fixed the video ad bug, so that should show. Does it get blocked by the black screen? If so, does this happen everytime? If not, did you get your stimana reward in an other case? @FreeNuts Do you remember when it appears? Could you please tell us more about it? For example what steps we could follow to reproduce it. How is you connection quality when it happens? Are you switching of network at this exact moment? Are you connected in Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G? At the moment we can't reproduce it, so any extra detail (however small it may seem) could help us out greatly. Thank you Greetings Paul and Yzia
  2. Paul

    German translation improvement

    Hi all, Been a while, but currently I'm working on some language issue and this one was still on our list. "Verwundbar machen" is sadly a bit to long. Especially when it needs to "Alle Verwundbar machen". Any suggestions on how to solve /shorten this? Same with "zusatchzlich".
  3. Yes they are, and it ofcourse takes some time for the blockchain to do it's work. But they are underway.
  4. Paul

    Book of Orbs web client

    This is being discussed at the moment, but there are some challenges to overcome.
  5. Paul

    Android update

    Sadly this was missed doing the final builds, and it is used internally for testing. Can't be fixed serverside so we have to do a new release to fix it, which we will do asap. Luckily it doesn't do anything. 'Tweaks and gameplay improvements' is a standard text. I'll see if we can change that for upcoming releases. This sprint we did a lot of preperations for features in upcoming (bigger) releases. Hopefully we can announce these soon.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that you guys don't enjoy the raids anymore. Technically we went trough all the code and we can't find anything wrong, it also matches what we see ingame. So we are not sure what is causing the sudden raise of the difficulty. But it is PvP, so one theory is that all the top players that play actively are now in he higher ranks. Before it could have been that players with lesser card made it quickly to the top of the charts. They will now drop down in ranks again, leaving only top players in the top ranks. Which make the top ranks itself more difficult. However this won't explain the sudden raise in difficulty. We also noticed a slight increase of players in the top ranks, while the amount of players in rank 10, Bronze and Silver are lower. Currently we are discussing another nerf of the mentioned ranks. But it is a difficult balancing act, which we have to do carefully, to avoid further mistakes.
  7. @Robert @BenRPG I also like the idea. A way to somehow easily share decks and (links) to cards, would be a nice addition to this forum. I'll discuss with the dev's whether we can do something quickly. But as you can imagine we already have quite a big wishlist, so I'm not making any promises.
  8. Congrats guys. Also good to see that there are different tactics to get DC7.
  9. That would be a big spoiler. But with DC6 finished you guys are getting close.
  10. Hi David, Did you login to the game? If not that will probably fix the issues. Gr Paul
  11. We are on it at the moment. Hopefully I can give good news quickly. I'll keep you guys updated.
  12. Just to confirm: we have completed DC at 7 star. But yes, it is a very hard campaign.
  13. Paul

    Raid rules

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently looking into it, not sure what happend. I'll update you guys asap.